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Aug 3, 2016 4:58 PM ET

ALT is a producer & supplier of powder coated, prepainted steel and aluminum coil products

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 3, 2016

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201 Mississippi St Gary, IL 60521, US

ALT is a producer & supplier of powder coated, prepainted steel and aluminum coil products. The product sold will be coils of powder coated steel and aluminum that will be used by manufacturers in the appliance and metal building industries.

ALT is a startup company. We’re seeking funds to install equipment and proceed with phase II of the development of a unique and innovative coil coating process. The Business has adopted the exclusive use of the Terronics powder application method. ALT had used and vetted this technology to produce a powder coating coil. This ground-breaking process will transform the coil coating industry in the USA and throughout the world. ALT plans to construct an ecological friendly coil coating line in Gary In. ALT will expand upon and exploit this powder coating process by selling powder coated coil into the metal fabricating markets. ALT will supply revolutionary unique products that can’t be duplicated by conventional coil coaters in the manufacture of prepainted steel and aluminum. Current coil coating lines are capital, labor and energy intensive with substantial environmental compliance costs. ALT will develop unique powder coated coil products not currently available in the prepainted marketplace. These powder painted products will not be easily replaced by the competition. ALT’s competitive advantage is created by designing a small footprint coil line. A line without VOC emission controls and without an extensive chemical cleaning section, thus eliminating hazardous waste. The environmental compliance costs created by VOC’s, liquid and solid waste generation and air monitoring are all avoided. This alone adds significant financial benefits to ALT when competing with liquid coil coating. The ALT coating process design, can be sold to end use manufacturers, generating revenue through equipment sales, and licensing agreements.

Products / Services

Prepainted powder coated metal

Prepainted metal is fabricated and used for appliance parts, metal roofing, interior & exterior building panels, metal entry & garage doors, window frames, office furniture and hundreds of other products. Prepainted steel allows manufacturers to by-pass in house painting which eliminates inventory costs, batch production work, and reduces energy costs.
Powder painted coil drive new applications and improve the product performance of existing prepainted applications. A new application for powder painted coil would be for washers and dryers. These applications require a much more durable coating resistant to laundry detergent, and abrasive wet clothing. Powder paints increased paint hardness and thickness can withstand harsher surface conditions. Powder paint is more resistant to scratching and chemical exposure than current coil coatings using liquid paint. Up until now, powder paint isn’t available in coil.
We will sell high performing, powder coated metal coils to fabricators.



President Manager
Edwin Aquino

Edwin Aquino has over 30 years in the metals industry. He has run his own companies, sold steel for service centers and coil coaters, He has sold processing services for coil coating companies. And he started his career in metals industry at the old Reynolds aluminum mill located in McCook IL. His expertise is in product development, driven to solve customer problems and open new markets. He is experienced in developing strong customer relationships and conducting business in an honest and successful manner.

Senior Vice President Manufacturing/Production
Roger Suchy

Roger Suchy, has over 30 years’ experience in the coil coating industry. He’s worked in every phase of coil coating including operation of coating lines, technical service, consultant for customer product applications, paint sales and product development. Hes’s visited and consulted on over 60 different coating lines located throughout North America, Taiwan & Europe. His knowledge of coil coating will ensure the successful implementation of coil coating processes and equipment for ALT.


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Edwin Aquino

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