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Jul 29, 2016 6:58 PM ET

Archived: Jubilee Venture, Inc – A production stage operating gold and silver placer mine. A company that has a complete operating 400 ton per mining shift gravity mill.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 29, 2016

Jubilee Venture, Inc Logo

Jubilee Venture, Inc

Centennial, CO 80016, US

A production stage operating gold and silver placer mine. A company that has a complete operating 400 ton per mining shift gravity mill. In addition the company has the capability to produce its own gold and silver using its own smelter facility.

The Company is a producer of Gold, Silver and rare Earth Minerals. The Company controls 2 unpatented mining claims comprising 280 acres. The Company ha applied for and received all federal, state and local permits. A 400 ton per mining shift gravity mill was built, operational and in excellent working condition. The Company is currently permitted and bonded for 14 acres of mining within the permitted area and licensed for use of 132 acre feet of water a year. There are approximately 202,374 tons of probable and possible tons of ore grade material within the 14 acre PERMITTED AREA. The Company excavated 11,035 tons of material that is stockpiled. The material was extensively tested and has assayed on average to be .20 ounces per ton. The permitted and bonded acres consist of gold and silver and rare earth minerals to a depth of 20 feet with potential values at a greater depth. Certified fire and corresponding AA assays have been completed with an average value of $35.20 in gold values with a gold price od $1,100 an ounce. Average value per ton in Rare Earth Minerals have been analyzed and are valued at an annual gross value upon additional refining by the Company of approximately $40,887.00. Silver has been valued at a post production value of $190,000 annually. Cost of operation including administrative costs are approximately $7.80 a ton based on a 700 to per day processing rate. The plant is operated with a maximum of 5 personnel operating 10 hours a mining shift daily. The Company built a AA Laboratory and a closed circuit Merrill Crow Cyanide leach plant in 2014. The Merrill Crow plant has produced on average a 95% to 98% recovery rate of the black sand concentrate. The Company has a geologist/PE , and a mining engineer on staff .. All certified assays, mining reports are available upon request.

Products / Services

Gold Silver Rare Earth Minerals




President Executive Officer
Martin R Bauer


Vice President Engineering
William Collins


Director Engineering
Larry Masburn


Chief Financial Officer
David Maus


Prior Year Revenue Current Year Revenue Next Year Revenue


Company Age Employees Sub-Industry
7 years, 6 months 5 Gold


Company Type Stock Exchange Stock Symbol
Contact Information:

Martin R Bauer

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