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Aug 5, 2016 5:59 PM ET

Archived: SS-CMMS.com – The worlds most affordable and feature packed Computerized Maintenance Management Solution in the world!

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 5, 2016


by Rob Cochran

The worlds most affordable and feature packed Computerized Maintenance Management Solution in the world!


The worlds most affordable and feature packed Computerized Maintenance Management Solution in the world!

I’ve been in maintenance my entire life.  Starting at 17 years old, I joined the Air Force where I started my maintenance career maintaining IBM main frame computers aboard AWACS aircraft.  After 10 years in the Air Force, I worked for Philips Medical Systems maintaining medical imaging equipment in hospitals.  Then on to robotics, my own handyman business and working as production maintenance in manufacturing plants. I know this business!

Nearly six years ago I started a CMMS site for the small company I worked for.  They couldn’t afford the CMMS programs currently available (hundreds or thousands of dollars) so I built my own.  A CMMS program is a computerized maintenance management system which helps maintenance managers and technicians organize, plan and track all their maintenance activities and budget.  I ran this site for free about 5 years constantly working and improving on it.

Roberta, my wonderful wife.
Roberta, my wonderful wife.

Then the worst of the worst happened.  My beautiful wonderful wife of 25 years developed dimensha (Alzheimer Disease).  Within a year she couldn’t function well enough to be home alone anymore. Even the most basic tasks, such as turn the TV on or off, she just doesn’t understand.  I had to quit working to be able to stay home and take care of her.  I made her that promise many years ago.

What to do?  I decided to turn my little project into a pay site and try to earn some income that way.  I worked as hard as possible to get the program up to the standards I thought it needed to be at to charge money.  The result is a Cloud Based CMMS that is rivaled by none.  And for under $50.00 a year.

The website is strong and I keep working on it every day.  I also perform customer service for the site.  I work sometimes 20+ hours a day on this, our life depends on it. 

What I need help with is advertising.  Having a great site nobody knows about is useless!  I don’t make enough money with it now to do more than a few dollars with Google Adwords, or Bing.  I need some capitol to really get the word out.  I’ve been through the numbers, this site can easily support me and itself, just need to get the word out.

I’m also at a point where I need to move to a dedicated server.  I am currently using a hosted shared server and really, really need to move to a dedicated server.  This however is expensive to get rolling.  $3,000.00 will get a dedicated server for 3 years. 

$3,000.00 for a server and $7,000.00 for Advertising.  I think this is the minimum to set this place on fire!  More – better of course…

And, while being designed for the professional maintenance man, SS-CMMS can be used by literally ANYONE that needs to track work activities, projects or just about anything.  Handymen, contractors, vehicle maintenance, apartment maintenance, hotels, resorts, sheriff departments, even the garage handyman – you wouldn’t believe who all uses this!

And the best part of all, the hard work is already done.  The site is solid and functional.  Just read the reviews at Capterra.com (these are real customer unsolicited reviews).

Finally, thank you for reading all of this.  Please consider helping me to be able to stay home and care for my wife.  At least for the time she has left.  It means more to me than my own life.  Also you’ll be part of a one-of-a-kind website with literally no competition in it’s niche whatsoever!

Rob Cochran

(Roberta thanks you too!)

Risks and challenges

The risks of taking on anything like this is to keep it current and updated continually. Adding new features and abilities constantly. Working with users to provide the experience they expect and deserve.

In the future I will need to hire help. I’ll do this slowly as the situation allows. Currently this is not a problem.

Contact Information:

Rob Cochran

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