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Jul 31, 2016 11:36 AM ET

Archived: The Circle of Improbable Life/The CoiL is a mix of Paranormal Activity, Fight Club as well as something new & different – from the eyebrow raising opening all the way to the mind blowing ending

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 31, 2016

The Circle of Improbable Life/The CoiL

The Circle of Improbable Life/The CoiL is a mix of Paranormal Activity, Fight Club as well as something new & different. From the eyebrow raising opening all the way to the mind blowing ending, The CoiL will be a film that’ll have your eyes glued to the screen & keep you on the edge of your seat!!!

About The Project


 Hi, I’m Jason Logan, Writer & Director of the upcoming feature film, The Circle of Improbable Life/The CoiL. 

I began pre-production on a script which I called “The Circle” back in September of 2015. I was sitting at home on a Friday night, pinching my pennies, until I might be lucky enough to land my next production gig, when I looked out the widow of my backyard & the park directly behind it when I had an idea. A story about a guy who was trapped in his home. Not because he was broke. On the contrary, he was quite well off. But he has trapped in his house nonetheless. But why was he trapped? As a writer you try to come up with the most elaborate idea for WHY. And Lord knows I came up with all sorts of convoluted, cockamamie ideas. But in the end, the answer was so simple. The man was agoraphobic.

Something about this man made him fear, not only public places, but the outside world in general. Which in today’s world can be quite understandable. Especially here in Dallas, Tx. (Which I personally pray for daily)

Still, this man found comfort in the safety of his home. But where does the story go from there? A guy, willingly stuck in his home can get boring pretty quickly. However, what if you took that comfort away from him? What if someone was inside his home with him? Or more precisely, some THING. What if he was going about his daily routines & felt like he was being watched? Perhaps he would jump in the shower and hear movement & voices on the other side of the door. What if it wasn’t voices, but instead, labored breathing? Like it was coming from behind a mask. Or growling? The sound of nails scraping against the walls. But not a light scraping that human nails would make. Maybe something more, like claws. What if he went to sleep at night and he woke up because he heard movement in the ceiling, directly above him, coming from the attic?


Could a man that was terrified of what was stalking him inside his home, find the strength & courage to face his fears outside? Perhaps. However, what if I raised the stakes a bit & multiplied those same dangers outside? What could he do to save himself? What would YOU do?


There’s a Circle of Life that we all know and acknowledge. First you’re born. You live. You learn. You pass on what you’re taught, then you pass away. That’s the thing, the only thing that’s ever certain in life is that you’re going to die. It’s just Improbable to know how it’s going to happen.


And with that, The Circle of Improbable Life /or “The CoiL” was born.



Current Team

George Lerma
Scott Pittman
Director of Photography

About This Team

The TOP NOTCH cast and crew that we have put together have the necessary experience needed to help build this film from the ground floor up to be a massive success. For the past 6 months we have slowly built an audience through friends, family and our social media presence. The short vignettes that we have released as a Prequel to the feature film, The Circle of Improbable Life/The CoiL have already garnered over 10k views and counting. That’s due entirely to the constant effort put forth by the cast & crew who want nothing more than to make this a film that will resonate with audiences for years to come. I am proud to present to you, the cast and crew of The Circle of Improbable Life/The CoiL.


The Unbelievably Talented Cast:



Adam stars as Tyson Kraeplin, our main protagonist in The Circle of Improbable Life/The CoiL. His resume includes roles in the films Copper, The Lotus & Saving the Tin Man. The Circle of Improbable Life/The CoiL will be his most challenging role to date. Delving into the role of an Agoraphobic man who learns that the end of the world may be starting in his backyard. Adam also serves as Co-Producer on The CoiL.


Xiomara Bermudez

Xiomara stars as Lilly, Tyson’s girlfriend. She is his only real anchor to the outside world and her influence on him is beyond measure. Her resume includes Leak, The Lotus, Alfie, Three Rounds & 914 Dunne.


