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Aug 1, 2016 7:56 AM ET

UBsports: Your Sports Life Fulfilled: Your Health Goals Reached

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 1, 2016


Your Sports Life Fulfilled: Your Health Goals Reached


We aren’t all LeBron James, and in fact most of us don’t play any mainstream sports – but we’re all still part of the sports community – and we have needs too!

UBsports is a new hybrid web / mobile sports network, info and media platform that provides better support than players of mainstream sports enjoy.  85% of us play the lower-profile sports like rugby and bowling, and because we need love too, we’ve developed, a digital community that gives you access to all the content, community and equipment you desire – in every organized sport.

Athletes in 68 sports are getting informed already, and national governing bodies, schools, and leagues have joined on.  Come and get your own sports life online!


In American sports, the “big five” move the needle.  Turn on your TV during prime time or on the weekend and you’re bound to come across a major national telecast of a baseball, football, basketball, hockey, or golf event.  The dollar figures certainly back this up, too – as 90% of all institutional funds, retail space, advertising dollars, and TV airtime go to these big money sports.  While the big five certainly have the most mass appeal as spectator sports, the reality is that these are not the sports most of us are actually playing! 

That means that the rest of us – over 170 million people – are missing out on recognition, day-to-day support for our daily training, and our own shot at sports glory.  Not only are we being ignored, but so are our beloved games and activities – which include soccer, tennis, cycling, squash, disc golf, jogging, and dozens of other sports.  Unlike with the big five, there is no readily-available daily connection, digital or otherwise, that brings cutting-edge content on these lower-profile yet more popular sports to the people who play and love them…

And the timing couldn’t be better – Niche-specific, in-depth sites and social networks like Kahn Academy and DeviantArt are becoming increasingly popular compared to their broader, generic predecessors.


Ignored sports heroes, your solution has arrived with UBsports!

From weekend softball warriors to cross-country skiers, getting noticed, getting informed, and staying in shape is easier than ever before with UBsports.  

UBsports users get an authentic first-person connection to industry-leading sports content with our exclusive blogs, videos, workouts, articles, news, rules, scores, and more.  They can even buy hard-to-find sports equipment and register for events around the US. How have we done it? We’ve built an impressive community of experts in over 100 US-played sports, including:

Olympic athletes;

Professional athletes;


National governing body employees;

Athletic trainers;

And more!

Armed with a top-notch video system and a rich set of social and group features, UBsports is leading the digital world in connecting enthusiasts with any sport or discipline.  If you play sports, have kids who play sports, want to stay in shape, or just flat out love sports, we’re the last website you’ll ever need!


The “UB” stands for U Belong.  If you play a sport, you automatically belong to the community of people who play that sport; but often it doesn’t feel like that.  When you’re working out by yourself, drilling, training or out jogging, you might feel alone, but odds are that no matter where you are in America, there are others in your community, right around the corner, who play your sports, and who want to work out with you!

UBsports helps foster this community connection through our SportPortals – the digital gateway to content, video, events, and like-minded users for any sport or health discipline.  Each one – from the big five sports like baseball and hockey to lesser-known disciplines like judo and even meditation – has its own SportPortal.  Every SportPortal has its own ambassador, who holds a position at the top tier of the sport and is a very valuable source of information.  The ambassador’s duties include blog writing, gathering content from other outlets, formulating real-time news bulletins, and generating other content that is delivered directly to the UBsports community.  UBsports users can join any group and access any SportPortal they wish, all for free.

UBsports was designed to become the go-to destination site for athletes and coaches, including the ability to purchase high quality sporting equipment from a variety of vendors (one of our revenue streams). Here’s how else U can benefit from joining us, along with a few of our platform’s top features:

Make connections – Our social platform makes connecting with like-minded enthusiasts easier than ever before, something previously very difficult, especially in the lower profile sports.

Top-Of-Sport ambassadors – The United States Olympic Committee is a top source in referring ambassadors to work for us.

UB Dollars – Just by being a good citizen of our community, referring new members, or adding content, you rack up UBdollars to use on your next purchase on UBsports. Review the equipment you bought, and get more!

