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Aug 2, 2016 3:33 PM ET

Archived: Illumai – Biome Hair Care System: Patented 7 Ingredient Formulas = Healthy Beauty. The illumai Biome Hair Care System represents a fundamental advance in the science of beauty.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 2, 2016


Biome Hair Care System: Patented 7 Ingredient Formulas = Healthy Beauty.



The illumai Biome Hair Care System represents a fundamental advance in the science of beauty. Our founder, Dr. Zasloff, based this unique approach to hair care on the results of decades of pioneering bio-medical research into the self-healing (eco)systems of the human body. When science met style, through the critical partnership with hair expert and stylist, Mario Russo, the result was a line of products that generates customer loyalty the team refers to as “raving fans.”  

The illumai DIFFERENCE: The biome is the delicate ecosystem of scalp, follicles, hair, peptides, proteins, moisturizing oils and related microbiota that, when balanced, results in manageable and beautiful hair. Zasloff and Russo combined their knowledge of the biome and hair and drastically simplified each of the illumai product formulas to contain only 7 ingredients or fewer.  (Most other products have 24 or more ingredients.)

The RESULTS: These proprietary and patented formulas gently cleanse without stripping important natural substances from your hair.  Top stylists confirm, hair color never fades. And hair conditions like itchy scalp and frizzy hair are eliminated.  After only 3 washes, people who use the illumai Biome Care System find their hair visibly shinier, smoother and stronger.

It’s time for the damage-and-damage-control cycle of conventional products to end — and for the illumai revolution to begin!

Want to experience it for yourself?  Find out what all the excitement’s about — by checking out our free trial offer below!


The desire to find a perfect combination of products that can deliver a daily “good hair day” is one that transcends age, gender and location. For many people, each morning is full of mystery, surprises and time-consuming hair grooming challenges. For multiple reasons, women are particularly focused on finding an ideal combination of hair products to achieve perfectly manageable hair.  

The irony is that existing formulas used to care for hair are the culprits for short and long term damage to hair. Traditional hair cleansers — even those certified as “organic” cleansers — use over 24 ingredients and often strip the critical proteins necessary to bring your hair to healthy beauty.  As a result, you rarely get the results you want.

Environmental factors also come into play with hair products.  In addition to not using ingredients that damage their own health, consumers want to keep damage to the environment at an absolute minimum.  Women are generally more aware of this than men — which is evidenced by the natural, organic and bio-friendly segment of the hair product market growing at a 9.6% CAGR (compared to 1.5% for the whole industry).  And, with environmental concerns more of a hot-button topic than ever before, consumer demand for “good for you” shampoos, conditioners and other products will continue to surge.

Women deserve extraordinarily beautiful hair on a consistent basis, and our Earth deserves to be treated well.  However, satisfactory solutions simply don’t exist in the current market.  The answer, though, may lie in illumai’s revolutionary science.  The technology and expertise to create hair products that cleanse, nurture andprotect do exist — as does the demand to create a social movement behind it.


The time is now for a nature-empowering hair care breakthrough — and illumai has arrived to lead the charge.  Our line of patented hair products is bringing consumers the consistent performance they’ve been seeking for so long — while producing positive impacts on their health or our environment.

How are we helping men and women achieve the hair they want?  By creating the world’s first and only Biome Care System for the hair.  After just 3 washes, the illumai Biome Care System triggers a rebalancing of your scalp and hair biome, enabling the hair ecosystem to detox and revitalize its natural state.  Now, your hair will finally have everything it needs to better defend against daily dirt, excess oils, environmental toxins and other abuse — and look beautiful.  The illumai system will even heal some of the damage that’s already occurred.  This all adds up to incredible results for your hair and scalp each and every day — without compromising your health, your beauty or the environment.

Our products truly are one-of-a-kind; but with so many hair care options out there, it’s important to “illuminate” the illumai brand.  The phrase “Detox Your Locks” is the call-to-action that perfectly summarizes what our products do.  We will rely on it to encourage consumers to sustain their biome and microbiome by using illumai products — which restore and rebalance much like cleansing-juice detoxes do.  Particularly with women, we foresee this connection resonating and creating a social movement behind illumai.


The best way to understand the products is to try them.  We are offering a FREE TRAVEL PACK to accredited investors so they can experience this revolutionary Biome Care System for themselves.

Use this link to order a Travel Pack, using promo code FUNDABLE465 at checkout, and make sure to select “the free shipping” option.

The “Detox Your Locks” campaign both grabs attention and advances our differentiation:  Everyone understands a treatment or “cleanse” that detoxifies some part of the body.  And because illumai restores the healthy homeostasis of the biome on your head, the detox continues to work even after the initial detox.  

Special offer for potential investors: If you want to see what all the excitement is about, get your free sample!   See offer below.


