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Jul 28, 2016 11:05 AM ET

Archived: PTSD has become the war disorder that goes far beyond the battlefield. UNSUNG: The Forgotten is a film that will have the audience walking away feeling as if they just experienced the rigors of a deployment.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 28, 2016

UNSUNG: The Forgotten

PTSD has become the war disorder that goes far beyond the battlefield. When service members return from deployment, they are often FORGOTTEN. Service members and their families face daily challenges when dealing with the war that lives within as well as outside of them.

About The Project

UNSUNG The Forgotten is a film that follows Retired Ranger SSG Tony Borne as he tries to build a new life for himself and his family after the army Christine his wife, Amanda his oldest daughter and Emily his youngest. Instead of building a new life , Tony finds himself re-enlisting to avenge the death of a loved one.

Based on the real-life experiences of Army veteran and Writer/Director Michael Olsen, as well as true stories from military families the audience will experience the same emotional roller coaster, feel the physical demands and share the same tears that are shed when a Soldier deploys and comes back physically and mentally changed.

“UNSUNG: The Forgotten” is a film that will have the audience walking away feeling as if they just experienced the rigors of a deployment. This film will keep the audience thinking they know what’s going to happen but then it takes them in a different direction.

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    Michael Gary Olsen – Bio


    Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Michael Olsen is a United States Army disabled veteran who served 22 years. During that time he completed 3 combat tours in Iraq and 1 in Afghanistan.


    In 2015, he founded Stetson Studios, LLC. A film studio that prides it self on producing films that show the “true” side of military life.


    He is married to Amy Olsen with 6 children and 3 grandchildren.


    As a little girl in Texas, Carole dreamed of movies and movie stars as she traded fan magazines with friends. When she made it to Southern California in her first job, she fell in love with the Hollywood scene on her first date there. Married to a cinematographer, she got to be around filmmaking and was fascinated by it. But, bored at home with a young child, lots of free time, and a brilliant untapped mind for business, she figured out a way to become part of the film industry herself. What she created helped many filmmakers get started and nurtured a burgeoning independent film industry.

    Watching an assistant cameraman on a shoot reload a camera, Carole wondered what happened to the roll of film being set aside for the new roll. Told that the unused 400’ of film was now trash, Carole figured out a better use for it. Knowing that many of her filmmaker friends were desperate for film stock that they could not afford, she borrowed $20 from her husband to see if she could buy what she called “short ends” and sell them. She drove down to Columbia Pictures, talked her way in, and bought 3,000’ of leftover film after they laughed at her and earnestly tried to talk her out of throwing her money away.

    That $20 investment in unwanted film stock grew into Studio Film & Tape. The company bought film stock back from studio features, television shows, and commercials. Then, that film found its way into the hands of hungry independent filmmakers and student filmmakers. It gave filmmakers like John Cassavetes and Roger Corman the opportunity to put on film their dreams and fantasies that otherwise might have never gotten made. Studio Film & Tape grew into a $15 million a year business with offices in Hollywood, New York, and Chicago. Due to its success in promoting film stock, it was given the national dealership for Fuji motion picture film. Soon, Fuji became the choice for independent feature filmmakers and Studio Film & Tape became the largest independent motion picture film dealer in the world.

    Always looking for new challenges, Studio Film & Tape became the largest resellers in the country for Maxell, Fuji, and Sony tape stock. While selling tape stock, Carole discovered that it could be recycled as well. She was a pioneer in evaluating used tape stock and making it suitable for resale. Her efforts not only created another industry and market for used tape, but helped save the environment as well before most people were even aware it needed saving.

    While running Studio Film & Tape, Carole started From The Heart Productions. With an interest in alternative medicine and spirituality as well as bringing that information to others, she produced “Health Styles” for local cable television. With her as host, she interviewed Deepak Chopra, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Caroline Myss and many others for the first time. These shows were eventually purchased by Oasis Cable. Another show featuring filmmakers is now housed in the national archives.

    In 1992, she began the Roy W. Dean Film Grants. It was named in honor of her father who worked at the company and liked to make “grants” himself of film stock to needy filmmakers. The Roy W. Dean Film Grants award film and film services to filmmakers with projects that are unique and make a contribution to society. The grants do not go to finished films, but to filmmakers beginning or in the middle of a project that need help completing it.

    The formation of the grants came at an important juncture for the survival of documentary filmmaking. Cable television had not discovered documentaries and networks like Discovery, Bravo, National Geographic, etc. Those did not exist at that time. The Roy W. Dean Grants encouraged the efforts of documentary filmmakers, kept many of them going, and produced many documentaries that could not find funding.

    With over 38 grant winners to date and over $2,000,000 in donations, some of the film industry’s most promising newcomers have been helped by the grant. Grants are available three times each year. Besides help with production and post, applicants receive a personal consultation from Carole to guide them in improving their raising funds for their project.

    Having created one of the largest woman-owned businesses in Studio Film & Tape, Carole sold the company to Edgewise Media to focus on helping filmmakers with From The Heart. She became a bestselling author and authority on film funding when she wrote The Art of Film Funding. Published by Michael Wiese Publications, it is now in its second edition. She is a sought after authority and speaker on film funding.

    In 2005, From The Heart Productions began working as a fiscal sponsor for filmmakers. From The Heart is a 501C (3) nonprofit so all donations for each production are tax-free. She keeps the fees low so as much money as possible ends up in the hands of the filmmakers. She gives all the sponsored films personal attention with free advice on creating their proposals for investors, their pitch, and their trailers.

    Coty Galloway is an Actor that lives in West Hollywood, CA. He began his acting career in the realm of Youtube. He has starred in multiple videos for the platform on various channels where those videos have accumulated around 15 millions viewers. Remaining persistent and determined his path has led him to LA where he has worked with rising Directors, Producers, Actors and amazing crews in the Hollywood, Georgia, Louisiana and Nashville area and worked across some of his childhood heroes. A little about Coty; after the age of eight, he, his mother and younger brother left Nashville to begin the journey of finding better. During this Coty and his family faced many tribulations and had to survive. This giving Coty his ability to adapt and become in situations during childhood. He and his family lived all over the South East of USA. So his roots are spread through out. People often try to pin point his accent, but it comes from many aspects of life there. They finally found a place in SC where they remained, though moving throughout that area often. Coty played team sports and that’s where he learned about hard work, dedication, team work and other life lessons along with being around motivational speakers and positive people through out his life. Thankfully he has always found himself around great people, amazing friends and many that became family. Now he has his own family and is working to create a different life for them than he had as a child growing up. Coty never really had much as a child as far as material things, but there’s one thing Coty had that he still carries with him today, and that is the ability to dream and live in a world of dreams. One of his primary goals for his career in entertainment is to give back to what helped him as a child.

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Michael Olsen

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