Carl “The Coach” Bailey

Carl stars as Tyson’s father, Carl Kraeplin. A hard, loving man who has a strong hold over his son Tyson. Proving that some bonds can’t be broken. Carl transformed his life’s purpose from being a longtime successful Texas High School football coach & administrator into a flourishing acting career. Carl began on NBC’s Chase in 2011 as a recurring U.S. Marshall, he rapidly started being a featured player in major film productions such as the Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained” and a host of other projects including, “Now You See Me”, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D”, “The Iceman” and “Parkland” to name a few. Carl, a native Texan with a distinct talent and experiences, delivers a great on-screen presence with a Southern swagger and accent. His talent, dedication to his craft, & his professional approach to the film industry has allowed him to be cast in over 60 productions in just four years.


Theo Bray

Theo Bray stars as Dr. Gary Murray, Tyson’s psychologist and his conduit to the outside world. As a patient Tyson has the most difficult case of agoraphobia he has ever encountered and he finds himself hitting a brick wall with his treatment. Theo’s resume includes Carl Jackson’s “The Jesus Freak”, The Cliff and Saving the Tin Man.


Clay Jones

Clay Jones co-stars as William “Clay” Whitmore, A neighbor that just happens to stumble into Tyson’s life at the strangest possible time. Clay is relative new to the Dallas film scene but his theater credits are well documented, including his latest foray, A Bad Year for Tomatoes.


Katie Boettcher

Katie Boettcher co-stars as Meteorologist Cheryl Sanders, the only person on tv Tyson trusts. He watches her daily, both on television and jogging in the private park behind his home. Katie’s credits include Pale, Welcome Home, Murder Made Me Famous, Roomers, The Break and Lothario.


David Pike

David Pike co-stars as John Kraeplin, Brother of Carl Kraeplin and Uncle of Tyson Kraeplin. Donald helps Tyson with his agoraphobia by providing him with an accounting job for his law firm, DK & Associates. David’s credits include Olympus Has Fallen, The TV Series: Dallas, Defiance, Saving the Tin Man and Keep Pushing.


The Hardest Working Crew in Independent Film:


Jason Logan

Jason Logan is Writer & Director of The Circle of Improbable Life/The CoiL. He is President of both Coil & Strike Films LLC & Rolling Dog Pictures LLC. He started Rolling Dog Pictures in 2011, Writing/Directing & Producing the short films Leak and Copper. He also produced the feature films, The Lotus (which was recently purchased for distribution by Black Wolf Media Group) and Saving the Tin Man (currently in Post Production). The Circle of Improbable Life/The CoiL is his passion project and one that he sees becoming a MAJOR force at both, Major Film Festivals and at the Box Office starting next year.


George Lerma

George Lerma is Vice President at Coil & Strike Films LLC. He also serves as Producer of The Circle of Improbable Life/The CoiL. He served as Co-Producer & Executive Producer of the recently acquired feature film, The Lotus (Black Wolf Media Group). When not producing films, George is a Information Systerms Engineer.  He brings to the team extensive project and business management experience.


Scott Pittman

Scott Pittman is Vice-President at Coil & Strike Films LLC. He also serves as Director of Photography, Set photographer, Editor and Co-producer of The Circle of Improbable Life/The CoiL. He is currently exploring a Bachelors Degree in Marketing with a Minor in Italian at The University of North Texas. 


Elizabeth Jones

Liz Jones is Vice President of Marketing at Coil & Strike Films LLC. She also serves as Co-Producer of the Circle of Improbable Life/The CoiL. She has served as a Social Media & Marketing Consultant on several feature films. She is a proud University of Texas Alumni. We are proud to have her as a Managing Member of Coil & Strike Films LLC. She is responsible for making The Circle of Improbable Life/The CoiL a viral monster. Hook ’em Horns!





Contact Information:

George Lerma

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