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Aug 4, 2016 8:07 AM ET

Archived: BULVIER | High Quality Handcrafted Boots: A versatile and durable premium leather boots that is design for style & comfort. Free shipping worldwide.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 4, 2016

BULVIER | High Quality Handcrafted Boots

by Orca Leathercraft


A versatile and durable premium leather boots that is design for style & comfort. Free shipping worldwide.


About this project

Handcrafted Premium Footwear has always been our focus since the beginning, and even until today. We had a chance to run our very first Kickstarter campaign in July 2015, and the result was outstanding!  

We have had so much support and it’s been such an amazing experience. From there on we have dedicated ourselves to keep learning new things everyday about shoemaking and improving our footwear quality.

Orca Leathercraft Boots
Orca Leathercraft Boots

Our first project Orca Leathercraft was a great success and since then we have asked many backers for feedback that could help us further in developing a new better footwear in the future. What they have shared to us are very valuable and help us progress significantly.

Now, a year later we have learn so much and are confident to bring you a new better footwear. We’d like you to be a part of our next journey as we expand our collection, and make this an even better project than the last one.

This year we introduce you Bulvier

Our main goal this time is focusing more on developing high quality boots. We want to create ahigh quality handcrafted premium boots at fair prices.

And when we say high quality, we really meant it, no synthetic leather and no cheap construction. All boots are made by the hands of great craftsman using Goodyear Welted Construction, and with the best materials available.

What you will get is an affordable high quality boots that not only looks good, but alsostrong, durable, and comfortable.


Our boots are made in the capital city of shoes, Cibaduyut, in Indonesia. This city is renown for it’s finest craftsmanship of leather footwear since the year 1928

Today, the art of hand making footwear rests with a small number of artisans scattered around the world, and in Cibaduyut itself only lies a handful of artisan left that still uses this old technique. We have been working together with them since our first project and we are very pleased by their skill and talent.

Handcrafted footwear are very time intensive process, and this intensive process takes most shoemakers much more time for a single pair to finish, but in the end it will be well worth the effort. 

We believe that it is our duty as creator of this project to be able to delivered on time as our timeline demands (you can see in our timeline down below). 

The problem is with most Kickstarter project, some creator didn’t put a limit in their reward and when production starts, they were overwhelmed by them and in the end they upset many backers because they were late in delivering their reward.

This time we have more leather options for backers to choose whether they want their boots to be handcrafted with our original leather (nappa, brush off, and pull up) or go a bit more and choose our luxurious Italian vegetable tanned leather.

The Legacy & Patriot boot in Italian vegetable tanned leather
The Legacy & Patriot boot in Italian vegetable tanned leather

Vegetable tanning is a traditional craft that uses natural tannins found in some plant like barks, branches, and leaves to tan the leather. It will produce colors and textures that have a more natural and organic look. Our Italian vegetable tanned leather are for this campaign only and it is only available in a very limited stock.

Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather
Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather

 Our Italian vegetable tanned leather comes with 2 colors

Brown & Maroon
Brown & Maroon

And our original leather comes with 3 different kinds of leather which are

Black nappa full grain | Brush off dark brown | Pull up Tan
Black nappa full grain | Brush off dark brown | Pull up Tan

Nappa leather is a full-grain un-split leather that has a characteristic to be very soft and pliable but tough and durable nonetheless. The leather often develops a patina over the years that adds to its beauty. Available in black color.

Black nappa leather
Black nappa leather

Brush off leather is a type of leather characterized by a layer of dye which is hand brushed with precise and craft movements for a richer glossy finish look. Available in dark brown color.

Dark brown brush off leather
Dark brown brush off leather

Pull-up leather is a leathers which are deeply impregnated with oils and waxes which lightens in color when stretched during wear to produce a unique worn-in effect with time. Available in tan color.

Tan pull up leather
Tan pull up leather


Most of our newest collection are design based on our most pledge reward from our last year project, the Pacific boots.



