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Aug 9, 2016 4:42 PM ET

ADB’S 4th Asian Youth Forum Starting Today

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 9, 2016

The large youth population of Asia allows the unique opportunity to empower Asian youth as one of the region’s most valuable assets in driving positive social change, environmental sustainability, technological innovation, and economic development. Hosted by Asian Development Bank, the fourth annual Asian Youth Forum (AYF4) aims to harness the strengths of young people under the theme “Youth 4 Global Goals” to take action in the 2030 global agenda for Sustainable Development. The forum will take place at the ADB Headquarters in  Manila, Philippines on 10-12 August 2016 to celebrate the United Nations International Youth Day on 12 August and will also serve as a culmination of the 2nd Asia-Pacific Youth Exchange (AYPE2), an innovative capacity-building program for youth on the SDGs.

The core of AYF4 will feature five Knowledge Sessions covered by the 5 Ps  People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnerships to deepen the understanding of how important youth involvement in social issues is and how to successfully encourage youth initiatives.  The sessions will also showcase successful case studies to multi-stakeholders and host interactive live youth surveys to collect insights on pressing issues for young people in Asia.

AYF4 will also host Action Sessions as a way to accelerate efforts from young people in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by allowing youth project officers and external partner leaders to design and outline the forum’s objectives with proposals, consultations, and roadmaps for young people. The sessions will also host a series of networking opportunities to encourage partnerships in youth programming and funding.

Through the Digital Media Zone (DMZ) hosted in collaboration with PVBLIC Foundation, Action Sessions and interviews will also enable interactions between youth delegates and representatives of ADB and development organizations to amplify discussion about youth awareness, understanding, and action on the SDGs.

Several incredible representatives of ADB and development organizations will take part of AYF4, including Ian Wishart, CEO of Plan International Australia; Dr. Susann Roth, Senior Social Development Specialist of ADB; Satinder Bindra, Director of ADB; and Anju Gurung, Youth Representative of UNDP Nepal, among many others.


At the close of AYF4, several hundred participants including youth delegates, youth-focused organizations, government officials, private sector organizations, and international organizations will have strengthened evidence on youth contributions for driving positive social change, increased global recognition of young people’s role in achieving the SDGs, deepened young people’s understanding that they are the generation who will be the most impacted by the success or failure in realizing the SDGs, increased the engagements and interactions between young people and the countries of ADB members, and will have encouraged awareness amongst potential partners to support youth.


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About 4th Asian Youth Forum:

The 4th Asian Youth Forum (AYF4) will be held on 10-12 August 2016 in ADB headquarters in celebration of the UN International Youth Day on 12 August 2016. Under the theme, “Youth for Global Goals”, AYF4 will focus on enabling youth to contribute to the new 2030 global agenda, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Recognizing that the current generation of young people will mature during the period covered by the SDGs, ADB Youth for Asia (YFA) has committed to empower youth to contribute to the new set of goals. Youth for Global Goals (Y4GG) also refers to the initiative launched in partnership with AIESEC. In addition, AYF4 will also serve as a culmination of the 2nd Asia-Pacific Youth Exchange (APYE2), an innovative capacity-building program for youth on the SDGs.

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