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Aug 9, 2016 10:46 AM ET

The Perfect Lady Blouse, The feminine, easy-to-wear, easy-to-care for, better fitting, higher quality, built-to-last button down blouse.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 9, 2016

The Perfect Lady Blouse

The feminine, easy-to-wear, easy-to-care for, better fitting, higher quality, built-to-last button down blouse.

About this project



We are a women’s clothing company based on the quest for awesome fit, so we spend a lot of time talking to our customers about just that. And guess what style they always beg us to tackle: the button-down blouse. You know the issues:

  • Gaping and pulling at the bust
  • Too tight at the hips 
  • Too tight in the shoulders
  • Too fitted!
  • Too boxy!
  • Too long!
  • Too short!

Seriously. We’re not making this up. We surveyed our customers, and here’s what they said: 

How poorly do blouses fit? Only 8% of respondents said they didn’t have any fit issues. 

And so we thought: There has to be a better way.  


We are designing a blouse to overcome the fit issues of the past. No gaping, no tugging. No velcro and, for goodness sake, no more safety pins. So how are we doing it? By focusing on one major issues: fit

If you look at the issues our Kit ladies identified, you’ll notice something: some women find that blouses pull at the bust and others say that they sag. Why? Because – and this is a shocker –women have different body types. 

So we threw out the traditional sizing model, and developed a better way to find your fit. Our Kit Fit system bases fit on your individual height, weight, build, muscle mass, and fit issues. 


Did we stop with great fit? Nope. We also want great design. And that means making something both beautiful and functional for all body types. 

  • Machine-washable silk. Really. 
  • Customizable elements, like sleeve length, button color and collar type.
  • Darts for those who need them, none for those who don’t.
  • A front placket designed to fight gaping. 


Wait… Who Is Making this Miracle Blouse?

We’re Kit, and we were born out of a simple belief: clothes should work with your body, not against it. We marry the personal service and amazing fit of an old-school dressmaker with the convenience of e-commerce. 

What Makes Kit Different?

Superior Fit

Traditional sizing systems are arbitrary, based on nothing else than a brand’s patternmaking preferences. Rather than pigeonhole our customers into a size, Kit bases fit on each individual customer’s actual body.

Thoughtful Design

Our garments are made to be worn time and time again. They move with ease and most have pockets. Our design staff field tests each garment, wearing it in a variety of settings and making sure that each component is perfect.

Top-Notch Fabrics

Fabric quality has gone downhill fast. We work with the finest European, American and Asian textile mills to find beautiful, durable fabrics that are easy to wear and easy to care for. Like washable silk. You know— for your Perfect Lady Blouse.

Timeless Silhouettes

Our garments are designed to become staples of your wardrobe, not trendy pieces to be worn once before they fall apart. Most are designed for year-round wear. Which is why our designs are always available and never sold-out.

Exceptional Care

We are huge believers in customer service, so we’ve made getting in touch as easy and accessible as possible. Don’t believe us? Just drop us a line

Made in the USA

Every Kit garment is made by one of our talented seamstresses in our Houston, Texas workshop.

How Kit Works

It’s simple, really.



How It’s Gonna Go Down




Risks and challenges

Our team is comprised of problem solvers. And we’ve been at this for a year. We’ve measured hundreds of women to develop a unique understanding of how our bodies are different, and how those variations affect fit. We work closely with a patternmaker to create digital patterns as a baseline for all of our styles. We have tested and sampled countless fabrics to find the best quality, easiest to care for fabrics.

We are perfectionists! We’ve done our homework – but there are always risks. We have in house manufacturing that will allow us to make and ship blouses within our timeline.

But, if the project gets too many backers (a good problem to have), we might need to bring on additional sewing staff. We’ve thought through what this might entail for us, because we like over-thinking problems before they happen. There is also a chance that a textile supplier takes more time to ship the fabrics we need. That’s why we work with an American silk mill; even if it does take them a bit longer to mill the fabric, shipping is faster and we won’t have to worry about customs delays.

Regardless of what challenges lay ahead, we are 100% committed to keeping our backers in the loop. Amazing customer service is built on really good communication, and we’ll make sure that everyone knows exactly how any challenges might affect reward fulfillment.

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