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Jul 29, 2016 8:14 AM ET

Stay sweat-free at the gym – and do it in style! Cowel Towel – Patented wearable towels with moisture wicking technology

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 29, 2016

Cowel Towel

Patented wearable towels with moisture wicking technology



Stay sweat-free at the gym – and do it in style!  Introducing the Cowel Towel – the only towel you’ll ever need again.  Its patented design secures the towel comfortably around your neck, staying neatly in place regardless of physical activity.  Moisture wicking technology ensures you’ll stay dry – while our 5 different color options keep you fashionably fit.

NBA players are already rocking Cowel Towels – we hope that you’re next!


Ask any athlete or physically active individual, and they’ll fully support the merit of this statement.  The money we spend to look our “active best” is proof positive; the average American who exercises forks over $38 per month on athletic apparel.  Many of us – 93%, to be exact – like these purchases so much that we continue to wear them for activities other than exercise.  Consumers who don’t exercise are even getting on the athletic apparel act, spending an average of $31 per month in their own right.

In addition to active clothing, one of the more popular items purchased are towels – virtual necessities for any athletic activity.  No matter the fitness activity or sport we’re participating in, us humans sweat (some more than others) – so having a towel to keep yourself and equipment comfortably dry is a must.  But carrying towels on your person at all times can quickly get cumbersome.  We generally end up either placing them on the dirty, unsanitary ground or draping them around our necks – which isn’t exactly the most secure spot during physical activity.  As a result, towels often get lost and are never replaced – and the sweat remains.

For your sake, and for your fellow exerciser’s too – there has to be a better solution to this terrible towel issue.



Our new line of wearable fitness towel apparel makes working out more comfortable, convenient, and stylish.  The Cowel Towel can do anything that a traditional, plain-Jane towel can do – but light years better.  It’s complete with a hood that attaches neatly to the head and neck, keeping them warm and dry while putting sweat in its place.  It’s guaranteed to stay with you during your entire workout – always where you need it, when you need it regardless of the physical activity.  And of course – to keep you looking good!

Prior to this groundbreaking invention, no towel existed that could sit comfortably around one’s neck without the risk of falling off.  At Cowel Towel, we’re proud to contribute a beneficial, long-needed apparel product to the fitness world – while not sacrificing the expression of individuality and style.


The Cowel Towel sits comfortably around your neck, ready to zap away sweat at a moment’s notice using moisture wicking technology.  Our version of this technology draws off and absorbs liquid from your body – keeping you (and any equipment) dry and free of germs.  Having a towel around your neck already limits the amount of perspiration flowing from your head to your torso – the Cowel Towel takes care of whatever’s left.

But wait, that’s not all!  Check out just a few more of our impressive features and benefits:

The Cowel Towel’s patented design keeps it from falling off of your neck onto the unsanitary ground.

It comes in five stylish colors that can match with any workout outfit; black, blue, green, pink, and white. A variety of fashionable graphic design prints is offered to compliment one’s individual style.  

On extra hot days, just dip your Cowel Towel in ice cold water to make a “cool” version.

Since there’s no risk of leaving your Cowel Towel behind, you’ll only need one!

For every Cowel Towel we sell, a portion of profits is donated directly to the United Nations’ Zero Hunger Campaign.


The Cowel Towel is no overnight wonder product.  After opening for business in late 2015, we got things rolling with 3 months of intense R&D – field testing our prototype with 160 consumers.  After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback, we moved forward with product pre-launch in January of this year.  Things are definitely looking up for us – thanks in large part to these impressive accomplishments:

In February 2016, we landed the NBA as our first big-name partnership.  Cowel Towels were given as a gift to the players during All-Star Weekend.

Since making them available through our website in January, we’ve already pre-sold 200+ Cowel Towels.

We currently possess a provisional patent, and have filed for a utility patent and copyrights.  All of them are valuable IP assets.

We’ve got a working partnership with an L.A. manufacturing facility that can produce 100+ Cowel Towels per day.

Amongst the potential customers and business partners we’re currently in talks with 24 Hour Fitness, Yoga Works, WinCraft/McArthur Towels, and the WNBA.

For a glimpse into our exciting future plans, don’t forget to request access to our profile’s private side!


The Cowel Towel vision originates from a love for health and fitness, and a true passion for fashion.  Our executive team comprises a seamless mix of marketing expertise, consumer product knowledge, top-level corporate experience, and entrepreneurial vision.  Let’s meet them!

Our unquestioned leader is passionate about developing products that contribute positively to society – and has found the ideal outlet to do so.  As an experienced fashion designer who doubles as a fitness buff, she’s well aware of the massive active apparel market and used a keen product development eye to develop the Cowel Towel.  Having contributed nearly $5,000 in her own funds to the venture, Alexis is extremely committed to its success – and has full control of product development, sales, and marketing.

Beverly’s racked up valuable corporate experience during various roles in F500 companies, including her current Managing Buyer position.  She’s also a seasoned entrepreneur who has grown several small startups.  Beverly is a valued accounting and purchasing asset for our team.

15 years as a business owner have made our operational boss an expert in warehouse management and logistics.  He’ll bring these skills to Cowel Towel in similar roles – and will also manage our website.

Glesteree is an HR expert who has developed departments and compliance for organizations for over two decades.  She’s got full control over our administration management function

Contact Information:

Alexis Blades - CEO

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