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Jul 31, 2016 1:39 PM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Jul 31, 2016


E:VOLVE - software to develop & manage ideas and innovation

  • Do you have LOADS of ideas but never do anything with them?
  • Do you see problems but have challenges developing the RIGHT solution?
  • Do you struggle to pick THE idea that’ll make you big?

Whether you’re an established business or a bidding entrepreneur, If any of the above sound familiar to you, then you need to start using EVOLVE.

Why should you read on?

OK, so thanks for reading this far. My name’s Richard Harrison, and I’ve worked in Innovation and entrepreneurship for about 20 years or so, learning a lot about what works and what doesn’t. Over time I’ve supported around 500 companies and entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams and each has had their own challenges.

My infatuation with innovation has helped me understand what makes a project successful and over time I’ve developed a series of basic algorithms which can help you manage your ideas and achieve your dreams.

So what is E:VOLVE?

I’ve developed these alogrithms into a neat, easy to use system and I want to share this with you to help you develop and choose your ideas. What this means for you is that you’ll be able to enter a series of basic questions about your idea, and the software will tell you how to make it better. There are also going to be some tools to help develop and assess your ideas to make sure you pick and run with the best ones. You can then look at all of your projects and compare them on a like for like basis in many ways, to help you manage your “innovation portfolio”.

What problems does it solve?

The types of problem that the system addresses include:

How can I develop a wide range of solutions to problems?
How do you assess the worth of these ideas?
How do you compare and select the best idea from a group?
What’s the best way to store and develop your ideas?
How do you develop ideas in remote teams?
How do we share ideas between friends, groups, teams and partners?
How do you make sure you capture knowledge for future use?
How can we assess how successful or unsuccessful our projects are?
What can you do on E:VOLVE then?

Our system has 3 basic functions:

1. Create a project – this captures a range of the various factors within your projects and ideas to help you get a good overview of the important aspects. Specific questions are asked that allow to use our “innovation factor” to tell you where your idea is weak and strong, and where you need to add new aspects to increase it’s chance of becoming successful

2. Develop your ideas – this section provides a series of tools to help you develop new solutions to your project, and assess them to choose the best. the real beauty of this is that the system allows access to multiple users, so you can develop and assess projects in small teams across geographically remote locations.

3. Manage your portfolio – the strongest aspect of the system is the ability to take all of your projects and compare them on a like for like basis. It doesn’t matter if you’re comparing a new phone case with a novel way to make a presentation – our system will bring them to a common level and allow you to choose which is most important for you to pursue.

Want to know more about these algorithms?

Without giving away too many of my trade secrets, Innovation is essentially measured by three variables – Risk, Reward and Resources. The Risk looks at the probability of success, Reward asks about the potential impact in your business / life, and Resources ask whether you’ve got the means to achieve what you desire. Using and collecting various factors relating to these 3 variables (and derivatives of them) we can develop a really good understanding of your innovation projects to give you the guidance and support that you need. It’s what I call “The Innovation Factor”.

Why do we need the money?

We’ve started a new business, but we don’t have the in house skill to develop this ourselves. We need to work with a coding company to design the interface and develop this software for us. We know that this will cost us £8-10k.

We wanted to develop mobile apps too, but this would increase the cost to around £50k! So, unless this is massively oversubscribed (we can dream…) our plan is to get the systems developed and in commercial use, and then look to grow and develop the mobile app side in time.

Is there any competition?

There is some other innovation and idea management software on the market – we know this. However, we don’t think that there are any that are equally suited to individual entrepreneurs or large multi-national organisations, and they certainly don’ have our algorithms. E:VOLVE is ideal for anyone from a person with a few ideas in their head, through to major global organisations – and best of all, it allows you to innovate across multiple locations!

So, are you interested?

So, please have a look and if you choose to support this project I’d be eternally grateful to you. The money will be used for a 3rd party to develop our website (the requested amount is based on a quote) but if the amount is exceeded, we’d love to investigate how we can look at a complementary mobile app too!

Risks and challenges

There are no real risks in the development phase of this project. The main reason for this is that I’ve already spec’d the software and am in the process of receiving quotes from suppliers (and have a few already). The calculations we use aren’t complex at all – the risk is would have been more in the process that led to the successful development of the formulae, which is what I’ve been doing over the last 5 years.

Thanks for reading this, and we hope you join us on our journey 🙂


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