Play better, win more – With specific support in their given sport or discipline from key figures in their sports, UBsports users can reach their athletic goals faster, in both individual and team sports.

Content variety – Videos, images, statistics, schedules, results, tips, and rules are just the beginning of the different content and educational tools we offer in each SportPortal.

Events – Stay informed on the top events occurring within your given discipline, both on the national level and locally.  If you want to compete in them, you will even be able to register for events as well.

Stay healthy – The ongoing encouragement UBsports provides and the support and drive from your own friends and community make getting motivated to reach your goals – and getting healthy – so much easier.

Philanthropy – UBsports is deeply committed to our youth, disadvantaged, and physically and mentally challenged athletes.  We offer extra assistance to these organizations, including free portals on UBsports, and marketing throughout the UBsports community.


Since UBsports’ soft launch late last year, our skilled team has continued to build out technology, capabilities, and content, with a focus on improving the user experience.  We’re also continuing to develop relationships with the National Governing Bodies, and building our mobile app – in preparation for our major launch this spring.  Top accomplishments we’ve collected along the way include:

Racking up the SportPortals. We’ve already amassed 68 sports/disciplines in beta, and are shooting for 100 sports and disciplines built out by the summer.

Building a hall-of-fame team. We added a 4-man Board of Directors in 2015, including former tennis star Pat McEnroe (also a VP).

Key national partnerships are formed. USA Badminton (20,000 members) was the first national governing body to sign on back in July 2015.  Over a dozen more (including USA Cycling and the USTA) are within weeks of joining, as are major youth sports leagues and clubs across the nation.

The collegiate level is taking notice. Iona College and Siena have already agreed to work with UBsports; Hofstra and Stony Brook are also interested.

IP protection granted. We’ve acquired trademarks for UBsports and the SportPortal.  All IP and code behind the platform is also proprietary.

Ad deals in the works. Adidas, Dunlop, Head, and Yonex are just a few of the huge sporting names we’re close to advertising partnerships with.


The UBsports concept originally came to our Founder 14 years ago, while he was Managing Director of his own Investment Management firm.  Living with an undying passion for sports, he realized that most of the problems he was having, and most of the resources he needed as an athlete, a coach and a dad of athletes could be solved online, by a system of online Portals that aggregated all these resources and connections.  But it would only make sense if all sports and wellness disciplines could be found within the same ecosystem.  

With UBsports now in full swing, here are the executives leading the way:

Greg is the visionary who closed his investment firm to unify the sporting world. Throughout his career, he’s amassed 4 decades of tech and computer engineering experience; 22 as an investment advisor and 18 on the entrepreneurial front.  He’s also a serious athlete – having taught, coached, and played on international and pro levels in 5 different sports.  Greg brings this versatility and drive to UBsports as our leader, guiding day-to-day operations and strategic vision.

This world famous professional tennis player also has serious connections in sports business.  After a 10-year stint as Captain of the US Davis Cup team, Pat held high positions at the USTA while also working as an announcer for ESPN, CBS, ABC and NBC.  He’s a key cog in our corporate relations and ambassador activities.

With over 30 years in tech and web applications, this well-known executive has many world-class credentials, including CTO of Sports  His deep knowledge in site development and digital advertising makes him the ideal person to oversee all tech elements and advertising models.

This retired NBA player has enjoyed a number of honors, including All Star, Hall of Fame, and leadership roles both athletically and professionally.  Jeff will serve as our big-time school and league marketing guru, executing daily activities geared towards large sports organizations and universities.

Peter is one of the most well-respected social media attorneys in the nation, and a huge asset to our team.  He’s in charge of managing legal issues and overseeing compliance.

We’re lucky to have top-level support from a seasoned Board of Advisors, chaired by our CEO. Seats have also been given to Mr. McEnroe, our VP Marketing; Daniel Barry, a retired Merrill Lynch Managing Director; and Andrew Denis, a world-renowned video developer.

Contact Information:

Greg Bruton

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