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Aug 4, 2016 7:05 EST

Dobbs Sales Company imports and manufactures it’s own high quality private label product lines in addition to sourcing goods from it’s domestic suppliers and sells said products on Amazon.com

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 4, 2016

Dobbs Sales Company


Dobbs Sales Company

Dobbs Sales Company, an Innovative Ecommerce Company



  • Strong Return on investments with personal guarantee
  • Founder is a seasoned third generation Retailer
  • Business model leverages Amazon.com’s massive customer base


Dobbs Sales Company imports and manufactures it’s own high quality private label product lines in addition to sourcing goods from it’s domestic suppliers and sells said products on Amazon.com



We are Dobbs Sales Company. We design, brand and create our own consumer product lines to sell online. We manufacture and import high quality goods from Asia and sell them at a high margin and high volume. We also source products through traditional domestic wholesale companies and brands directly. Our core business is on Amazon.com and we expect to expand to international Amazon marketplaces soon as well.


We have two main components of our business.

  • Private Label goods
  • Domestic goods

Our private label goods are determined by utilizing software that helps us see how many units a day of a particular product, in a product category are selling. We then find a factory willing to produce the product we determine to be a good fit with a very strong focus on product quality and order a sample. When the sample is approved we buy a test order. (usually between 1,000 and 2,000 units) We use our own packaging and instruction manuals and send said item into Amazon. We then market and advertise the products and as we receive more and more sales our search rank improves in turn generating a higher number of sales per day / per hour. As we determine products are a success we focus on improving packaging and buying deeper quantities. We always source products that we expect to sell a minimum of 20 units per day. We also make sure that these products have at least a 30% Net margin. We have seen products in the past selling hundreds of units per day with 50%+ Net Margins.



Our domestic goods are very exciting to source! We have three main ways we can obtain goods in this way:

  1. Through traditional wholesale accounts that we have worked with in the past and currently work with. We have access to more than 300. This is our most efficient way to source goods as we can buy very large quantities at one time.
  2. Through a form of “Retail arbitrage”. By utilizing software that scans barcodes we are able to go to reputable stores having large sales and instantly determine if we can buy said product for a low price and sell for a profit on Amazon. This software will instantly tell us an idea of the sales volume and Net profit margin on said product. At times we are able to negotiate large volume discounts with Managers and executives of said stores.
  3. Through a form of “online Arbitrage”. We are able to take advantage of several software pieces that can help us instantly determine if a product for sale on a website is worth us buying to resell. Again we can instantly determine said products sales volume and Net Profit margin.

When sourcing domestic products we are always sure to source products with a minimum 20% Net Margin that we expect to turn in 30 – 45 days.

One of the most exciting things about our business model is that Amazon fulfills, ships, and warehouses all of the goods we sell through their amazing platform. They also handle returns and customer service issues for us so that we can do what we do best, which is sourcing products! We have found that it is actually much cheaper and efficient to use their fulfillment services than if we packed and shipped goods at our own facility. By targeting Amazon’s “Prime” customers we are able to leverage more than 54 Million prime customers that absolutely love taking advantage of the many perks that their prime memberships offer in turn generating higher sales volumes for Dobbs Sales Company. It is estimated that nearly half of American households now have an Amazon Prime membership.


Internet business to consumer sales are estimated to reach $523 Billion by 2020 according to Forrester.


We are looking to raise capital to purchase a higher volume of inventory, negotiate cheaper pricing on our inventory and improve our current infrastructure.


Josh Lampp

Josh Lampp


Contact Information:

Josh Lampp

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