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Aug 9, 2016 12:42 PM ET

Archived: Heidi – Do GOOD N Be GOOD LLC hand makes Nut Based, Nutrient Dense, Food Bars called ‘do GOOD bars’. A loan helps a mother of five increase the sales and social impact of her mission-driven company.

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United States
Loudon, United States / Food Production/Sales
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Heidi’s story

I grew up on a pig farm in NH and learned early on about the importance of GOOD work ethic and dedication to completing a task. I’ve worked many years in the food service industry. Upon the birth of my first child, we now have 5 (4 adopted), I quit management to raise my children. I saw a need for a clean, healthier sweet treat for today’s youth and decided to address the problem. Bars either tasted good and were full of added ‘junk’ or they were good ingredients with no taste. The solution- ‘do GOOD bars’ were created. My children LOVED the GOOD tasting, healthier ‘clean’ treat! 4+ years later of making them for my family the kids still ask for them daily. Families began to tell me that they would pay me to make the bars for them, so I did 🙂 I quickly learned this wasn’t just a treat for youth. Young and old alike have become faithful customers. A few years after the first batch, and lots of trials and tribulations, we now own the trademark ‘do GOOD bar’ in both food and apparel, we have a website, a distributor, are in over 70 locations in 6 states and growing. The kids are a big part of the business helping make, ship and promote the bars as well as participate in local outreaches. We are excited to be growing the business in a healthy way, choosing solid, appropriate partnerships as we increase our business prospects in our pipeline of connections and referrals. We have potential to grow exponentially once we solidify our larger production facility. We are looking forward to bigger fundraising events. We want to be the ‘go to’ fundraising company for U.S. schools, colleges and universities as well as youth athletic programs. 

This loan is special because:

It helps a mother of five increase the sales and social impact of her mission-driven company.

Kiva staff

More about this loan

Business Description

We hand make Nut Based, Nutrient Dense, Food Bars called ‘do GOOD bars’. We currently have a homestead licensed kitchen in NH. Our biggest challenge is keeping up with production. Our customer base is natural food stores, authentic general stores, outdoor enthusiast retailers, high end food stores, coffee shops/bakery/cafe, college/school campuses. We not only produce delicious nut based bars which are naturally Gluten, Wheat and Soy FREE, several are Dairy FREE as well, but we also are involved in Giving back to our communities. We run fundraising programs for groups such as youth athletic programs, college/school programs looking for a partner to help raise funds and awareness for their cause. We do both local, physical outreaches (part of our charitable giving) as well as on-line, long distance fundraising for our partners. The business structure is set up to give back 10% of profits to charity once we move out of the start-up phase. Our ultimate plan is to provide for our family of 7 as well as create many new local jobs through growing our distribution. Our team members must be willing to be part of our ‘Giving back’ mission by coming up with an event or organization to partner with which is near and dear to their heart. We Love encouraging customers to get involved giving back in their local community too, even if it just means sharing one of their 2 sticks, which are in every do GOOD bar package, with a hungry friend or co-worker. Our packaging is key to our entire mission of seeing a need, filling a need. Eat a bar, Share a bar, why not, you get 2 in each package! 🙂

What is the purpose of this loan?

We are currently looking to raise/borrow $100,000 to move from cottage industry to small business. Getting this $10,00 interest free will lower our over all amount needed to borrow from a traditional lender with added interest payments and help our small business get ahead much faster. $38,400 – larger scale pre-printed packaging and design work, bags, caddys and master cases. $3,000 first and security for commercial bay rental, $5,700 to bring commercial space up to code, $2,700 commercial equipment, $2,300 laptop and business software, $3,600 increased inventory, $10,000 added labor to increase production, $1,500 marketing/promotions, $400 accounting, $400 legal, $32,000 working capital (additional inventory, rent and labor) With this loan we project to achieve an increase in sales of 25-30% over 6 months I will have the ability to push sales where I have been holding back due to our inability to produce larger #’s of product and by hiring employees I will be able to get out of the kitchen and market the business much more aggressively. Once sales increase enough our family will be able to go ‘all in’ (my husband could quit his job and help run our own business full time) and have it be our main source of income. My husband brings Business Management as well as Human Resource and Public Speaking expertise to the business, which is a perfect compliment to my skill set. This will allow us to get out in the community even more to lend a hand or to help raise funds and awareness wherever it is needed. We are working on programs to combat today’s opioid epidemic. Our goal is the make a living helping to empower others, especially today’s youth, into making healthy lifestyle choices for a stronger, self-sustaining future generation.


Industry: Food
Years in operation: 1 year – 3 years
Website: dgnbg.com

A loan of $10,000 helps increase our production capacity through hiring employees, expanding our current work area, increased inventory of our Nut Based, Nutrient Dense, Food Bars, boost our advertising and gain working capital for my business.

Contact Information:


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