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Jul 29, 2016 8:30 PM ET

Archived: Moldova – Tatiana: A loan of $2,075 helps to build a coop for her poultry.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 29, 2016


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Tatiana’s story

Tatiana is a 40-year-old farmer from Cetireni village, Ungheni region, Moldova. She is married and has two sons, 11 and 18 years old. They are pupils. Her husband Ion works seasonally as a courier in Germany and in his free time he helps Tatiana to manage her farm.

Tatiana has been dealing with livestock for eight years. In her small farm she raises pigs and poultry. Tatiana sells more than 10 mature pigs each year and about 200 poultry. This is the main financial resource for Tatiana’s family. Additionally, she works 3 hectares of land, where she grows corn, wheat, and sunflowers for animal feed.

Tatiana’s elder son will graduate from school this year, and he wants to continue his studies at the university. To support her son, Tatiana needs to earn more so she decided to raise a lot of poultry. To make this happen, she is requesting a loan from Kiva to build a coop for her poultry. As a result she will expand the farm and will have the possibility to offer a decent future for her sons. 

This loan is special because:

It enables those living in rural areas to grow their businesses at a lower interest rate. 

Kendra Thorogood
Kiva staff 

More about this loan

This loan is provided at a significantly reduced interest rate to entrepreneurs living in rural Moldova. It enables entrepreneurs to affordably invest in and grow their small businesses in an area where there are very few financing and economic opportunities. Typically, people living in rural areas in Moldova migrate to other European countries to find work and send money back to their families. By supporting this loan, you are helping rural entrepreneurs create their own jobs and support the local economy.

About Smart Credit:

Smart Credit is a small microfinance organization with headquarters in Ungheni City that serves the rural population in the Ungheni region of Moldova. They seek to provide affordable loans to these populations and also act as an insurance agent for health, auto and accident insurance.

Smart Credit offers loans that encompasss a wide variety of industries and purposes including new businesses, consumer goods, agricultural resources and home improvement.

A loan of $2,075 helps to build a coop for her poultry.

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