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Jul 29, 2016 1:15 PM ET

Archived: ZAMANAT – Family Locator. A mobile application to avail security issues of the world. Where one can notify, locate and communicate with up to 7 friends.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 29, 2016

ZAMANAT – Family Locator

by Sher Shah Rahim

A mobile application to avail security issues of the world. Where one can notify, locate and communicate with up to 7 friends.

About this project

How we started it?

We started ZAMANAT with one goal and it was to make living easier for women and everyone in general. Nobody knows it better than us on how it is to live in a country where every second is full of fear. Today, the world is not a peaceful place. Our goal is to make it easier for families and friends to keep an eye on their beloved ones. We started working on the product 15 months ago and we just launched it for Android. We have got more than a thousand downloads in just a month and over 52 five-star ratings. 

The Problem


According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), every year, more than 200,000 children are abducted by family members. An additional 58,000 are taken by non-relatives with primarily sexual motives. However, only 115 reported abductions represent cases in which strangers abduct and kill children, hold them for ransom, or take them with the intention to keep only in the U.S.

DoJ via Project America
DoJ via Project America


Young women are at high risk of sexual harassment around the world. Since 1998 only in the U.S 17 Million, women had been victims of attempted or completed rape. And 1 out every 6 women in the America has been sexually harassed. 

Victims of Sexual Violence
Victims of Sexual Violence


Robberies, firings, explosion, and many other security issues that may come unexpectedly at any time and yet we will not be ready for it. Considering the very recent incidents in the US, France, Germany, Turkey and other countries every person need a companion. 

And many other issues that would take us pages to write about them. 


Mobile Application

ZAMANAT’s iOS and Android mobile and web application is a social network that allows users to add up to 7 friends and family members. Once added, the user would be able to communicate with the added friends in a very easy way. The timeline comes with a quick share feature that allows users to share about their current state with just a click using our pre-defined messages. Such as; if in party, the user clicks party and the status “‘User’ has specified gathering with friends, please be informed.” will be shared. Below are three of the major components of the application:

Timeline Allows you to instantly inform your dear ones about your present condition. You can add up to seven individuals you wish to notify about incidents that happen to you such as Car Accident, Traffic Jam, Party Night, Security Issues and more. This will help you communicate your message with only a tap. They will be notified about your place, time, and type of help you need instantly when receive your message.

Screenshots from ZAMANAT Android Mobile Application.
Screenshots from ZAMANAT Android Mobile Application.


Tracking Broadcasts your location to others. Perfect model for keeping your loved ones up to date with where you are and you go. Suitable for all ages, including teenagers who stay out late at night, adults who wants to keep an eye on their young ones, couples who let their parents know about their location, and elderly who let their family know where they go with no chance of getting lost. You have complete control of who can track your location.

Screenshots from ZAMANAT Android Mobile Application.
Screenshots from ZAMANAT Android Mobile Application.


Panic Alert Send a buzzer to preselected individuals when you are in trouble. They will get specifics about your current location and other details to find and help you. In the very early release, we already have more than 500 registered in the system and with over 40 five star ratings at the android’s play store which is good for a startup. Our future plans are to further develop the mobile application and keep it free forever. We will make beautiful necklaces for women and bracelets for men that will have hidden buttons and will be connected to the mobile application. So that the person can simply hit the button when in danger and people in their circle can be instantly notified about their location and other information to help them find the person.


We are planning to design and distribute necklaces and bracelets for men and women. They will come with hidden buttons which will connect to ZAMANAT through Bluetooth and in cases of emergency with a single press the mobile app will notify trusted people with the emergency contacts and last seen location. Which will totally change the way we live and the way we take care of our beloved ones. 


Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Na1Z_P-gJkA

Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.zamanat.app

News: http://wadsam.com/afghan-business-news/afghan-mobile-app-developers-create-app-inform-surrounding-security-issues-232/

Article: https://medium.com/@r.shershah/a-team-of-afghan-developers-built-a-mobile-app-to-avail-security-issues-in-the-world-999bc46cbe45#.tw89wbh07

Risks and challenges

Investment is one of the big challenges that we are currently facing. One of the reason, we are posting on kickstarter is to collect fund and keep developing the product.

Market is another big issue, we are located in Afghanistan and to get our voices heard is extremely challenging. Upon the launch we will use the fund to market and promote the product through different means.

Development and lack of developers is another issue in Afghanistan. We are 100% developing the product in-house but for future hardware, we might either need to outsource it or invest in build a team of hardware experts responsible for designing and building the necklaces and bracelets.


Contact Information:

Sher Shah Rahim

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