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Aug 8, 2016 1:21 PM ET

Archived: Artlu Media Net Corporation: Anthony J. Klatch II, author of “The Market is not Random,” has signed over six Book Rights to the corporation in order to give it a tangible/intangible asset-base.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 8, 2016

Artlu Media Net Corporation

tampa, FL 33606, US

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Artlu Media Net Corporation is a Florida-based C-Corporation with physical headquarters at 301 W. Platt St., Suite 86, Tampa, FL 33606. Although it was incorporated in 2014, by Anthony J. Klatch II, the company was actually founded in 1998, and since that time, has owned/maintained operation of http://artlu.net, which has functioned in various capacities. However, with Mr. Klatch’s extensive writing projects over the past several years, it was time to formalize the company in 2014, and Mr. Klatch has signed over six Book Rights to the corporation in order to give it a tangible/intangible asset-base.

All investors of $200 or more will get a free, physical copy of my book, “The Market is not Random.”


Products / Services

The Market is Not Random (Book + Website)

“The Market is Not Random”
– Classification: Non-Fiction, Finance, Textbook, Stock Market, Technical Analysis
– Status: Completed / Unedited
– Format: Microsoft Word – Charts, Graphs, Text

The Market is Not Random is as academic as it is enlightening. It is written from a non-fiction perspective, with the emotions of the author’s life struggle in quantifying the irrational that led to madness. However, that madness was born from an obsession with the markets, and ultimately, the pursuit of knowledge became so reckless that it led to the author’s federal conviction and permanent ban from the securities industry. TMINR is the crowning achievement of a lifetime of work, and it will withstand the test of time because it proves that every market and every time frame are not random.

The White Swan (Book)

“The White Swan”
– Classification: Fiction, Philosophy
– Status: Completed / Unedited
– Format: Microsoft Word – Text Only

For decades the United States has struggled to tame its rising deficit, but what happens when the limitless supply of money ends? Only then, the men, the true movers of society, can intervene to save the country they love – save it from those who take the incentive away from the risk takers – those who persecute society’s movers – those who work only in favors – and that is what brings the new and the old together. Simon. Arthur. Vivian. Sex. Markets. Betrayal. A story of love, deception, money, greed, and psychological torture born from the inherent genius within every character.

The White Swan is a story to modernize and expand Ayn Rand’s objectivist philosophy through the new-age style of script-like fiction writing (See: Stuart Woods), by keeping today’s world – today’s generation – in collective focus.

The Art of Revenue (Book + Website)

“The Art of Revenue”
– Classification: Non-Fiction, Finance, Stock Market, Technical Analysis
– Status: Completed / Unedited / Untyped
– Format: Handwritten – Charts, Graphs, Text

The Art of Revenue is a complete contradiction of what money managers have been portraying to the masses for years through diversified portfolio theory, and the purpose of this book is to teach the reader a simple strategy to increase the potential for reward ten times more with ten times less risk, which is a priceless conclusion that should replace all convention investment strategy.

The Dare Trilogy (Book 1) – Dare to Dream

Julian Dare is a mathematical genius. (He is also a beautiful man.) As a college student, he develops the first algorithm that has the ability to predict people’s wants and desires.

We meet Julian five years down the line, where his company predicts what people want to see before they even know it. However, once achieving wealth, we learn that the public wants to see him – every inch of him. And that want becomes a problem because for the second time in his life, Julian Dare is in love…

Amber Read is perfect. Beauty. Brains. Money. Sheer purity, and she is obsessed with Julian’s creation – obsessed with DARE Media. It is that obsession which brings her into his close circle, where she learns the truth about Julian. It is that truth, which keeps her coming back until she is ultimately degraded, and the question becomes, “Can Julian still love her despite her defilement?”

The Dare Trilogy (Book 2) – Dare to Tell

The Dare Trilogy – Book 2 – “Dare to Tell”
– Classification: Fiction, Eroticism
– Status: Completed / Unedited / Untyped
– Format: Handwritten – Text Only

Book Two of the Dare Trilogy finds us following deeper in love with our characters. We learn that Julian has his own dark side, which makes him accept Amber’s own denouement from the last book. However, we find ourselves in a story of kidnap and lust, as Amber is stolen from Julian.

Book two takes us on a wild ride of what wealth can provide to one’s lifestyle. We follow Julian to Brazil, the Bahamas, and we get to track his entire asset collection. We learn the truth about Julian, and we are left wondering what his dark secret is…

The Super-Bubble / The Contradiction (Optionable Spec Screenplay)

“The Super-Bubble” or “Contradiction”
– Classification: Screenplay (Shooting Method, Not Spec Method) / Unedited
– Status: Completed / Unedited / Unreviewed / Unformatted
– Format: Typewritten (Not Available via Computer)

Because of the author’s belief in the salability of “The White Swan,” he wanted to anticipate the masses desire to see that book made into a movie. This belief exists because “The White Swan” speaks to our current financial climate post-2009, which deals with immense debt on the part of the government along with the paranoia the government is causing with respect to the surveillance of its citizens. As such, “The Super-Bubble” fulfills a market need for the moment, and takes the entertaining aspects from “The White Swan” to create a riveting 2-hour screenplay, which is suitably different than the book. What’s more the screenplay was written with the hope of the author being nominated for an Academy Award for best Screenplay Adaptation.

God in my Generation (Book)

– Classification: Non-Fiction, Religion, Philosophy
– Status: 20% Complete, Fully Outlined, Research Pending
– Format: Typewritten (Not Available via Computer)

The Millennial generation is losing morality. There is a slow eradication of purpose and fulfillment being found within the human condition, and the true purpose of religion is to supplant the “why?” question of existence. Therefore, only through religion and belief in purpose does the author find fulfillment as a being, and it is that outlook that the author wishes to share with his fellow Millennials.

“God in my Generation” was born from the fact that the author recommitted himself to Catholicism, by reading countless books on theology over the past two years. It is that distilled information, which has been outlined and which the author wishes to share with the masses.



Managing Director Executive Officer
Anthony J. Klatch II

Mr. Anthony J. Klatch II was born in Hazleton, PA, and was classified as a genius at the age of five years old by scoring 174 IQ on the Wechsler Intelligence scale. At the age of 22 he was given the Wonderlic Test of personality/intelligence, and he scored at 47 out of 50. His parents were both academics, and his father taught English and French for nearly thirty years, which fueled a drive for writing.

Mr. Klatch had a well respected reputation as a seasoned financial manager providing invaluable insight to all aspects of hedge fund management including: portfolio management; risk control; and asset allocation related to various fund product offerings and corporate institutional mandates. He has been recognized as a talented manager with an exceptional track record for increasing the performance of funds through the use of a wide range of sophisticated quantitative analysis techniques that Mr. Klatch refined after mentoring with a hedge fund billionaire for several years.


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Managing Director Executive Officer - Anthony J. Klatch II

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