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Aug 5, 2016 11:11 AM ET

Archived: SAVI HEALTH intends to sell high quality, patented or propriety-blended nutraceuticals, skin and personal care products formulated and manufactured by global partners.

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Consumer Products

Our client SAVI-HEALTH, intends to sell high quailty, patented or propriety-blended nutraceuticals, skin and personal care products formulated and manufactured by global partners. Network Marketing is a particularly effective distributing channel for nutritional, skincare, and diet products that are best explained and sold through a face-to-face sales process. The “relationship selling” that happens in the network marketing channel has also in recent years been greatly enhanced by the emergence of Internet sicial media phenonmena such as Facebook and Twitter. Peer-to-Peer selling strategies, whether face-to-face or through social media connections, are out-performing more traditional sales models.
The revenue model depends on the Company’s ability to attract and retain independant sales representatives who will sell the Company’s products for a commission overide on their sales efforts. The Ability to attract and replace the successes of these independent representatives is the key to revenue growth and profitability. Growing the number of independant representatives as well as introducing new products and opening new international markets in the formula for extraordinary revenue growth and profitability. Savi intends to bring to market a steady flow of nutritional supplements and personal care products tht work on the “inside” and “outside”. After the management team identified multiple proprietary formulas all having considerable health benefits and proven efficacy the Company made the decision to work with Greg Horn of Specialty Nutrition to formulate and source materials for its initial product offering.
Savi Health is targeting the aging Baby Boomer market with cellular vitality, anti-inflammatory anti-aging supplements, and skincare formulas designed to help users feel better and look better as they seek to counter the challenges of the aging process.

Products / Services



MedTrio tm, HIDROX, SaviEdge tm

Mediterranean Paradox, ORAC, Hydroytrosol extract



General Operating Officer
Mike Larkins Founder

Mike Larkins – Founder & CEO brings with him over 25 years of sales and executive management experience. His unique abilities ahve been demonstratred in the areas of corporate leadership, internatioal expansion, and start-up enterprises. In his career he has successfully brought together the right people, right strategy, and the right operational systems to help companies grow and reach their potential.
Mike has a rich educational background in both business and international studies which includes a BA in Business Administration and Asian Studies, and MPA with a specialty in Organizational Behaviour, and a PhD studues in Business Administration.

As a member of the Senior Executive Team at FranklinCovey, Mike’s strategic contribution helped grow the company from $1million in sakes to $600million over his 12-year tenure. He founded a sales division that focused primarily on MLM companies and developed customized productivity systems for their distributors. This sales division directly

Craig Case-Founder

Craig Case brings considerable Network Marketing and general business success to Savi-Health. After graduating from the University of Utah in Organizational Communication and Psychology, Craig went to work with the Xerox Corporation where he twice excelled an one of the top income earners in the company.
After eight years, Craig left Xerox to work at Franklin Quest. He joined Mike Larkins in managing the division that serviced network marketing companies, and during his 11 years there he trained over 80,000 network marketers in 31 countries around the world. While at Franklin, Craig served on the board of directors of the Direct Selling Association.
Craig left Franklin to consult in teh Network Marketing System in Oklahoma City, and Enliven International in St.George, Utah. Craig then joined Greg Fullerton and became the President and a founder of Max Interantional, a successful network marketing company located in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Craig has consulted with such industry gaints as

Greg Fullerton -Founder

A co-founder of Franklin Quest (Now Franklin Covey), Greg and his partners created one of the most widely-used time managemtn tools of all time. TheFranklin Day Planner. Greg was responsible for the growing Franklin to a $500 million dollar organization while consulting Fortune 500 firms inclucing Price Watterhouse, MCI, PGA. Dow Chemical, Rubbermaid, Gulfstream, NASA, Chrysler., and Lucas Films.
In his years of training Fortune 500 Companies across the globe to become more effective and to improve productivity, Greg has become one of the most saught-after speakers and trainers. Greg has shared the stage with many of today’s best recognized business leaders including BillGAtes, Steve Jobs, Senator Bob Bennett, and Dr. Ken Blanchard. Following his career at Franklin, Greg co-founded Max Software creating innovative marketing plans that included a successful infomercial with Chuck Norris and Patricia Heaton. Following Max Software, he co-founded Max International, a nutritional network m

Richard Crosetto -Founder

Richard brings significant experience and expertise in new business development, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and corporate financial management.
Richard was a founding partner of Scitran Development Corporation, a company that focused on high technology business development in the United States and Russia. Serving as the President of the Bonaparte Company and President of Alaska Fertilizer Company, he gained advanced experience and knowledge in agriculture biotech applications and was directly involved in developing manufacturing and distribution facilities in the United States, Mexico, and North America. As President of New Protein, Inc. he was responsible for the development, manufacture and sale of protein products for human consumption using underutilized ocean fish supplies.

Tony Wetzel -Founder

Tony has degrees in both chemistry and micro-biology as well an MBA from Brigham Young University. Tony worked at FranklinQuest for ten years with Amway, NuSkin, Melaleuca and others in the Direct Sales Division. Tony also worked in the international arena at Franklin setting up operations in Asia and Europe.
After leaving Franklin Tony served as COO and CFO for KSG Corporation. He is particularly adept at solving problems and institutine systems for opertations and financial controls.
Tony’s twenty years of business experience provides a wealth of business analysis experience as well as the ability to understand the scientific disciplines behine many of the proposed products the Company will be developing and bringing to the marketplace.

Mark Brown – Founder

Mark Brown has a wealth of experience in sales, marketing, business development, and organizational and personal effectiveness training. Mark spent 14 years with Franklin Covey Company and conducted over 1,400 seminars on time management, goal setting, and personal effectiveness. He founded and designed the Train the Trainer division at Franklin ovey and licencsed over 2,000 corporate trainers to deliverFranklin Cover programs to most of the Fortune 500 companies. Mark spent several years helpin manage the Direct Sales division at FranklinCovey and worked closely with several of the largest Network Marketing/Direct sales organizationa in gteh world including Amway, Mary kay, Avon and NySkin


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E. Dennis King PRIMETIMESYSTEMS 801-295-8083 email dking@primetimesys.com

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