So how do the boots look on you?  

Well here you go. In this first frame, our model with the  

Height of 6’2 (185 cm), and  

Feet measurement of 11’4 x 4’4 (29 x 11,2 cm)  

was wearing the Liberty captoe boots and Patriot moc toe boots in size 11 US/ 44 EU.

In the second frame, our model was wearing:  

– Size 11 US/44 EU black Legacy boot,  

– Size 12 US/45 EU brown Patriot boot, and  

– Size 11 US/44 EU maroon Liberty boot

Our model preferable boot size with his feet measurement of 11’4 x 4’4 (29 x 11,2 cm) is size 12 US/45 EU boot.

The Legacy Boot in Brown Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather
The Legacy Boot in Brown Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather


Comfort is one of the fundamental things that everyone should have in every pair of shoes they wear, unfortunately not every shoe in the market now can provide you with this. You can have a nice shoes, but in the end if you are not comfortable with it, it’s pointless.

High density memory foam insole
High density memory foam insole

In each of our boots we make our insole with high density memory foam underneath the goatskin lining. For those of you who wonder about what memory foam is, memory foam is a type of foam that is usually used in mattresses where it molds to the shape of an individual’s body. The end result is, what you get is high quality boots with excellent comfort at your feet.

If you’re a guy who walks a lot from day to day basis, then you don’t have to worry about a sore feet or such a thing, having these boots will help you a lot, plus it looks awesome when you wear one!


Since our boots are constructed with goodyear welted construction, it makes them more water resistant than other construction method, so you need not to worry about water entering inside your boots during rainy days.  

Leather quality has also been improved since our last project. With natural waxes and oils, our leather are build to resist water, as you can see in the video down below:

 project video thumbnail

We haven’t tested it out on snow yet, however we did have feedback from one of our backers in UK from our last year project. This is what he said:

” I still love my boots they came in very useful with the snow we had in The UK a few months ago! Thank you guys again “.

Mathew, United Kingdom, 4 project backed.

If you are reading this Mathew, you are awesome! and thanks a lot buddy for your feedback & support!

Dear Backer from wherever you are, please do note that our rewards are listed in Australian dollars. If it happens that you are from the United States, then you guys are lucky! it’s because the US dollar is considerably stronger than Australian dollar.

We have done our best to ensure that the prices that we have set in Australian dollar is right under $200 USD, however there is a chance in the coming days that the australian dollar could become stronger or weaker.

We would like to remind backers again that this time our boots can be build in 2 categories:

  • The first one are build using original leather that are consist of 3 kinds of leather (nappa leather, brush off leather, pull up leather) and are available in 3 colors (Black for nappa Leather | Dark brown for brush off leather | Tan for pull up leather).
  • Second, are build using Italian vegetable tanned leather that are available in 2 colors (brown and maroon). For this campaign only.

Please read each reward description carefully before you decide to back us. Thank you.

Note to backers:

If what you want as your reward is not on the list, for example ( 2 pair of boots with original leather, or 2 pair of boots with Italian Vegetable Tanned leather), please let us know by sending us a message, then we will guide you through the process of selecting your reward.  

Our footwear are true to size. If you measure your feet as an 9 on a Brannock device (a metal object that is used at shoe store to measure your feet), then you should purchase an 9. All boots width are D or standard for men, which accommodates most feet.  

If you don’t find your size in the chart, please message us and we will help you. Like our previous project, at the end of our campaign, we will send you a survey to find out your size.

Important note for backers

  • If you are using US size chart and for example your boot size is size 10, then please write Size US 10 in the survey.
  • If you are using UK size chart and for example your boot size is size 10, then please write Size UK 10 in the survey.

It’s very important for us to be very specific in asking about your boots size so that we can avoid any unnecessary mistake. If you still ordered the wrong size, please check our FAQ down below. Thank you so much for your cooperation.

