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Jul 28, 2016 6:07 AM ET

Archived: Gallerique: A trusted online marketplace of extraordinary finds that range from art, antiques, unique furniture to rare jewelry & watches

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 28, 2016

Gallerique Logo


Chicago, IL 60605, US
Business Products & Services

A trusted online marketplace of extraordinary finds that range from art, antiques, unique furniture to rare jewelry & watches. Gallerique is creating the Trunk Club of Art. Convenient access, superior experience & art delivered from trusted sources.

Gallerique has built a framework that accommodates the uniqueness of the market and allows designers, companies and individuals to control the entire experience from their home or office. It also provides access to a selected network of ancillary services that can assist with all aspects of a purchase from curation, consultation to appraisals and shipping.

Customer Problem
Collectors, designers and individuals are buying pieces of art and they do not like the current experience. Their options consist of galleries, auctions or existing e-commerce platforms that have taken a business strategy that mimics generic retail e-commerce without much consideration given to the unique nature of buying original and sometimes complicated pieces online.




A better way to buy. Gallerique provides the ability for buyers to control the entire experience from the comfort of their home/office and takes the hassle out of buying by providing the full range of support needed in order to complete the purchase and get physical possession of the piece.

Target Market
The personal luxury goods market continues to grow and was $246 Billion market last year. The competitor’s in the online space have very limited presence globally. An analysis of competitor web traffic confirms this with over 70 % of traffic on all such platforms coming from the US. Gallerique plans to focus on strategically important cities during its first 3 years. Gallerique’s primary buyer demographic is Interior Designers and individuals in its target market segment that value a consultative approach, superior buying experience and immediate access to art from all corners of the global.

Why Invest Now
Gallerique offers select investor(s) a unique opportunity to be part of the fast growing luxury goods business by connecting buyers and sellers globally. Gallerique will make for a lucrative investment even in the most conservative projection scenario

Products / Services

E-commerce Marketplace – Art, Antiques, Antiquities, Furniture, Jewelry & Watches

Gallerique’s revenue stream is comprised of four main categories that will be phased into the business during its first 3 years of operation:
1. Sales commission
2. Dealer subscriptions
3. Advisory/Advertising/Services
4. Art auction business



Chief Executive Officer
Sam Khan

Sam KhanSam is the founder and CEO of Gallerique. He grew up in a family of art and antique collectors, which allowed him to start appreciating and learning about the business of art from a young age. He has a degree in Computer Information Systems from the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). After completing his degree, Sam worked in central banking building and managing trusted financial exchanges and consulting in the trading industry for 10 years. He brings a broad range of expertise to Gallerique, including: technology, business strategy, marketing, operations, research and development. As a result of his background and experience, Gallerique has successfully operated cost effectively and with streamlined functions during its startup phase. Sam has been based in Chicago for the past 16 years but grew up across Asia and has built an extensive network of relationships that are helping Gallerique build a global marketplace.

Director Business Development
Maria Girgenti

Maria GirgentiMaria Girgenti serves as the Director of Business Development for Gallerique. Maria is a graduate of Dominican University and holds a dual degree in art history and painting. Maria joined Gallerique following her tenure as assistant director of Abryant Gallery, a Chicago based contemporary art gallery and consultation firm. Maria has also been involved in writing for art publications, teaching art courses and giving guest lectures on art. Maria brings an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the art world as well as connections in the dealer and museum space that help guide Gallerique’s relationships with partners.


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2 years5e-Marketplace


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Sam Khan

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