Recycling Washout Station for construction sites. Job site washout station for cleaning construction tools. Uses very little water, recycles water for up to one week. Sediment filtered. - iCrowdNewswire

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Aug 4, 2016 11:01 AM ET

Recycling Washout Station for construction sites. Job site washout station for cleaning construction tools. Uses very little water, recycles water for up to one week. Sediment filtered.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 4, 2016

Recycling Washout Station for construction sites

by Obshi Corporation


Job site washout station for cleaning construction tools. Uses very little water, recycles water for up to one week. Sediment filtered.

Introducing the Obshi Washout Station.

Here at Obshi Corporation we are excited to announce that we have designed a revolutionary system to contain toxic and caustic slurry chemicals suspended in industrial washout water by the use of a coagulating, metal retarding and PH adjusting agent, plus a self contained pump and sediment recirculating filtration system.

This unique, affordable and simple design will enable government public works departments, school districts, construction contractors and other end users to utilize the Obshi Washout Station to recycle slurry water into clear water, repeatedly, for cleaning mason’s tools and gear on residential and public construction sites!

Construction sites are one of the leading causes regarding water waste and storm water runoff pollution.

Hello my name is Ben Tabrizi, and I’m a general contractor, landscape and pool contractor in San Diego, California. I am also the president of a new start up company called Obshi Corporation and I would love to introduce you to our new industrial washout station. I hope that you will see the value in contributing to this project! It will help create jobs, save an incredible amount of water and help protect our environment!



final working protoypte used for testing
final working protoypte used for testing

This is the final working prototype that we used to test the unit and to make our introduction video. The final concept design will have a more powerful pump and well thought out ergonomic placement of rinse nozzle holder and coagulation media dispenser. It’s final design allows for removal of legs for easier transport and storage and is molded in our signature tan color for the washout station. Below are some of the key benefits of the washout station.  

Filling the station:

Simply Fill the station with water. Water only needs to be added due to evaporation or for station water used on job site during construction.

During testing, we noticed that our crews and those of our sub contracting crews used water dispensed directly from the unit for mixing new mortar and concrete, and for other curing reasons by the workers as it was more convenient and easier than using the property owners hose.

So recycling the high PH water into new concrete mixes and using the water to wet concrete blocks, natural stone, tile, etc, was a great way to keep the washout refilled with lower PH water. PH down is a common chemical used for pools and spas is another way to adjust PH.

 Using the Station:

 project video thumbnail

Helps with reducing Worker Fatigue

Draining the Station: 

 project video thumbnail

Clearer water draining for evaporation or recycling

Cleaning the Station: 

 project video thumbnail

Seperates aggregate and slurry from water for proper disposal

Adding Media to help filtration, clear out metals and help adjust PH: 

 project video thumbnail

Exclusive Coagulation media to aid in filtration

Why do we need the Obshi Washout Station? Environmental impact video: 

 project video thumbnail

Watch this to better understand the current environmental impact


Most contractors today use primitive methods to clean cementitious residue off their work tools, gear and clothing.

If the waste and harmful materials from cleaning equipment are not just washed off or dumped onto the ground, they are being washed off into buckets, wheelbarrows or whatever is handy. Fresh unused water is then implemented for the cleaning of every tool, gear and equipment used by contractors on their job sites, day by day across the United States.

Where does all that water go?

This tool cleaning process collectively, results in millions of gallons of drinkable clear water being wasted, not to mention the negative environmental impact of improper handling of caustic runoff and waste water. We would hope that the water is being hauled away for evaporation, but our experience and exposure to many different contracting companies tells us otherwise.

The Obshi Washout Station uses very little water… It recycles it’s water over and over and doesn’t need to be changed for up to a week on most small job sites.

The Obshi Washout Station will make an incredible impact on improving our water reserves, creating local jobs and will help prevent Water Quality Disasters…. The mechanisms are simple, durable, & make it much easier for nasty pollutants to make their way to proper disposal sites.

The Obshi Washout Station…..

Below is a short clip of the new station in the final design stage.

 project video thumbnail

The Obshi Washout Station employs our advanced drain, coagulation, PH and metal adjusting media, and our unique but simple filtration systems.  

Obshi Advanced Drain and sediment Filtration system
Obshi Advanced Drain and sediment Filtration system

a coagulating polymer media and a sediment filtration system that clears the water, reduces metals and turbidity, allowing recycling of clear water over and over again! On most small job sites, this unit will last a week before the basin needs to be scooped out and filters need to be cleaned.  


The team at Obshi is working on spreading the news of our movement and extending an invitation to join our campaign to everyone with an interest in being involved and to those that want to be proactive and be a part of this great invention that will “help save and protect our environment”, Create Local Jobs” and “Preserve our precious clean water reserves” .

With your support and pledge, we can move our patented filtration Washout System from it’s infancy to the production stage with the hope that this unique and affordable system can lead the way in educating all of it’s end users about the scarcity of our natural resources and how simple it could be to help prevent caustic polluted runoff water from entering our storm drain system from every construction site in the U.S..

Every pledge you make will bring, those of us that are either in or exposed to the construction industry, one step closer to being more alert and efficient in the ways of recycling waste and runoff water as well as educating and helping those in need of healthy clean drinking water amid our entire nation’s current water crisis.



Risks and challenges

The only challenge we have right now is testing the market for an understanding of the need and benefit of this invention. The status quo now is anything goes. Government agencies are just starting to reinforce illegal dumping due to nationally exposed problems, such as Flint, Michigan. The funds collected from this campaign will be utilized to fabricate the molds and start production of our first units that will be distributed and sold to municipalities, schools, contractors and many other end users. Our Challenge is to get enough people to understand and to contribute to the realization of this product. We hope you will! You’ll be happy you did!

Contact Information:

Obshi Corporation

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