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Aug 8, 2016 11:24 AM ET

Archived: Launch The Kigali Social Enterprise Academy: We need your help to develop and deliver a Social Enterprise Academy in Kigali Rwanda to enable local young people to find self employment and at the same time solve local community issues

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 8, 2016

Launch The Kigali Social Enterprise Academy


Project Image


We need your help to launch our first social enterprise academy in Rwanda!

About the Kigali Social Enterprise Academy


We are raising £6000 to develop and deliver a Social Enterprise Academy in Kigali Rwanda.  The objective is to enable local young people to find self employment and at the same time solve local community issues. The programme consists of a 12-week interactive course, mentoring and a whole load of support for the 20 participants.

Who are we?

We are Unloc, a social enterprise that runs several enterprise academies in the South East of England and Acts of Gratitude AOG, a Rwandan based charity that aims to inspire a new generation of change makers, socially responsible leaders, entrepreneurs and volunteers for Rwanda. We have teamed up to make this project a reality by sharing resources, knowledge and insight.

Our Story

Our partnership grew out of a connection made at One Young World, the preeminent global forum for young people. Unloc is run by young entrepreneurs with a background in student and community action. The Unloc vision is to build a highly capable and civic minded generation of young people. AOG was developed by a group of bright, young but homeless university students determined to give back something positive to their country. The AOG aim is for Rwanda to be famous for being inhabited and led by socially responsible people.

Together we conducted a needs assessment in Rwanda in March 2016. This identified enthusiasm from young and in some cases vulnerable people for an Enterprise Academy in Kigali.

AoG has asked Unloc to use our expertise to deliver that programme for 12 weeks commencing in late September. The programme will inspire, empower and motivate young Rwandans, many who come from underprivileged backgrounds. They will explore entrepreneurship and at the same time solve community problems. 


In the medium term we look to connect graduates from enterprise academies in both countries to gain an international perspective on the potential for socially focussed enterprise.

At the end of the first 12 week programme 20 young entrepreneurs will have a business plan, pitch and a mentor based on researched needs with the skills and connections to put their plans into action.

As a donor you will have the opportunity to make a significant contribution to this exciting project and the ability to change the lives of many bright but venerable young people. We hope to provide 13 bursaries to enable low income Rwandan students to access this transformational programme.

Where will the money go?

The total budget of £6000 will cover:

  • Accommodation for volunteers – £900
  • Flights for volunteer experts – £950
  • Visas and insurance for volunteers – £160
  • Trainers and management costs & expenses (including site security) – £2560
  • Refreshments throughout the 12-week programme – £550
  • Memory sticks for participants £80
  • Contingency pot – £800

Get in touch! We’d love to hear from you!

Get in touch with us to see how we’re doing, to find out more about how you can contribute to this project or just to say hi! You can tweet the project team @ActsOfGratitude or visit http://www.actsofgratitude.org/. Feel free to drop us an email too info@actsofgratitude.org.

Help us succeed!

  • Every bit helps – so please do sponsor the project as much as you can afford
  • Please share our project on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media you can thing of. Don’t forget to tag Acts of Gratitude in your post!
  • Can you help or contribute to this project in another way? Every bit of support goes a long way. Get in touch with us via email on info@actsofgratitude.org. – we can’t wait to hear from you!


  • Know someone that might be able to donate or sponsor the project? Please share this link with them!
Contact Information:

Hayden Taylor

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