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Jul 31, 2016 2:23 PM ET

Archived: Vasthy – Broadway Babysitters: Our company, Broadway Babysitters, strives to provide affordable, reliable, artistic childcare to NYC by hiring actors that are referral-only, background checked, and CPR trained.

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Queens, United States / Child Care


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Vasthy’s story

Hello my name is Vasthy Mompoint, a Haitian, a Southerner, a New Yorker, and a business owner.

Our company, Broadway Babysitters, strives to provide affordable, reliable, artistic childcare to NYC by hiring actors that are referral-only, background checked, and CPR trained. We also train all of our sitters to care for Special Needs children which is an important part of our business. Our sitters can give your child a lesson while they’re sitting for them! We also are helping the actor community with affordable childcare. ‘Let our family take care of your family’.

My parents moved to New York City from Haiti in 1976 to give my sister and I a good life, and they succeeded. When we were only a few months old, we moved to North Carolina and then eventually Alabama, where I spent most of my life. The south is everything that you think it is: please and thank-you’s, eye contact from strangers, and great food. Although I loved it there, when I graduated from high school, I headed back to New York to begin a career as an actress. New York is everything you think it is: loud, fast, no eye contact, and the place to make your dreams come true. In New York, I have managed to have a successful career as a stage actress. I have been seen in several Broadway shows and have performed all around the world. My dream for the future is to have a successful business that treats its employees well as well as provides an amazing service, and to inspire others minority women business owners to go for their dreams.

I know I can do it. I was the the worse dancer in my class, the weakest singer, and my acting skills left a lot to be desired. Instead of quitting, I realized that I would have to work harder then most of my peers. What made me keep going was the fact that I loved it. I had a passion for it. The work was hard, but as I do with most things in my life, I made sure I found the joy between the lines. 

This loan is special because:

It helps expand a child care agency and support minority women business owners in New York.

Kiva staff

More about this loan

Business Description

We are a child care agency that is owned and employed by artists only. Our business provides individualized artistic childcare. The company provides background checks, CPR and special needs training and most importantly, we are the ONLY agency that is referral only.

I have always had a strong connection with kids. When I was in between gigs, babysitting was always my life line. Most of my families were artists or had children with special needs. As I got older and my friends started having babies of their own, I watched them struggle to keep their acting careers. I watched as couples had to make the decision on who would get to continue their dream and who would have to quit the business. I watched them tote their kids to a 10 minute audition, or pay a babysitter $60.00 for a 10 minute audition. Neither option seemed to please them.

That’s when I decided it was time to create my own agency. An agency that would help unemployed actors with jobs as well as childcare. We want to help spread art to children by allowing the sitters to teach art in addition to providing the families with regular sitting service. An agency where families with special needs children could go without the fear of inexperienced workers.

In fact, that is the element of our business I am most proud of is that all of our sitters are required to attend workshops in working with special needs kids. These angels have always been my passion and I truly believe there is a beautiful link between artists and special needs. I think because like them we see the world in squiggles, instead of straight lines.

What is the purpose of this loan?

We want to advertise to the families of New York City/New Jersey. Since we are an agency run by artists, we want to advertise in Broadway Playbills, as well as the popular parent magazines and sites. We also would like to hire a social media manager since that is one of the most popular platforms used today. Once people know they can have Broadway artists who are trained in CPR are background checked, have special needs training and are referral only, I think there will be no stopping us.

About Broadway Babysitters

Industry: Services
Years in operation: 6 months – 1 year

A loan of $10,000 helps me to get the word out on our unique company.

Contact Information:


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