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Aug 9, 2016 8:39 PM ET

Team Beard Films – The War Inside: A WW2 short focusing on one soldier as he gets separated from his squad and is forced to reevaluate his stance on war.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 9, 2016

The War Inside  


Who are we?

We are Team Beard Films. A group of enthusiastic film-goers and makers whose aim is to entertain…filmic-ly. We may not have the Hollywood budget to make epic sagas, but by heck we will try!

What on earth is this campaign for?

“The War Inside” is going to be a 5 to 10 minute short, focusing on one soldier as he gets separated from his squad. He is thrust into a situation that forces him to re-evaluate his stance on war, and of the soldiers he is fighting with (and against). We wanted to focus on an alternative aspect of war – the psychological impact. We want to delve into the psyche of a soldier as he is forced to look at what he is finding for and whether or not it is worth killing for. 
The script began as a very small scene and grew to be something that we think could be quite special. When we showed the script to potential actors, producers, and crew, the feedback we got was very positive, and we started being offered things like uniforms, firearms, war vehicles, drones, a reenactment location, pyrotechnics; all sorts.
We really would like to do the script justice, but the things we’ll be needing in order to do that are going to cost us money. Hence the need for a crowdfunding campaign. 
Rewards will be offered at different levels of donation, every little helps and you will be helping a group of amateur filmmakers produce a short film we believes carries a good message. There is always conflict in the world, but we need to focus on the psychological and well as the physical aspects of war. 
So thank you very much, please like, comment on, and share this video to get it out there. We’ll be keeping everyone updated as often as possible on the films development, and the last thing to say, is thank you.
This short is a culmination of years of expertise and tests. We feel we have reached a point in our filmic lives where we want to go bigger. Bigger often means better, but better often requires funding. 

What We Need & What You Get

So we are going to break this down into nice meaty chunks:

WW2 doesn’t come cheap. We don’t live in an era where 1940s clothing, explosions, vehicles and weaponry are easily accessible – they require the courtesy of volunteers (who are already gratiously onboard) and a bit of coin.


  • Your donations, no matter how small, will aid in purchase of some sweet looking pyrotechnics: £30-100 per explosion. We are able to add explosions using CGI, but we are children of the 80s and much prefer our effects to be REAL!
  • In order to up our game, we would like to upgrade our hardware – the Sony A7Sii and Sony FS7 are our weapons of choice, and would provide us with some fantastic raw footage to colour grade to perfection: Hire is £250 per day minimum, and so far we have 3 full shooting days planned.
  • Uniforms for British and German soldiers have been kindly donated to us along with the use of their owners for the large scale battle sequence. However, for the smaller, more claustrophobic side of the short, we require the use of period-specific firearms. These again, either don’t come cheap, or they’re replicas which cannot be used. Therefore, your generous pennies would enable us to rent/buy the required firearms: £50 purchase. 


  • Clothing and bodies to go in them have been offered to us from reenactors, but it would be nice for them to be fed and watered on the day: £100 for food and beverages for cast and crew. 
  • Accommodation for crew next to location. Our ideal location is nowhere near our base of operations, so we ideally would to house our bodies and equipment a little closer to location to make sure we utilise every minute of daylight: £50 for room. 

Behind the scenes footage, in costume (Team Beard’s Lee), of our practice shots with DJI gimble and OSMO:

The Impact

Every little helps. We have over 2500 followers for our group already. £2 per person would rocket us up to beyond our asking. So if you feel like this is a project you’d like to invest in then please look at our rewards and we will strive to produce something worth that contribution. 

We are small independent film group based in North East England. We have had many successful projects and are building up quite the following. This project would essentially propel us into a higher standard of filmmaking.

Check out our website at: and have a look at our channel advert below:

What else have we produced?

We have produced a series of short films all filmed in the North East area. Some have been accepted into festivals, some have won a fans purely based on bizarreness. Check out some of our more popular projects below:

“Michael” – selected for the Hyperdrive Sci-fi & Fantasy Festival 2016:

“Remnant” – Semi-Finalist for the Selby International Film festival “Best Short”:

“No Limit’s Paintball” – a promotional video we shot for the aforementioned company:

Want to see more? Head to our Youtube channel: 

Risks & Challenges

So let’s be completely transparent. WW2 is damn expensive. Vehicles, costumes (that we are allowed to muck up), locations and pyrotechnics aren’t going to come from the change in our piggy banks. We have already invested a heck of a lot into decent camera equipment (equating to around £6000) – so we need the generosity of our followers to help with this. You have been continuingly supportive of our ventures and this time we give you an opportunity to invest in something epic!

In terms of challenge, we have accounted for financial obstacles. Everything is planned, along with the donated time of crew and cast. But to make the film look authentic, we need the costumes, pyrotechnics etc. If we are unsuccessful, we will still be going ahead with the project, taking out personal loands where needed, but the harsh truth of it is that the project will simply not be exactly what would like it to, and what we know we can deliver.

Other Ways You Can Help

Get the word out! Make some noise! SHARE SHARE SHARE! The more people know, the more people are likely to give us a look. As we say, every little helps, even a £2 would be gratefully received. 

Head to our facebook page to spread the word: 

And that’s all there is to it! Thank you for watching and reading.

Contact Information:


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