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Jul 29, 2016 9:47 AM ET

Archived: AME – Acquire, Revitalize, and Streamline telecom companies in underserved markets: In short, AME leverages technology and best practices to bring underperforming companies to scale, and then infuse our core values.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 29, 2016


Acquire, Revitalize, and Streamline telecom companies in underserved markets



Led by a management team comprised of experienced entrepreneurs, business professionals, and veterans with proven leadership and a solid track record, AME offers proven techniques for revenue growth and increased net income — and that starts with our core values of reliability of service, price, speed, integrity, community, and customer service in an employee-centric atmosphere.

A happy employee treats a customer well, which makes the shareholder happy as well.

Read on to see how we successfully revitalize telecom companies and where we’re going next!


Satellite providers aren’t any better, with high latency and unreliable connectivity and poor customer service from a national location.

That’s where AME comes in.

AME uses many proven techniques gained from years in the wireless telecommunications industry. We implement these techniques with our MOST™ process model and a methodical approach to training and evaluation. We structure our deals to mitigate risks for the company and investors in operations and capital structure.


We apply this model to our acquisitions of wireless internet service providers. MOST™ shows us where we can make improvements to companies we are seeking to acquire, as well as the level of risk involved, and how much growth potential exists.

We also make use of proprietary radio-frequency channel-switching algorithms, precision and proprietary business analytics unavailable to the greater market, and big data techniques that have been refined and proven through the successful exit of previous companies.

In short, AME leverages technology and best practices to bring underperforming companies to scale, and then infuse our core values.


In order to provide higher quality internet at faster speeds to underserved markets, AME relies on a set of core values.

Exceptional Service
We believe in treating our customers, employees, and stakeholders with the utmost respect, thereby creating a delightful experience during any interaction with the company.

Operational Excellence
We value improvement and introspection in everything that we do from personal leadership to business process.

Honesty & Integrity
We view honesty and integrity as a fundamental way of life.

We strive to achieve the perfect balance between humility and ambition — treating people with respect while always striving for more.

As consummate professionals, we live for accountability and responsibility.


AME has identified our next acquisition target: a company with over 850 subscribers, equal to roughly 30% market penetration in the Grants and Milan, New Mexico market. Their primary focus has been directed elsewhere resulting in slow growth. Once the acquisition is complete, we will refocus the company on their residential telecom service and shift immediately into a proven and organic growth model.

We’ve already lined up four private investors for this current endeavor, and have formed partnerships with VarCentric, Cambium, and Winncomm for distribution.

Compared to fiber networks, AME can deploy in 1/5th the time, and at 1/10th the cost.

Make sure to request access to the business plan tab of this profile for an inside look into AME and to find out how you can get involved!  


The AME team coalesced over a 24-month period during the TCU Executive MBA program around similar values, visions, and life goals. The team is comprised of value-centered, people-oriented entrepreneurs focused on value creation for customers, employees, investors, partners, and businesses.

Since graduating from the MBA program, the team performed due diligence on over 60 companies, solidified the financial and operating models, and hit a number of key milestones along the way. The speed with which they have executed all of this is due to a unique trust they have each placed in each other, and a sense of dedication to their employees, customers, and investors.

Kevin is a telecom executive who has built and sold two ISPs in Texas. He led Nextlink — despite the passing of his partner — from its initial capital formation, business plan, and online strategy to rapid network expansion and customer growth. As a hands-on leader and manager, he planned and constructed the wireless network, architected and implemented the CRM system, and generated rapid growth through the analytical guidance of all sales and marketing efforts. He is a master of data-driven management and strategic decision making.
Kevin’s in-depth technical expertise first manifest itself when he bootstrapped a software company in his garage, and successfully developed and marketed a specialized CRM system for the home security industry.

MBA, Texas Christian University; Mentor for business undergraduates; Coach for Values & Ventures.

Dustin brings experience in leadership, telecommunications, and cyber security developed through service in the USMC from 2007-2015. During this time, Captain Dvorak served on Active Duty and the Reserves as a Communications Officer and Foreign Advisor to the Afghan National Army. Most recently, he led software development efforts, systems migrations, and policy development for teams in the energy sector and commercial real estate industry.

MBA, Texas Christian University; Judge for Values & Ventures.

James brings 20 years of financial management, day-to-day operations, and process implementation experience to the team. Most recently, James was General Manager at Williams Scotsman, Inc. where he managed budget and P&L responsibilities across Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas, Missouri, and Southern Illinois, totaling $24M in annual revenue and $11M in EBITDA.

MBA, Texas Christian University; Coach for Values & Ventures.

Mike is a proven professional with over 15 years of career experience in the technology and telecomm industries.  A seasoned entrepreneur with a track record of excelling in strategy, marketing, project management, and business development; Mike excels in working with others to achieve calculated goals and milestones on time and on budget.  He successfully works with others in delegating responsibilities, maintaining accountability and completing value-adding objectives while bringing energy, enthusiasm, and reliability to achieving goals.

MBA, Texas Christian University; Coach for Values & Ventures.                

Ken is the Assistant Chief of Police for the City of Fort Worth, a Chief Warrant Officer in the US Army Reserves, and holds an MBA from the Neeley School of Business at TCU.

Devin is a General Manager for a local manufacturing facility with more than a decade of experience. He holds a BS in Engineering from West Texas A&M University.

Alan is a Major in the US Army and holds an MBA from the Neeley School of Business at TCU where he graduated with top honors.


Contact Information:

Kevin Grace - CEO

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