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Aug 5, 2016 3:11 PM ET

Archived: KitoTech Medical is changing the way that surgeons and physicians close wounds with a revolutionary wound closure product called microMend

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 5, 2016

KitoTech Medical, Inc

Created microMend, an innovative wound closure product.


KitoTech Medical is changing the way that surgeons and physicians close wounds with a revolutionary wound closure product called microMend. Until recently, sutures and staples have been the primary products for wound closure, but not anymore.

Our team started working on microMend at the University of Washington in 2012, and then formed our company, KitoTech Medical, in 2013. After completing testing on over 20 prototypes in the laboratory and in a series of large animal studies, KitoTech Medical selected its final commercial product, microMend, in early 2016. The product is now ready for market launch, which will begin in September 2016.

The wound closure product landscape is about to change – forever.


Sutures and staples are currently the primary products used to close surgical incisions and lacerations, but they have many disadvantages.

They require highly skilled medical personnel, usually physicians or surgeons.

Sutures take more time to close wounds, resulting in more time in the OR and higher procedural costs. Staples require two practitioners which also leads tohigher costs.

Although the medical field has been rapidly advancing, there has not been a major advance in wound closure products in the last several decades.

It’s time for something new and better. It’s time for microMend from KitoTech Medical.


Surgeons and physicians are seeking more cost effective and efficient wound closure products, while patients are more concerned about scarring. Our President and CEO, Ron Berenson, MD, recognized an opportunity to develop a wound closure product to address these concerns. That’s why Dr. Berenson decided to create microMend.

Much like a bandage, microMend is painless and easy to use. In fact, microMend is so easy to apply that it doesn’t need to be applied by a surgeon or physician. Less skilled medical personnel can use microMend to close a wound, thus freeing surgeons and physicians to focus on other patients. Removal is just as easy. Patients can remove microMend at home, eliminating the need for a return visit to the doctor.

In our clinical study comparing closure of surgical wounds with sutures and microMend, we have documented superior wound healing, more consistent results, and better cosmetic outcomes in wounds closed with microMend. Additionally, our studies have shown that wound closure is 4-5 times faster with microMend than it is with sutures.


KitoTech Medical believes that the best wound closure products should have the following characteristics:

Our proprietary product, microMend, is designed to have all of these key features.

Here’s how microMend works:

  • microMend is based on microneedles, which are being developed by many companies to painlessly deliver drugs through the skin.
  • Our team modified the tiny microneedles to be shaped similar to staples, known as Microstaples so that they could securely attach to the skin.
  • The Microstaples are made out of stainless steel, the same material that is found in current medical staples.These Microstaples are placed onto a backing material, which is the size and shape of a butterfly closure, to create the microMend device.
  • The Microstaples enable the microMend device to attach securely to the skin and close wounds with similar wound strength to sutures and staples.
  • In the end, a painless and secure wound closure is achieved using a device that’s applied like a bandage.

KitoTech Medical has reached several key milestones, which have led to the completion of the commercial microMend product.

All of this is just the beginning for KitoTech Medical and microMend. We plan to keep growing into a leader in wound closure products, and you can help us.

Request access to the business plan tab of this profile to see where KitoTech Medical is going and how you can help us get there.


As President and CEO of KitoTech Medical, Ron is responsible for corporate strategy, including development, clinical studies, commercialization, business development, and financing. This graduate of Stanford University and Yale Medical School is a physician and a serial entrepreneur, who has founded and served as CEO of several successful biomedical ventures. Ron has a lifelong interest in biomedical research, and he decided to use his experience and
entrepreneurial spirit to create microMend.

Paul serves as VP of Operations for KitoTech Medical, where he takes ideas from concept to production. He is also responsible for development, manufacturing, and regulatory affairs. Paul has over 15 years of experience in product and technology development for various industries, including several medical device companies. Paul earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Imperial College London and a Master of Science from Columbia University, both in mechanical engineering.

As VP of Business Development, Eli keeps busy by leading our sales and marketing, finance, and business operations. Eli once handled finance at a Seattle-based biotechnology company, and he spent eight years in public accounting at Deloitte & Touche and Ernst & Young. He has a BA in Business Administration from the University of Washington.

Contact Information:

Ron Berenson - MD, President

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