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Aug 1, 2016 4:39 PM ET

Archived: Stutisheel: your ultra-running coach. The world’s first and only coach who finished the 3100-Mile Race 9 times!

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 1, 2016

Stutisheel: your ultra-running coach

The world’s first and only coach who finished the 3100-Mile Race 9 times!

The greater the distance one chooses to conquer, the more inner strength and the ability to rely on intuition and one’s feeling is required. The uniqueness of my approach is the combination of rich experience and tested technical tips along with development of the right attitude and strong inner motivation to move forward. I am a supporter of the holistic approach – in order to perform your best, everything is important: training regimen, optimal nutrition, correct vitamins and supplements, positive attitude, and the development of a number of strong inner qualities. 

All my solutions are tested in the most extreme conditions during long-term training, ultra-long multi day races, and even an Ironman triathlon. Findings that helped me not to give up and move forward during the hardest days are of particular interest. That is why, along with the outer techniques and tips that are constantly updated, I love to use ancient mantras, meditation and prayer. Constant support of the inner will and help for the outer body have proved to be a very efficient combination! 

We have to believe in a higher Power.
Only by believing in a higher Power
Can we go beyond and beyond
Our limited, human capacity.

[Sri Chinmoy, Sport and meditation]



I am not only a coach, but I am also an active athlete. I continue to take part in the world’s longest foot race of 3,100-Miles. There are 9 finishes in this race to my credit up to date with a personal best of 48 days + 3:57:19 (2014). In order to achieve that, I had to average 64.4 miles/103 km per day. 


Personal Bests



  • 2 miles – 10:46
  • Marathon 26.2 miles – 2:46:04
  • 47 miles – 6:18:25
  • Ironman Triathlon – 11:10:50
  • 6 day race – 325 miles
  • 3100-Mile Race – 48 days + 3:57:19 (64.4 miles/day)

Overall, I have over 30 years of experience in running.

You can get acquainted with me closer at my website www.Stutisheel.org






I feel lucky to some extent – besides performing, I also like to share my love of running through books, motivational speeches, and inspiring communications. I get utmost happiness in seeing other people succeed, because I myself know the hard work it takes to transcend one’s limits. So far I have four books to my credit:

Eat To Run: holistic nutrition for the ultra-marathon runner.

Run Journey Become: the 3100-Mile footrace of a life-time.

My first Ironman: from dream to finish.

Esoteric Project Management.
Holistic life-management based on spiritual practice and meditation. (Lots of exercises )

You can look inside my books at Amazon. Here I’m offering them discounted in .pdf format.



The first time I seriously thought about professional coaching was the last year, when I trained my daughter from zero running experience to her first marathon, all in 7 months. I believe in her, and she believes in me – this way we continue our trainings to this day.

With a personal trainer there is no need to repeat past mistakes that leaves one with injuries or despair. We will leave only those that will help to make the fastest progress 🙂


Using my experience, it will be much much easier for you to create a holistic picture from the vast sea of available ​​information on preparation for the ultra-long races. 

And one more thing: the longer the distance, the less experts there are to guide you properly. As for the longest race in the world – 3100-Mile Race – there are only 38 people who have crossed the finish line in 19 years of the competition…


Fields of training

The greater the distance you aim for, the more unique experience I have to help you. The more serious your attitude towards training is, the more effective our work will be. On average, an athlete needs a few years, or even five, to reach the best performance in any given distance.

I can help you train for your personal best performance in races from a marathon to 3100-Miles, and everything in between. Also, half-Ironman and Ironman triathlons are something I am personally very familiar with, along with any other races that require extraordinary training.


Prices and conditions

You can find basic service options to the right of the campaign page.  All prices offered during this campaign are promotional and are valid while the campaign is active only. That is, only now you have the opportunity to purchase services even up to the August 2017 with a discount!

After your application, I will ask you to fill in a short questionnaire to better understand where the starting point for us is. And after the online interview, we will finalise our agreement. If, for some reason, during the interview you or I will see that the cooperation is not working out, I will gladly refund the paid amount back to you. Otherwise, I do not offer refunds past that point.




For our work to be efficient, you will require a GPS-enabled watch (preferably Garmin) with a heart rate monitor, and account in a training tracking system (eg.www.connect.garmin.com). Our online communications will happen via any means available for you: Skype, Viber, Facetime, etc. From time to time you may need a smartphone with a video camera to record your workouts.



I will be able to start your coaching in the first week of August 2016, after my finish in the 20th edition of the 3100-Mile Self-transcenedence Race. You may follow the race progress on my blog.




What you’ll get

  • Your up-to-date physical fitness evaluation
  • One-on-one communication and coaching with Stutisheel Oleg Lebedev – the only coach-runner, 9-time finisher of the world’s longest 3100-Mile Race
  • Customized training plan based on your goals, life schedule and your body’s adaptation to exercise
  • Suggestions for the nutrition, vitamins and supplements that meets your performance goals
  • Coaching tips for every workout and race
  • Answers to any of your questions along the way via email
  • Race day strategies
  • Holistic approach in learning how to train, recover and find your life flow
Together with you, I’ll experience failures and celebrate your victories. In the battlefield of life against ignorance, doubts and limitations we will fight on one side. And will reach new heights for sure!

Do not delay your progress – apply now!


Contact Information:

Stutisheel Lebedev

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