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Aug 8, 2016 6:40 AM ET

Archived: Isabella – Alleb Asor: We are targeting a market that is often overshadowed in the fashion retail business – a one stop shop for young women in their 20s, as well as the mature women in their 40s

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United States
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Isabella’s story

I was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. Growing up in the city and attending schools in the suburbs of Lexington, I had the opportunity meet a variety of people and experience cultural differences. During my off time from school, I was taught how to sew at the age of 14 years old and since then dedicated my life to the fashion business.

In Lexington, overtime I noticed how the town was a very close-knit community- everybody knew everybody in the town. If you went to elementary school with Bria, you most likely attended middle and high school with her as well. The historical town showed me the importance of staying connected with one another and taking the time to enjoy the simple things in life. I was able to attend Lexington because I was part of the METCO program. It’s a voluntary funded program and its goal is to expand educational opportunities and reduce racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic isolation by having students in Boston attend public schools in participating communities aka the suburbs. Living in the city was a completely different world. My close-knit community was my family. I have a huge family and we are definitely fit for the hustle and bustle of the city. With so many family members, we all share one common thing and that is loving one another. Being around my family, especially the strong, independent, and sophisticated women- they have all strongly influenced me in someway. I’ve been surrounded my people who started from the ground up and who give their all. I’ve also seen the people who don’t believe in themselves and never grow into the person they always envision themselves as.

Another opportunity from living in the city were there are numerous activities and programs to be involved with. One of them being the “girls fashion entrepreneurship program” provided by the Bird Street community center in Dorchester. This had been my first experience with the fashion business. There, I was taught how to sew, construct a garment, and start a business. I found myself naturally gaining a liking to both the business and creative aspect of the course. I often found myself always wanting to challenge my business and better myself. I did so by participating in over 20 fashion shows during my high school years. After High School, I continued to create and construct garments for a personal clientele. Through my experience in the fashion business, I have gained a lot of knowledge in regards to networking, the importance of relationships, and building confidence within you.

Being the founder and head designer of Alleb Asor, I want to share my journey through our designs that we create. From an inspiration to a sketch, then to a garment being worn by the strong, independent, and sophisticated women of the world. Ultimately signifying that YOU can be the person you an envision yourself as. 

This loan is special because:

It helps a community-minded woman entrepreneur expand her fashion business in Massachusetts.

Kiva staff

More about this loan

Business Description

My mother, Rosa, has played a very big influence on the brand. From bringing me to my sewing classes, yelling my name at every fashion show, and taking long rides to the fabric store. The name of the company, Alleb Asor, is I and my mother’s name spelled backwards to show the significance of instilling in me the importance of being you. The women’s contemporary brand, designed with the young and young at heart was created about a year ago. We are targeting a market that is often overshadowed in the fashion retail business. Stores such as forever 21 are solely catered to the young, while Ann Taylor Loft are marketed for the more mature women. But often times I find myself wearing a mix of both in order to create my own individual style. At Alleb Asor, we want to be a one stop shop for young women in their 20s, as well as the mature women in their 40s. Being a young, Cape Verdean women from Boston, I have seen first hand the amount of endurance, pressure, and determination we are expected to have. Often times, its unreachable to be miss picture perfect. With Alleb Asor, we want to show women through our garments, by just being YOU, a lot of great outcomes will occur on your continuous journey.

What is the purpose of this loan?

In order to launch our first collection through the nineteenth amendment website (A marketplace and production company for independent designers www.nineteenthamendment.com) we need a tech pack. A tech pack includes illustrations and instructions for the construction of each garment. We plan on producing a total of 5 garments for our launch collection. We also need to provide the 5 sample garments to nineteenth amendment. The total pricing for each garment per pre-development stages will range from $500-$600 each depending on the amount of revisions. Therefore the total for pre-development will be $2500-3000. Any additional cost will be funded towards other materials such as fabric and notions. This funding would be crucial as it will jumpstart our production, therefore generating our first revenue. Once we release our first collection, we can then determine, based on our sales data, what changes need to be made for our future collections. Also, different methods of reaching our mission goal.

About Alleb Asor

Industry: Clothing
Years in operation: 6 months – 1 year

A loan of $3,000 helps launch Alleb Asor’s first collection.

Contact Information:


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