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Aug 9, 2016 6:15 PM ET

Archived: ‘Mooring’ – Vocal Point Theatre Project: A play about riverside homelessness, inspired by true events.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 9, 2016

‘Mooring’ – Vocal Point Theatre Project

A play about riverside homelessness, inspired by true events. Shows at Brunel Museum, 240 Project and similar community organisations.

About this project

Mooring is Vocal Point’s new theatre production about riverside homelessness. The show will open as part of Totally Thames Festival in September 2016. 

However, we want it to keep it alive much longer than that. After September, we plan bring it to as many audiences as we can, starting with a performance in late 2016 at Ladbroke Grove’s 240 Project. 

We are aiming to fundraise as much money as possible so the piece can enjoy a long lifespan. Our long-term goal is to be able to stage it throughout London (and if possible the UK) in centres for the homeless, vulnerable and disenfranchised. Any donation, big or small, will go a long way towards helping us share this piece with a wide audience.

Mooring is inspired by the story of a busker who lived in Hammersmith on a small boat in the 90s. He was made homeless after his boat was stolen and destroyed by a group of teenagers. The play is set on the South Bank in 2016, and depicts the friendship between Samuel, a homeless busker, and Tom, a housing association worker. 

Mooring will be performed at the Brunel Museum’s Thames Tunnel Shaft 1-9 September 2016 (totallythames.org/events/info/mooring-by-vocal-point). It will then be staged at 240 Project in late 2016 (exact date TBC) and then at as many community organisations as our budget permits. Each performance will incur costs for actors, travel, rehearsal space, lighting, and maintaining props and costume. Our initial target of £2000 should ensure we are able to stage at least 3 performances after the initial run. 

Mooring follows on from 2014’s Bloom in which Vocal Point worked with attendees of the Glasgow City Mission soup kitchen to re-tell two tales of homelessness. Mooring is being developed by two former Hammersmith residents who met the man it is inspired by numerous times on the riverbed. Though the play’s action is fictional, they are striving to do justice to his story.

Help us bring our show to as many people as possible by donating whatever you can to the project. Thank you!

Risks and challenges

A big challenge is of course creating a strong, high quality production. We will work tirelessly in the rehearsal room to ensure that the show is of the highest calibre.

The next challenge is then maintaining that quality and momentum from the opening run in September, and ensuring that one-off performances at different locations are of the same calibre. Thus our preparation for each show will be key. We will make sure we are ready for each performance as if it were the first run, and give everyone who sees the show the best possible experience.

Another challenge will be balancing artistic and logistical responsibilities as we liaise with numerous organisations and coordinate booking dates for performances. We are working with and receiving guidance from arts collectives seasoned in touring performance to such organisations and centres, such as Cardboard Citizens.

Contact Information:

Vocal Point

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