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Aug 2, 2016 2:01 PM ET

Archived: Ducere Holdings (Pty) Ltd: The patented MISER System is a new, hydraulic, lower cost and more efficient hybrid transmission

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 2, 2016

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Ducere Holdings (Pty) Ltd

Johannesburg, 2170, South Africa
Alternative & Renewable Energy

The patented MISER System is a new, hydraulic, lower cost and more efficient hybrid transmission. It is fully automated and achieves fuel savings and reduced emissions by optimizing engine performance and the application of energy recovery and deployment via the use of regenerative braking.


MISER is ideal for new vehicle designs where a power unit optimized for capacity and power output can be chosen, but it can also be fitted to existing vehicles. MISER can be utilized in a much wider range of vehicles than electric hybrid technology, from passenger vehicles to large earth moving equipment, trucks and even trains.

MISER is an infinitely variable speed transmission, which means it can optimize any engine that has a change in energy consumption when load or speed is varied. Consequently, MISER is not limited to internal combustion engines; it has wide-ranging applications that would improve the performance and economy of battery storage (electric) vehicles as well.

Legislation worldwide is forcing automotive manufacturers to address issues they can no longer avoid: the management of environmental and energy challenges in the transport sector. These require a dramatic reduction in both the consumption of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions. The MISER solution addresses both of these challenges in terms of cost and overall performance.

We recognize that we are not yet a company with a profit history but also emphasize the design, development and testing that has been completed over the last 12 years. We are now perfectly positioned to take the next step towards commercialization and invite you to be part of that. Capitalizing Ducere is now paramount and therefore we are offering equity in our company, specific to this transaction, at a discount of 20%.

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The MISER system installation can be done in two distinct ways. The first can be described as “part MISER”, and involves the fitment of the energy recovery components only – this installation type is called the Hybrid Kinetic Energy Recovery System, or HKS for short. The second, or “full MISER” installation, involves the replacement of the vehicle’s original gearbox as well as the fitment of energy recovery. This is called the Hybrid Transmission System (HTS).



Managing Director Executive Officer
Andre Reyneke

Andre Reyneke53 years old, married for 30 years and father to two daughters, André manages Ducere Holdings. André completed his two year National Service at the end of 1981 and has been working for himself since May 1992 after ending a decade-long career at IBM South Africa. He then started his own IT Company specializing in mid-range systems and software solutions. In 1996 he merged his company with another IT company whose areas of specialization were personal computers and networking. In 1997 the new company was listed on the JSE and grew to one of four medium-sized IT companies in South Africa, with 850 employees. André was predominantly responsible for international expansion which he achieved by acquiring companies in the UK and USA, and growing them. In November 1999, Andre left ITI and invested in five diverse businesses. In 2004, his concentration moved to the development of the MISER technology and he founded Ducere Holdings, where he remains today.


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Andre Reyneke

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