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Aug 8, 2016 11:11 AM ET

San Francisco Chocolate Factory; Because gourmet chocolate doesn’t have to come at gourmet price

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 8, 2016

San Francisco Chocolate Factory

Because gourmet chocolate doesn’t have to come at…


We need your help. San Francisco Chocolate Factory is planning a resurgence. And we can use a little help from friends and chocolate lovers everywhere.

“We are the original San Francisco Chocolate Factory,” says Mike Litton, Founder and President, stressing the word “original”. “But over time we have focused on other brands and neglected our roots and our original great chocolate brand.”

“We are very proud of our heritage, our brand and our products, like our original Landmark Collection featuring many of the local San Francisco sites like Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s time we stood out again as The San Francisco Chocolate Factory,” continues Litton.

Over the past 10 years, we have been focusing elsewhere and the emphasis on the original brand slipped into the background.  Friends and chocolate lovers have repeatedly asked the company to bring back the iconic original brand, and the company is finally taking action.   With help from the crowd, the company wants to re-launch the original name, revamp its website, and create new products to commemorate the occasion.

The only problem in shoring up the San Francisco Chocolate Factory again is funding. Which is why we are now turning to the crowd to help inject some much needed marketing funds and bring about the resurgence of this local brand.

San Francisco Chocolate Factory offers a wide range of dark, milk, and white chocolates, all made from different blends of cocoa beans with different percentages of cocoa.    

Many of our quality chocolates are sold in exclusive keepsake tins inspired by the iconic images of San Francisco or other major American cities.  Many more are sold in tins designed to appeal to different niche market groups like Wine Lovers, Tea Lovers, Coffee Lovers, and Book Lovers.  Creative is the best word to describe San Francisco Chocolate Factory.  The range of chocolates and the variety of tin designs available ensure there is something for everyone to enjoy.


Most people know when they are eating quality chocolate. Unfortunately, not all chocolates are created equal, and too often, consumers find they have paid a gourmet price for a less than gourmet product.

San Francisco Chocolate Factory offers gourmet quality chocolate in bite sized discs (which make it easy to share).  As a bonus, the product is packed in small, handy, reusable and recyclable tins.  Interestingly, a small amount of high quality chocolate is more  satisfying than a larger amount of lower quality product.  So the small tins with bite-sized chocolate discs are perfect for quality consumption, a little bit at a time.


San Francisco Chocolate Factory provides gourmet quality chocolate at an affordable price AND in a keepsake tin.  Only the finest quality cocoa beans are used in the production of San Francisco Chocolate Factory chocolates, imported from three different continents, selected for their consistently fine flavor.  San Francisco Chocolate Factory chocolate is made from decades-old recipes, utilizing modern technology and processing.  Blending a tradition of quality manufacturing with operational economy produces a perfect product at a perfect price point.


The San Francisco Chocolate Factory is small, efficient, creative, and dynamic. The company balances yin and yang perfectly…, quality and value are part of the company’s daily focus.  We’re not trying to sell a billion chocolate bars to the mass market, and we’re not trying to sell truffles to the elite.  Our goal is to sell high-quality chocolate in bite-sized pieces, in unique packaging, at affordable prices.  

When we started selling San Francisco Chocolate Factory chocolate tins in San Francisco to visitors, our tins made their way back to cities around the country.  Little by little, a loyal following developed for our products, and our direct sales grew beyond the Bay Area.  The growing demand has stretched our resources and we need to increase our capacity to meet demand.

Everyone has a different taste, but most people like chocolate.  San Francisco Chocolate Factory has a wide variety of chocolates and a wide variety of tin designs. We have something for everyone.

We work with the Grammy-winning band, Train, to produce and sell “Save Me, San Francisco Chocolate” worldwide. Train has so many hit songs in the charts, they’re almost too many to count.  So Train knows about winners, and we’re flattered that they chose The San Francisco Chocolate Factory to work with. We also produce custom label tins for nonprofit organizations like PBS, SPCA, National Parks, and Family House.


Mike started his career with an international commodity trading company. He later worked for Bank America World Trade and Pepsi World Trade. After living in the Mideast and Europe, Mike became inspired to use his entrepreneurial nature and strong work ethic to start the San Francisco Chocolate Factory.

Sumner is an experienced sales director in the world of chocolate and sweets, having worked at Hershey and Harry & David. Today, Summer uses his experience at the San Francisco Chocolate Factory as our Sales Director, where he manages a national network of brokers and key accounts.

Perry keeps the San Francisco Chocolate Factory organized as bookkeeper and Accounting Manager. Perry enjoys keeping the San Francisco Chocolate Factory operations running as smooth as our delicious chocolates.

Brian is the San Francisco Chocolate Factory office manager and maestro of Customer Service.  Brian grew up in New Orleans and is a true southern gentleman, always willing to help coworkers and clients with a friendly smile.

Katrina was born and raised in Northern Ireland with a calm, friendly, no-nonsense way of getting things done.  Katrina is our Senior Salesperson. Fast-paced and goal oriented, Katrina handles sales with the outstanding professionalism.

Christian is our Logistics Manager, managing the movement of chocolate, raw materials, and finished goods like he would manage a ballet- flawlessly.

Sunny is our Shipping manager, putting everything together and making sure it gets shipped and delivered to the right place at the right time.  We’d be lost if Sunny wasn’t a perfectionist.


Having met with an enthusiastic welcome around the country, we want to relaunch our original name, and aggressively promote our quality products nationwide as The San Francisco Chocolate Factory.

To make this possible, we need Fundable… and we need you.

With this crowdfunding campaign, our goal is to raise at least $25,000 to help relaunch the brand and aggressively expand into new markets.

As a thank you for helping us reach the next level, we’ve got some amazing rewards for you (including exclusive products):

Become a friend of San Francisco Chocolate Factory
Pledge: $5
The Perk: Join our mailing list!


Make your love of chocolate known with a donation.
Pledge: $25
The Perk: 3 iconic San Francisco design tins of our chocolate. These tins are no longer sold to the public.


Double the donation, double the reward.
Pledge: $50
The Perk: 6 tins of our chocolates customized with your name or design.


It’s even sweeter with 20 tins of our chocolate.
Pledge: $100
The Perk: 20 assorted San Francisco landmark design tins of our chocolates.


Chocolates based on the song.
Pledge: $250
The Perk: 48 “Save Me, San Francisco” tins of our chocolates. These tins are specially designed by the Grammy-winning band, Train.

Have some chocolate tins made just for you.
Pledge: $500
The Perk: 60 tins of our chocolates customized with your name or design.


You don’t need a golden ticket to get a tour of our chocolate factory.
Pledge: $1000
The Perk: A private factory tour for two.


You’re so nice for helping us. Here, have a vacation.
Pledge: $2,500
The Perk: A private factory tour for two, 2 nights of accommodations in San Francisco, and dinner with the president of the San Francisco Chocolate Factory, Mike Litton.


We aren’t kidding. Your support will be rewarded with a crazy amount of chocolate!
Pledge: $5,000
The Perk: $10,000 credit towards any products on the San Francisco Chocolate Factory website, or towards custom label tins. Valid for 12 months.

Thank you for helping the San Francisco Chocolate Factory spread the love of chocolate!

Contact Information:

Mike Litton - President

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