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Aug 4, 2016 5:04 EST

timann-box : Our Mission: ENABLE airfreight SHIPPERS to DIGITIZE their supply chain by providing them with real-time, end-to-end tracking and alert data.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 4, 2016



Our Mission: ENABLE airfreight SHIPPERS to DIGITIZE their supply chain by providing them with real-time, end-to-end tracking and alert data.



  • FINALLY Disrupt the above parcel airfreight market
  • Help customer digitize their airfreight supply chains
  • make global airfreight smarter, faster, cheaper and transparent


TimAnn-Box has the concept, tools, knowledge, will and skill to, after 40 years of standstill, DISRUPT the >parcel-size airfreight market, boost its performance and help shippers to digitize their SCM




has the concept, the tools, the knowledge, the will and the skill to finallytransformabove parcel-size airfreight performance, so that it – after 40 years of standstill –becomes faster, smarter, safer (theft) and cheaper.

IATA and various market studies all confirm that global above-parcel-size airfreight performance has NOT significantly changed during the past 40!!! years. Many attempts were made, all have failed.

As the shipper (the airfreight customer),his customers are their respective competitors are forced to engage in a constant innovation-battle to themselves stay in business, there is an enormous pressure on the airfreight-market to finally innovate! This results in an ever increasing cry for disruptive change, as shippers can no longer accept or do no longer understand the reasons why such change doesn’t happen.

Some questions/statements we heard:

When …

  • you can fly from London to San Francisco in under 12 hours,
    why should my airfreight need 6 to 7 days!
  • you can get seamless track & trace data from Amazon, FedEx, UPS or DHL,
    why does commercial airfreight providers work in an information-black-box?
  • global commerce is getting digital, shippers and consignees have a right
    to receive comprehensive real-time airfreight tracking & status data.
  • you transport valuable, sensitive or perishable goods,
    you should have on-line, real-time proof that the shipment is handled correctly.
  • you pay a premium for a transport service,
    you should get value for money!

What prevents the airfreight industry to reinvent itself?

Our research and experience shows that

the above parcel size airfreight industry is highly fragmented. There is no dominating market player or innovator who can or is willing to take the first step.

  • the specifics of the multi-modal transport chain make the industry rely on the collaboration between many specialized players (airlines, forwarders, etc). who:
    • are globally/regionally dispersed;
    • all have a low profitability when measured against their invested capital;
    • are typically working on a project basis;
    • have a historic low adoption of IT;
    • work in continuously changing team settings.
  • the lack of digitization and the absence of an end-to-end-integrated shipment tracking system makes the airfreight process to a black-box for the shipper. This black-box:
    • deprives the shipper of the ability to digitize his own supply chain and connect it with his partners/customers as such digitization requires a –currently unavailable-, real-time, accurate, end-to-end shipment tracking backbone .
    • makes it impossible to immediately respond to errors or alerts issued by the shipment tracking equipment – because nobody sees it in real-time-!! (what is the value of a burglary alarm, when the alarm is heard 2 hours later?)

Why will TimAnn-Box succeed , when others have consistently failed?

  • Rather than attempting to change the entire service provider market, TimAnn-Box focusses on the Shipper and the Shipment.
    We have the shipment collect and transmit the data irrespective of the party who handles the shipment or its geographic location.
    • TimAnn-Box will empower the shipper, so that he himself can ‘motivate’ his incumbent transport providers to ‘transform’ themselves from being self-centered relay-runners, to a service team that will bring the shipper the best possible service/result. If it is the shippers wish, TimAnn-Box can also take operational control.
    • TimAnn-Box uses an easy to install, plug-and-play based concept that
      • is cloud based
      • only requires a very small upfront hardware investment
      • only requires a simple, non-disruptive, plug & play implementation process
      • can be selectively used
      • does not require the shipper (or any other –fulfillment- partner) to make any changes to his IT-system or operational hardware.
      • does not require the shipper (or any other –fulfillment- partner) to make any changes to his existing administrative and airfreight execution/handling processes.
    • Any transport provider or fulfillment partner can join the tagging network. Becoming a member results in immediate tangible benefits for himself and immediately improves his quality of service to his customers.
    • TimAnn-Box only uses proven, state-of-the-art IT- and (patented) tagging-tools from market leaders in their respective fields.

And above all,

    • the tangible benefits generated through the use of the TimAnn-Box concept, immediately offsets the shippers’ investment and result in the TimAnn-Box concept financing itself!


Where do we stand today and what are your takeaways!

  • All the tools we use are market proven.
  • All concepts are designed and concept tested
  • We have pitched our concept to a large array of prospect customers, industry experts, forwarders and airlines.
    The results have been sensational and overwhelming and have resulted in two highly respected market players wanting to help us perform our final IT-platform integration test. We are now planning the setup of the IT backbone so that we can execute these tests in Q3 and prepare for market launch during Q4.

— It is for this phase that we request your financial support —

  • Seeing the overwhelming feedback from the market we’re confident that our market-entry in Q1-2017 will be a success



Marc van Dongen

Marc van Dongen

founder of TimAnn-Box & manager @ SAP

I am a versatile manager with an entrepreneurial spirit, a creative mind, guts, well developed analytical skills and above all a pragmatic, problem solving attitude. Founded on a college degree in logistics and an academic degree in business administration, I have built my track-record as an entrepreneur and as an employee in enterprises of different sizes across the United States and Europe. In all the project-, line- and turn-around-management positions I have held over the past 20+ years, I have consistently delivered what I promised. I am specifically proud of the fact that my employees, during the more than 15 years of direct people management responsibility, have consistently given me excellent peer feedback and very high retention rates. I explain this through my open, honest, no-nonsense attitude paired with a hands-on approach to management and a drive to continuous learning.





Contact Information:

Marc van Dongen

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