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Aug 7, 2016 1:37 PM ET

Archived: Multimodal is a new interactive performance work by Lee Serle that is set to world premiere at The Substation in Melbourne in August 2016

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 7, 2016


Multimodal’ is a new interactive performance work by Lee Serle that is set to world premiere at The Substation in Melbourne in August 2016. We began creating this work back in February 2015 and have completed two creative development stages, with a third leading us into a premiere season next month. We are incredibly excited to bring it to you, our audience.


‘Multimodal’ guides randomly selected audience members through a series of physical, sonic, olfactory and choreographic experiences inhabiting multiple spaces within The Substation, inducting them into a performance ritual that is both participatory and self-reflective, observed by a larger audience of voyeurs.

‘Multimodal’ transports the inductees into deeply internal states through Byron Scullin’s visceral sonic experiences, in combination with Lee Serle and Liz Henderson’s immersive olfactory installations, eliciting memories and personal narratives. The senses are activated for a unique and individual experience, and without the audience the performance cannot operate.



I feel very forunate to bring together a large group of wonderfully talented artists for this work including:

Sound Artist: Byron Scullin
Performers/Collaborators: Deanne Butterworth, Benjamin Hancock, Geoffrey Watson, Rebecca Jensen, James Andrews, Jessie Oshodi, Sarah Aiken, Emily Robinson, Matthew Hyde, Ben Hurly, Jacqueline Aylward and Arabella Frahn-Starkie
Lighting Design/Production Management: Richard Dinnen for Megafun
Costume Design: Shio Otani
Olfactory design consultant: Liz Henderson



Lee resides between New York and Melbourne creating work in varied contexts and forms including; dances for the stage, site-specific, interactive performance installations, and intimate solo dances that have been presented in Australia, USA, France and Lebanon, and has been commissioned to create new works for the Lyon Opera Ballet, Sydney Dance Company, Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative, Lucy Guerin Inc., Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA), Dancenorth, Next Wave, and the Victorian College of the Arts.


I am thrilled to finally present ‘Multimodal’ to audiences in Melbourne at The Substation, an incredible performance venue that has generously provided me the time to create this work throughout numerous spaces within the venue. With a little extra help from you, we can ensure that the work reaches its full potential.



How The Funds Will Be Used

We would be enormously grateful for your donation to the premiere of ‘Multimodal’.

Your donations will directly contribute to:


1 – Artists wages

$5,000 will contribute to fees paid to the 16 brilliant artists I have brought together for this work.


2 – Production and Installation

$2,000 will contribute to the costs of materials and equipment required for the immersive installations for the work.

The Challenges

This is the first time I have brought together such a large group of artists to collaborate with on a project, that presents many challanges artistically and financially. 


I am fortunate to have received support for ‘Multimodal’ in a time of uncertainty in arts funding, although in order to ensure all artists can be paid and to fully realise this work, I need additional support. This will be my first crowdfunding campaign and I thank all of you for your generous donations, large and small. Every little bit helps! 


Lastly, ‘Multimodal’ is an ambitious project that I am incredibly inspired and passionate about creating, and I look forward to its world premiere next month with your help.


                                                                           THANK YOU!


Contact Information:

Lee Serle

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