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Aug 8, 2016 10:33 AM ET

LAST NOMADS SAVING LAND BY WAY OF LIFE: New technology is helping to keep a traditional lifestyle alive on the Mongolian steppes

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 8, 2016


New technology is helping to keep a traditional lifestyle alive on the Mongolian steppes.



The goal of the project is to provide solution in electricity issues in the rural areas to protect the nature, to continue the traditional lifestyle and to ensure that the land is looked after.





The traditional nomadic way of life of Mongols is an environmentally friendly way of living.  They move around from one area to another ensuring minimal damage and pollution to the land. 

Unfortunately the downside of this lifestyle is no access to permanent electricity due to constant moving around. 

Solar powered energy resource has been used in the recent times but it does not generate sufficient amount of electricity to meet modern day needs.  Such needs include use of television, refrigerator, freezer (especially dairy and meat produce that are hard to keep fresh in the warmer season), cell phone charge and use of heaters in the colder season to reduce coal and wood burning to warm the ger. 



We are “ILCHDIIN GAL” NGO, a group of likeminded people who have come together to protect the green environment of our country and have volunteered to do so by initiating this project.





We plan to implement the project in 4 aimags that calls Bayanhongor, Zavhan, Arhangai and Hovsgol and theirs  10 soums of the western region of Mongolia by installing, monitoring and providing repair service to the families taking part in the project.





After many years of active participation in environmental protection activities it was clear that those who live and know the area are the best protectors and savors of the land.  Therefore we chose native herders for this project.   

Upon research conducted on challenges these herders face we found that majority of them identified “desire to have electricity, hot and cold water like the big city and be able to use cellphones, computer, television  and be in tune with the rest of the world” as the primary need.

These herders send their children to the city for education but once children get the taste of comfortable lifestyle in the city they have no desire to return to the countryside and go through the hardships of nomadic way of life.  This has affected the decrease in number of young herders and today most of the herders are those who are in their 40s, 50s and 60s.  Even though, the purpose of our project is geared towards environmental protection it also has a much broader spectrum of maintaining traditional nomadic way of life from fading away and continuing our heritage to the next generation.





·  Re-using animal dung and manure to produce energy would reduce greenhouse gas and dissemination of CH4 compounds in the atmosphere.  

·  The fertilizer produced from the machine can be used to feed the livestock as Mongolia is facing shortage in pasture land.  This ensures to keep the environment pristine as well as managing the traditional way of herding without damaging the land. 


·  Abandoned and neglected part of the country will have inhabitants who will look after the land and protect it. 



·  Each and every family will have ability generate their own electricity and be self -sufficient. 




·  Continuing the traditional way of living and prepare the next generation to inherit the heritage. 

·  Increasing the number of young herders that are rapidly in decline.

·  Reducing the unemployment level




We have 10 years of experience in working in the area of environmental protection  in the country.  The wisdom of nomadic Mongols have always lied on effective consumerism on day to day life rather than over consumption which western developed countries are now striving to achieve. 


Advancing the nomadic way of life, a lifestyle that has least negative impact on the environment, and inheriting it to the next generation is the goal of our many years of hard work and experience.  Environment protection does not fall on one particular individual but rather a way of living consciously on how we impact the environment through our everyday life and be a role mode to our young generation and teach them on how to reduce negative impact on the environment.

The most effective way to organize this project and to reach public and the higher leadership in the government is to establish a model soum and sub soums.  The important aspect of it is to make the government see and understand our goals and thus make them find alternate and better ways to develop our country without damaging the homeland and to hand it to our next generation in one piece.  We are the representatives of the new generation who are united in protecting our nature and homeland and we made it our mission to make the change happen through our dedication and hard work above everything else. 







Mongolia has a tremendous amount of natural resources and actively taking actions to put these resources into economic circulations.  This has resulted environmental degradation in such fast pace that we’re facing the danger of extinction of pristine nature in our country.  So it is of vital importance to start the project in the nearest future.



The unit cost of the equipment is 150,000USD and it is very expensive for an average nomadic family to procure one.  We propose to implement initial phase of our project as a grant, supplying, installing and providing repair work free of charge to the families.  This ensures quick outreach to the public in short period of time.   

The equipment is specifically designed for the conditions of Mongolia and being made as a special order. 

For more details of the equipment:

We will be responsible for costs of installation, repair, transportation, training and monitoring. 




The video in this presentation Made by Tavka Zurgaanjin




You can enjoy the other photos and videos uploaded


Other Ways You Can Help


We realize that not everyone is in a position to make a financial contribution, and we can empathize! 

Spread the word about the #LAST NOMADS SAVING LAND BY WAY OF LIFE on Facebook or Twitter.

Contributions make a huge difference, but so does community support. Please share our campaign with your friends, family, colleagues & strangers alike through email, text, word of mouth, phone conversations, carrier pigeon, baseball signs and ESPECIALLY SOCIAL MEDIA!

Contact Information:

Erdenesuvd Namjildorj

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