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Aug 8, 2016 1:30 PM ET

Archived: Avantcare Inc. – Innovative Product Proven to Reduce Alcohol Cravings for Over 8,000 clients: As the leader in the science of the neurobiology of addiction and natural plant products, we’re building on the successful results of 7 years of research and 18 years of clinical use to completely revolutionize the addiction industry.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 8, 2016

Avantcare Inc.

Innovative Product Proven to Reduce Alcohol Cravings for Over 8,000 client



Avantcare, Inc. is on a mission to change that.

As the leader in the science of the neurobiology of addiction and natural plant products, we’re building on the successful results of seven years of research and eighteen years of clinical use to completely revolutionize the addiction industry.

How does it work? The foundation of the Last Call Program is Sobrexa, a daidzin-based compound scientifically proven to create an opportunity for the body’s brain chemicals to re-balance so it no longer craves excessive alcohol. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. It’s science!

With an 84% success rate and over 10,000 clients, Avantcare is setting an all new standard in the addiction treatment industry while providing those in need of a helping hand with a new lease on life.


In order to understand why some individuals are more susceptible to alcohol use disorders than others, it’s important to distinguish that while once long considered strictly a behavioral issue, Alcohol Use Disorder is actually a disease rooted in thebrain chemicals.


Simply put, instructing someone who suffers from AUD to never drink again is kind of like telling a person with a stutter to just stop stuttering.

Here’s an overview of what we know for certain:

  • The root cause of unusual cravings for alcohol is a brain chemical imbalance.
  • It’s proven that this difference in the brain can be reversed.
  • It’s statistically unlikely that alcohol consumption can be reduced with willpower alone.
  • When the brain is back in balance and not driven by brain chemical impulses, it is possible to make good choices about the use of alcohol including whether to abstain entirely or drink socially.

The problem? The addiction industry has largely neglected to harness this proven science, and we’re continuing to see the impact that AUD has on people’s lives:

The untreated AUD market represents a massive $12 billion opportunity annually, and Avantcare brings help to the millions of sufferers that traditional treatment programs simply aren’t reaching.

And it all starts with our Last Call Program.


The Last Call Program is a discreet, 8-week long, at-home health program designed to merge a number of effective treatment methods to deliver superior results for those with alcohol use disorders. Avantcare has been changing addiction for over 23 years because our solutions are:

We offer an alternative of completely anonymous treatment that can be accessed very quickly and confidentially. Last Call opens the way for 55% of clients to begin the program of their own initiative, sometimes without even family members knowing.

The Last Call Program represents an affordable product deliverable without significantly disrupting a person’s life and without requiring costly residential stays.

We have demonstrated success rates more than 4 times greater than conventional treatment options, with a proven 84% success rate conducted through a third-party study of 1,146 clients followed for one year.

The clinical effects of Sobrexa are consistent with the research findings of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism regarding the role brain chemistry plays in addiction.

Avantcare’s addiction treatment products are specifically catered toward the massive untreated addiction market.

The result? The vast majority of our clients are able to transform their drinking habits from excessive to moderate using alcohol as an enjoyable part of their lives while still others have chosen a lifetime of sobriety. 74% report positive initiatives restoring family, careers and community social standing.


What’s in it?
In Sobrexa, the phytochemical isoflavone — daidzin — provides a major active principle but it is the the additional constituents found in the 12 ingredients identified on the label that contribute the the unique performance in the body.  Plants contain hundreds of chemicals that interact in complex ways and  the understanding of these interactions and mechanisms were the foundation for Sobrexa development.

How does it work?
Sobrexa allows the body to restore brain systems using signaling molecules like dopamine, opioid peptides, and the excitatory and inhibitory chemicals in the brain. It’s safe, it’s been used by thousands of Last Call patients for years, and there has never been a reported side effect.

Is it tested?
Sobrexa’s efficacy has been proven in a controlled, independent clinical study with 1,146 participants. At twelve months, 84% were successful with either moderate consumption or complete abstinence.

Is Sobrexa a drug?
Our products are fully FDA compliant and classified as dietary supplements that bridge the gap between raw plant materials and chemistry. In medical science, biomedicine relies on plants for about 25% of its medicines but chemically manufactures the primary phyto-chemicals when making their products. Avantcare uses the actual plant constituents so they are completely natural.

How is it different from other dietary supplements?
The structure of the formulation creates actions and mechanisms in the body far more complex and effective than any other form of plant-based, or mono plant-based natural product on the market.