The relevant biome is composed of the scalp, follicles, hair, glands, peptides, proteins, moisturizing oils and the related microbiota that make up the microbiome — that is, your own individual hair-and-scalp ecosystem.  For years, competing manufacturers have viewed the biome as a surface to be ridded of dirt and oils and not as a living biological system to be respected and cared for. They used chemical detergents that stripped the oils and waxes from the hair and scalp and then replaced them with silicones and man-made oils.  This approach effectively destroys your hair and scalp biome — and kick starts an endless (and unnatural) cycle of damage and damage control with nasty side effects like frizzy hair, irritated scalp, lifeless hair and a host of other symptoms.

At illumai, we have a different approach.  Invented by our founders — one a globally recognized, medical-research scientist and the other a top-100 stylist — the illumai Biome Care System treats the biome as a living ecosystem.  It needs to be delicately cleansed and cared for with the “do no harm” approach of a medical doctor, not “degreased” like a garage floor.  By respecting the biome, illumai empowers your body’s natural processes to deliver naturally beautiful, healthy scalp and hair.  

The illumai Biome Care System does not strip or damage the biome; instead, it cleanses, nurtures, rebalances, restores and protects it.  Seven simple, plant-derived and environmentally-friendly ingredients are all we need to get you looking your best.

Our current product line consists of a shampoo, conditioner and leave-in mist — all of which are ideal for treated or colored hair.  We’re proud to offer all 3 individually or bundled together, in full-size or travel-size.  All of our products:

  • Contain no sulfates or other anionic detergents;
  • Contain no silicones, the “car polish” of the hair care world;
  • Contain no biome-damaging preservatives;
  • Are gluten-free (no wheat protein hydrolysate);
  • Are vegan, non-GMO and nut-free; and
  • Are produced cruelty-free (no animals harmed).

In December, 2013, we closed $800,000 in seed funding to develop the commercially available products and do market readiness testing.

A year later, our alpha products were in the market.  Since then, we’ve been incredibly busy with R&D — optimizing our formulas and developing the near-perfect beta products we now offer.  Now, we’re about to move forward with an organic marketing campaign that stands to grow sales exponentially.  Check out a few more impressive milestones that have helped bring us to the promising position we have today:

14 leading salons are currently reselling our products; and as of late July, we’ve hadover 500 paying customers, all generated primarily by word of mouth.

We have secured 2 product patents and another one is pending, giving us valuable asset protection.  Furthermore, we’ve secured an exclusive source for our main ingredient (XO-70).

Production is handled by Hunter Amenities International, the second largest manufacturer of its kind in the world. And Ship Central, a leading logistics supplier, has us covered for distribution.

Unilever’s former brand leader is fully behind our vision as our primary brand consultant.  Specialty haircare site Folica.com is very excited about featuring our new product line on their site.

Last year alone, we enjoyed positive press mentions in Dr. OZ, Happi and New Beauty Magazine, among other publications.

Our past is great, but the future is what’s really exciting.  To see what lies ahead for illumai, please request access to the private side of this site.


The illumai vision first got its legs from – believe it or not – a discovery regarding a frog’s natural immune system.  That discovery, made by Dr. Zasloff, led his career into a fruitful new direction — into many studies, papers, discoveries and patents on the self-healing properties of the hair and skin.  He’s now a leading global authority on biome-friendly hair care products.   And with the product testing and refinement led by co-founder Mario Russo, illumai now has scientifically sound products that not only work, but really delight users.

Because those products worked so well, we created a company, and here’s the team leading it:

Wayne Willis, CEO – Time and again, Wayne has proven the ability to create, lead and cash in on ventures in many industries.  As a serial entrepreneur, his successful exits have exceeded $500,000,000 throughout his career.  He’s served as CEO for several VC-backed companies, and serves as our executive management leader and day-to-day business developer.

Dr. Michael Zasloff, CSO – This internationally-recognized
scientist has his name on over 45 patents, having served in a number of impressive roles including Dean of Research at Georgetown Medical School and head of Genetics at NIH.  As the visionary who created the illumai biome Care System, Michael will continue to serve as our chief scientist and developer.

Janis Nakano Spivack, CMO – Janis is a digital marketing expert with over 25 years of experience developing and managing consumer acquisition and retention for a range of companies including Fortune 50 to early startup.  She’s well-regarded in Silicon Valley and provides both strategic marketing leadership and practical supervision of our marketing plans.

Elizabeth Slotta, VP – Having served as Operations
Manager for a number of Fortune 100 companies, Lizann knows how to keep the wheels turning.  Customer service, engineering and operations are the key areas she’s focused on at illumai.


Mario Russo, VP – Having built New England’s top salon and receiving the “Top 100” award from Elle Magazine for many years as well as numerous other impressive honors, Mario knows hair like few do.  He oversees all product  testing and salon relations for our team.


A seasoned Board of Directors is in place to provide support from the top, as is aBoard of Advisors with unmatched experience across multiple industries. For information on the individuals occupying these seats, please visithttp://FormulaXO.com/#Advisors.

Contact Information:

Wayne Willis, CEO

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