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Aug 9, 2016 7:24 PM ET

Archived: Be Booty-Full! #lookbackatit: A downloadable 8-week booty training program by the best in the booty business! @traineredith

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 9, 2016

Be Booty-Full! #lookbackatit

An downloadable 8-week booty training program by the best in the booty business!

“Who wants to be booty-full?” Every hand shoots up. I’m your man. Here’s an 8-week booty-building program from the best in the business.

In Summary

Hi friend. If you don’t already know me my name is Edith and I go by @traineredith and .com across social media and the internet. I’m a personal trainer, fitness model and writer, workout video host and crazy cat lady. I love all things fitness but I have one particular obsession and speciality and it’s glutes. Yes, if I can say so myself, I’ve got a great pair and so do my clients. 

I’ve been hard at work for months designing a downloadable booty-training program and it’s almost ready to go! This is my passion project and I’m so excited to get it out. I know it’s going to do well — if I can get a little help.

All the material and content is there. The copy is written and proofed, the photos taken, the videos are getting edited and my graphic designer is on it. I just need a little boost to fund the marketing and advertising efforts to truly give this project the exposure it deserves. 

I would love you forever if you would help.

Pray, tell us more Edith….

Tenatively titled “Booty-Full” my 8-week booty building program comes in two versions, gym and home. It’s essentially a ebook and program but with lots of video and social media support. There’s video demonstrations of each and every exercise and a Facebook group for support, where I will be very accessible. 

This is going to be more than just a product I sell. It’s going to be a movement and it’s going to be fun. There’s a strong social media aspect to this, engagement will be heavily encouraged by a special #lookbackatit pose that I wanna make viral!

Why Should I Trust You/ Give You Money?

I’m not a con-atrist

  • I’m legit, serious and driven to make this amazing. This is not a pie in the sky idea that will never see the light of day. Hundreds of hours of work have already gone into this and it’s almost ready to go.
  • I’ve been involved and launched several successful digital products already, from online workout video programs, an ebook and a detox guide. 
  • I’m a tireless social media and internet personality and a wide reach and potential to do so much more.
  • I’m broke AF
  • I have a great ass. And you could too.

How Much Do You Want?

I need $5000. Relax! I don’t expect you alone to provide that.

But still, why so much, Edith?! Especially since you said it’s almost complete.

Lettme break it down for you

  • $1000 for my production manager who has put in hundreds of hours into this for free coffee. He deserves more.
  • $500 for my awesome book designer who is juggling this project while dealing with some serious health issues.
  • $700 for website design. I intend to design a brand new site exclusively for this product.
  • $2800, the remainder, will go toward marketing and advertising on Instagram, Facebook and Google Adsense. 

What Do I get If I help You?

Every little bit helps

  • Under $20. You get my gratitude, a blown kiss in your direction and I will remember.
  • $20. For this pre-investment amount you will get the completed program first, and for less than half of what I intend to sell it for.
  • $50. You get the program first, plus a 30 minute Skype call where you can ask me any thing you want — ideally, fitness-related things. (Now fellas, it’s not a sex hotline, ok.)
  • $200 you get the program first, a Skype call and a custom made full body program to accompany the booty program.
  • $500. I’ll twerk for you. Just kidding!! I honestly can’t think of what I could do for you for this price but ask and I’ll see if I can deliver. (Now fellas, I’m not a sex worker in any capacity.)
  • $5000. I’ll delete this account!

But I’m Broke, too…..

I know. I get it. But even $5 would be so appreciated. But if you just don’t give a damn about any of this please forward to a friend who might be. They and I will be very grateful. 

The (rear) End.


Contact Information:

Edith Werbel

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