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Aug 3, 2016 4:01 EST

Powerstorm ESS: Electrification powers connectivity. Connectivity powers knowledge. Knowledge powers social and economic progress.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 3, 2016

Powerstorm ESS

Powerstorm ESS

Electrification powers connectivity. Connectivity powers knowledge. Knowledge powers social and economic progress.



  • 75 million home solar lighting systems are needed for Africa by 2024
  • In Africa, less than one in five people has access to electricity
  • Africa’s electrification is barely keeping pace with population grow


Electrification powers connectivity. Connectivity powers knowledge. Knowledge powers social and economic progress. $1 billion a year market for a home solar lighting & phone charging solution.



The company’s core principals and illustrate the commitment to both “investor profitability and social responsibility”. With focus on the 3 most challenging but definitive most rewarding areas “Power, Cooking and Water” what takes even more than good ideas, revolutionary technologies, and innovative finance to solve the toughest problems. It also takes impatient optimists dedicated to the belief that all lives have equal value.

PowerstormESS, Designed and developed zeroXess the next generation energy storage systems for rural off-grid homes. As we are going from development in prototyping and start addressing our first market for our zeroXess a complete solar home energy storage solution that provides electricity, lighting and internet connectivity at your fingertips. Better described as a platform. zeroXess will changing the way, the world tackles Poverty, in a multibillion dollar marketplace.

This cutting edge technology empowers users to utilize reliable electricity in off-grid areas. The zeroXess boasts a compact, lightweight body for convenient portability and a 10-inch screen for monitoring, management and interaction. The 60-watt solar panel powers a long-lasting Lithium-ion battery that support six USB ports powering phone and other connected devices and four LED lights that eliminate the use of Kerosene lamps that release toxic fumes. The 4 LED lamps enable children to study after dark. This opportunity increases children’s likelihood to lift themselves out of child labor and poverty through education, especially with the e-learning platform. The TV and radio also educate users about news, E-health, preventative medicine and long term healthcare to improve their quality of life.

Additional our attention is going out for affordable plug and play portable medical devices for underdeveloped and rural areas as part of the zeroXess platform. PowerstormESS intention focus as acquisition vehicle to have an overarching strategic advantage that transcends the savings envisaged in rolling up dozens of smaller players in energy storage, software development, education, portable medical devices, Iot and other related products and services for the emerging market place



Designed and developed by PowerstormESS, zeroXess is the next generation energy storage systems for rural off-grid homes.

The zeroXess includes:

  • A top quality, durable 60W solar panel
  • Four high brightness LED fixtures, providing warm eye pleasing lightning
  • 6 USB ports, for charging mobile phones and connect devices
  • Full digital 10” screen, allowing the user to control all lights and charging from the central unit, get connect to the Internet watch TV or listen to farmers radio. The system allows for mobile communication.
  • zeroXess has patented pending smart adaptive energy and data management and offers a unique level of performance and system automation in powering the off-grid rural home
  • zeroXess is easy to install, ready to power and change the lives of the new user!


Mike Freni

Mike Freni

CEO & Chairman at Powerstorm ESS.

Mike Freni is able to quickly zero- in on the two or three variables that were relevant to their success. Assessing the Challenge, Finding the solution through Critical Thinking and Active Listening will lead to successful Decision-Making is the best way to describe his person. Good critical thinking skills and focuses will be leading to new innovations in our technologies. Finding potential solutions not currently in use. In effective critical thinking, Mike’s strength is enable to consider new ways of approaching old problems that meet real-world goals and are based on accurate, unbiased data. Mike speaks three languages, and has worked, lived or traveled in the several continents and many countries..
Jeff Erskine

Jeff Erskine

General Counsel

Jeff Erskine earned his J.D from Western State College of Law and his M.A. from the University of Canberra. He is a former Judge Advocate in the U.S. Army.
Shailesh Upreti

Shailesh Upreti

Technology Expert

Shailesh is an expert in energy storage technology and former member of the US Department of Energy’s Frontier Research Centers at Binghamton.
Contact Information:

Mike Freni

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