We will deliver all of your reward through Indonesian Postal Service and using Registered Mail service. Tracking number will be provided, and based on our experience from our last year project, shipment to USA will usually takes about 2 weeks time minimum and to europe in just 12 days minimum.

When the package arrive in your country, the delivery will be handled by your post office (example in US, all delivery will be taken care of by USPS).

For custom and duties, please bear in mind that you will be responsible on your end, however based on our experience from our last year shipment, we have zero complaint from backers regarding custom or duties on their end, we even had one feedback from one of our backer in Germany that he didn’t have to pay any tax at all, as you can see in this commentsection.



As we have said before, we believe that it is our duty to be able to deliver backers reward in time as our timeline demands. The limit that we have set on the rewards option is the number that we’re pretty sure we can deliver on time. You can check our timeline down below.

The number that we have set on all of our reward is for our first batch production that will be finished and delivered around the end of November or by early December. If the project go past that limit, we will open second batch reward with later delivery.

In Bulvier, we are being straightforward with you guys. We take no compromise in crafting our boots.

They are made by skills artisan and using great materials available, and yet we are still able to set up fair prices for our boots. No greedy mark up in our prices 🙂

Most of our funds that we will received from this project are going to be spend in building our websites, improving our qualities, warehouse for our boots, and first production line for our retail store next year.

But a community. That is our true vision for Bulvier and that is why for those of you who have backed us before, and new backers that will back us in this project will receive a special privilege to be included in our website next year as our lifetime Kickstarter membership.

Kickstarter membership is our way of appreciating your support in the early days of our journey, and for that you will receive many great benefits from this.

Next year, when we finally have our own website and are ready for retail, backers of this project and before will receive a special price for any footwear they wishes to purchase, and won’t be required to pay any shipping fees wherever they are. And that is only a few benefits that you will receive from many great benefits to come.


It’s a story that we start together, a community that is being build by people from several countries, and yes! you are one of them. One of our greatest enjoyment from our last year project was seeing our backers wearing our boots and shared their experience to their friends and family.

It doesn’t have to end there, so please tell us about your story too. From wherever you, we would love to hear about your experience wearing our boots. After all, what matters to us is how much you guys are enjoying wearing them.

We believe that sharing is a very important aspect of every successful Kickstarter project. It would be awesome if you could spread the word out and follow our Instagram and our Facebook page. Thank you!






Designer & Product developer, Dwityanov (from the right). I’m the one who will be communicating with you all throughout this project from start to finish. I studied law actually, and have never design anything in my life prior to this, but my obsession to leather footwear motivates me to keep learning and improving my skill in creating this awesome boots.

Lead designer & Creative, Elsen Lynn (from the left). He manages the entire concept of the video and the one who is responsible for all visual design. He ran his own production house based in Jakarta, and his experience in creative design makes him the perfect choice to be our lead designer.

Operational & Logistic, Andreas Febriyanto (in the middle). He is currently taking a master degree in strategic management. Brilliant planner and his high attention to little details really helps us progress smoothly without much hassle. He is passionate about startup and have years of experience in clothing line.

Marketing, Kevin Chaspuri. Graduated from Curtin University of Perth majoring in Management and finance. He really helps the team to plan our budget carefully and advising us in how to build audience in the stages of our pre-campaign Kickstarter.

Thank you so much for lending your time to check this project out. We would also like to thank our friends who have helped us along the way and make this second project possible.

We have done our best to ensure everything will go according to our project timeline, and have high confident in our shoemaker that they will finish on the schedule that we’ve given to them.

There will always be risks in the manufacturing process, a delay can occur, or an error could happen in the shoemaking process, but experience from our last year project do make us better now in handling things like this.

Communication is a vital point for every Kickstarter project, and we will do our best from start to finish maintaining strong communication with all backers. We will keep everyone informed and up to date on our progress until every boots are delivered to you.

Contact Information:

Orca Leathercraft

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