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Aug 4, 2016 4:17 PM ET

Archived: Introducing the Plantilium PHG-150 LED Grow Light! The most exciting grow light of 2016. Features – low power consumption, heat output, and a proprietary blend of four light wavelengths.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 4, 2016

Introducing the Plantilium PHG-150 LED Grow Light!

by Plantilium


The most exciting grow light of 2016. Features – low power consumption, heat output, and a proprietary blend of four light wavelengths.

Powerful. The most exciting development in grow lighting technology in 2016. The PHG-150 offers unbridled power combined with total energy efficency. Want to take your indoor growing to the next level? The PHG-150 is the complete package.       

Energy Efficiency. The PHG-150 is equivalent to a 500W Metal-Halide grow light. This is outstanding considering the unit only consumes 138W of input power. Combine this with an expected service life of 100,000+ hours.        

Unmatched Quality. The unit is manufactured using only the highest quality materials. The unit features the latest OSRAM LEDs. The LEDs combine with a customised PCB designed by Doug Ford Analog Design – one of the most trusted names in LED circuit design in Australia.  


The table below provides a high-level overview of the key features of the PHG-150.  

Balanced. Worried about ensuring your plants get the correct balance of light? Well don’t. The Plantlium team has taken the time to develop a customised blend of four wavelengths (two red and two blue). This ensures your plants only receive the wavelengths they need for growth.  


The table below provides an overview of key specifications of the PHG-150. Note: The customised red/blue balance has been developed specifically for the PHG-150.  


The table below shows a comparison of the PGH-150 against two of the most widely used grow lights currently available on the market today.      






Risks and challenges

Supply Chain – The lead time on rewards (after the first 10) are subject to our supplier’s ability to deliver components within an 8 week time frame. We have 10 production units available immediately that will be delivered to early bird backers. Units attached to other rewards maybe subject to delays resulting from suppliers failing to meet agreed delivery timelines. To reduce this risk, component suppliers will be contacted on a weekly basis, and regular updates provided to backers.

Growing Conditions – Growing conditions for individual backers may differ. We suggest backers conduct their own product comparison so as to understand if the PHG-150 is suitable for their intended application. We’ve provide a large amount of supporting information that will assist backers with that process. Further information can be made available by emailinginfo@plantilium.com

Input Mains Voltage Range – The unit will not operate with voltage ranges outside 100Vac ~ 277Vac 50/60Hz. If the intended input voltage differs from the stated value we do not recommend the unit is operated.

Plug Configuration – Backer will be contacted to confirm their required power plug configuration.


Contact Information:


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