Empowering our clients to take back control of their lives isn’t just our life’s work, it’s also our passion. And we’ve created success stories for numerous people all around the country. Here’s what just a few of them have to say about our groundbreaking alcohol use disorder solution.


Here’s a quick play-by-play of what Avantcare has previously accomplished and some of the developments we’ve got lined up in the future.

A proven history of success
Before introducing Last Call direct-to-consumer, it was first tested and successfully used in state-licensed medical clinics to near capacity. This led to the concept of lowering the price from $7,500 to $799, making the Last Call Program available to all.

A product that people want
We packaged our program for at-home, direct-to-consumer launch in the fall of 2013. In the first full marketing year, Last Call generated approximately $3.3 million in revenue, proving an enormous consumer demand for our product.

A system that works
There have been over 200 studies verifying the science behind our products. We have created over 8,000 success stories with the Last Call program and have received hundreds of positive testimonials from customers singing our praises. In the past decade, none of our clients have required an inpatient detox, compared to 76% of conventional treatment patients.

An all new marketing outreach
This year, we signed an agreement with New Leaf Marketing which provides us with almost absolute fixed cost, no necessary marketing capital, and the ability to focus on only manufacturing and product development to rapidly scale the company.

An enormous media presence
We’ve caught the attention of some influential names in the media world, including

And more!

A manufacturing powerhouse
All of our products are manufactured, packaged and shipped from our own laboratory with only independent lab-tested ingredients and using our own proprietary and exclusive method. Our state-of-the-art facility is highly automated, requiring a production staff of only 3 individuals to meet production capability of $22 million annually.

Our lab is cGMP compliant and meets International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering manufacturing standards. We produce the Last Call Program for a 7.2% Cost of Goods Sold. The industry average COGS is 56%.

A globally protected brand


We are completing six months of retooling our marketing platforms and channels. A re-launch of the Last Call Program is slated for September 2016 via vastly expanded multi-channel interactive marketing, including videos, blogs, news articles, and studies, and more.

We’re gearing up to launch our Last Crossroad Program in 2017, the first program in the world to address both Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in conjunction with comorbid Alcohol Use Disorder. With 59-85% of PTSD victims suffering from comorbid AUD, Avantcare has an experience-based entry point for this segment of its addiction services and unique products.

Request access to the ‘Business Plan’ portion of our profile to learn more about the future of Avantcare and how you can get involved!


Dr. Frank Westby-Gibson | Founder & CEO | Dr. Westby-Gibson combines the unique experience of business and medicine with a business degree from University of Miami, Master of Science degree from Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the development of a $40 million luxury restaurant chain and founder of the largest clinic of integrative and oriental medicine in the U.S. Dr. Gibson is an internationally recognized expert in medicinal plant pharmacopeia and widely known for his expertise in the science of addiction and natural medicine. He has presented over 162 lectures and seminars in the U.S. Germany, Switzerland and Bulgaria.  He has appeared on 62 radio and TV programs and is the author of “Age with Energy” and “Why You Crave Alcohol & What You Can Do About It.”

Neil Westby | President | The youngest acupuncture physician to pass the National Board examinations from NCCAOM, including the Western Bio-Medicine examination. He completed his medical internship under Dr. Zhao Qi Chang, a world-renowned Chinese physician. Mr. Westby is also a member of the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering. All aspects of the Avantcare laboratory are under his guidance and supervision.

Carol Brawley | VP | Carol brings thirteen years of experience as COO of 6th Millennium Corporation, where she directed office and clinic operations for the Tortoise Clinics, the largest integrative and wellness clinics of their kind in the US. Carol also managed 6MC’s health and wellness retreats on the 216-acre mountain facility Precious Wood Farm.


Dr. Carolyn Accardi | CSO | Dr. Accardi holds a PhD in biochemistry from Emory University. She has been involved with extensive research at the Emory University Clinical Research Center. Dr. Accardi’s work has been published in the American Journal of Physiology, The Journal of Nutrition, The Journal of Parental and Enteral Nutrition, and others.


Dr. Mindy Clark | Medical Director | 
Dr. Clark received her medical degree from The University of Louisville School of Medicine, interned in internal medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, and practiced her residency at the University of Louisville School of Medicine. She served as the Medical Director for the Department of Justice in the State of Kentucky. She previously co-founded the International Medical Spa Association and developed a consulting service advising physicians, business managers, and investors in North America and Italy. Dr. Clark is one of six individuals globally to achieve the Master Level of Instruction by the Titleist Performance Institute.

Contact Information:

Dr. Frank Westby-Gibson | Founder & CEO

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