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Aug 5, 2016 9:44 AM ET

Archived: Too Apparel is a buy-one, give-one underwear company: The Sexiest Underwear On The Planet – Buy-one, give-one men’s and women’s underwear helping Survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 5, 2016

The Sexiest Underwear On The Planet

Buy-one, give-one men’s and women’s underwear helping Survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.

About this project

Most of our Backer Rewards have the option to select men’s or women’s underwear styles as your reward.

Domestic violence shelters, rape crisis centers and addiction rehabilitation facilities all over the country face underwear shortages every day. This is because these non-profits rely on donations for clothing and most people donate used clothes but for obvious reasons, they don’t accept used underwear as a donation

When a person flees a violent relationship they often do with just the clothes on their back and rape crisis centers typically keep the Survivor’s underwear as evidence.  Non-profits are forced to spend money from their small operating budgets to provide Survivors with a basic necessity that most of us take for granted, a fresh pair of undies.



Too Apparel is a buy-one, give-one underwear company. We donate a pair of new underwear to a women’s shelter for every pair we sell, kind of like the TOMS® Shoes of undies. We’ve been selling women’s underwear for more than two years and have been able to donate new undies to more than 20 women’s shelters across the country.  

Now we want to take it up a notch by introducing our “He for She” strategy, selling men’s moisture wicking underwear and donating a new pair of women’s underwear for every pair sold. 

We know there are a lot of good guys out there who take a firm stand against domestic violence and sexual assault and we want to offer them another way to show their support for Survivors all across the country.  Even if you choose not to back our Kickstarter Campaign, please remember to pick up some new underwear the next time you donate your used clothes to a nonprofit.


Designed and developed by a former Lead Developer for UNDER ARMOUR©, the Too Boxer and Boxer Brief are made from the latest in high-tech performance fabrics.  Moisture-wicking fabric will keep you dry and our anti-microbial coating will keep you fresh all day long.

The performance fabric used to make Too Boxer and Boxer Briefs consists of 57% Cotton, 38% Polyester and 5% Elastane.

Too Apparel already sells four styles of women’s underwear and you can choose to receive our women’s line as your reward for backing our KickStarter campaign!  Backing us on KickStarter will get you the best deal on our undies and provide the most donations to our partnered nonprofit shelters.  All of our women’s styles are made from 91% cotton and 9% elastane.  The stretchy cotton undies form to your body without a restricting elastic waist band.

Hundreds of women are already wearing Too undies and we have 100% positive reviews!  Our undies have been compared to high-end lines at Nordstrom’s, at fraction of the price!  Check outthis review from The Dirty Vegan website.  


 Too Apparel Undies are professionally designed and manufactured for a perfect fit. See our men’s and women’s size charts below to help your find the perfect size/style for you!








Husband and wife entrepreneurs, Kevin and Sara, founded Too Apparel after the death of their close friend, Terry. Terry was an Emmy Award winning TV Producer who died at age 35 from complications due to alcoholism. Kevin and Sara vowed to donate to and volunteer at addiction rehabilitation facilities as a way to give back in Terry’s memory. While volunteering they discovered that the facility was always running out of new underwear and many new residents were forced to wash their undies every day in order to have a fresh pair in the morning. They quickly discovered that it wasn’t just addiction rehab facilities that were facing underwear shortages.  When they posted a website asking for non-profit partners, dozens of women’s shelters signed up within the first few weeks. Currently Too Apparel is partnered with more than 70 women’s shelters all across the country.

Around that same time, Kevin had gone to a shoe store to purchase a new pair of flip-flops for the summer. Out of the corner of his eye he had noticed an odd canvas slip-on shoe; purely out of curiosity he walked over to take a look. Once Kevin read Blake Mycoskie’s one-for-one shoe mission he was sold; he left the store with a pair of TOMS Shoes instead of the flip-flops he was shopping for.

Sara’s background is in apparel design and development, she has developed clothes for some of the largest apparel companies in the world, including Under Armour where she was a lead developer working with performance fabrics. Kevin’s background was in marketing; he combined the TOMS shoes business model with the need for underwear at non-profit agencies and his wife’s apparel experience to come up with the idea for Too Apparel.

The pledge was written with help from the women at Brighton Women's Center in Northern Kentucky
The pledge was written with help from the women at Brighton Women’s Center in Northern Kentucky

With this voice I am honest with myself and with others. I stand up for myself and I set my own standards. I treat others with the same respect I wish to receive. I know violence is never the answer; love does not cause pain. I have the power of choice; I have the power to inspire. I never take anything for granted.

Women come into shelters everyday feeling alone, lost. They have given up hope that there is anyone who cares about them. I know that one kind act has the power to bring someone out of the darkness. My purchase will remind someone that they are loved.


Although we have been around for two years and have hundreds of satisfied customers, we are still a small start up company. The traditional “buy first, sell later” manufacturing model is too expensive for us to expand our company.

To make Too Undies we need to place a minimum order with our manufacturer for several thousand pair. It isn’t cost effective for them to retool machines just to make several dozen pairs of underwear. Crowdfunding with Kickstarter allows us to secure enough orders to make a large production run so we can keep our prices low. Without you, Too Apparel couldn’t exist. Together we can make a difference, together we are too! 

Funding raised through this campaign will go towards production, manufacturing and shipping Too Apparel Underwear for you and for our many partnered non-profit women’s shelters as well as help us launch new product lines in the future.

 All orders will be shipped from our fulfillment center in Cincinnati, OH. We’re excited to offer free shipping within the United States for all Kickstarter backers.

For Backers outside of the U.S., we will add a fee to cover added shipping costs. Taxes, VAT and/or duties aren’t included in the prices and may be added in accordance with your local regulations.

Customs and duties can vary by country, please check yours in advance to avoid any complications down the line.















 Special Thanks To:

Tina’s Bar Cincinnati, Mike and Nancy Marchioni, George Quinn IV, Molly Budzik, Eric Hazlett, Emily Doerr, Megan Miller, Adrienne Shipman, Mike Muzza, Nick Belperio, Robin Iredale, Jeff Hoppe, Sally Brooks, Paul Grundy, Zak Hice and everyone else who has supported the Too Apparel Mission!

Risks and challenges

We’re pretty sure of ourselves and you should be too. Too Apparel is already a functioning online retailer with hundreds of satisfied customers. This means that we have been through the sourcing, manufacturing and shipping process before and have delivered preorders in a timely fashion.

If any unexpected delays from our manufacturer or shipping partner occur we will send you email updates detailing what the issue is, how it’s being resolved and when you can expect your underwear.


Contact Information:

Too Apparel

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