FTW Revolution App – Help Prevent Suicide : Officially associated with Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA), FTW fights everyday to raise money to reduce deaths due to suicide. - iCrowdNewswire

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Jul 28, 2016 7:01 PM ET

FTW Revolution App – Help Prevent Suicide : Officially associated with Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA), FTW fights everyday to raise money to reduce deaths due to suicide.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 28, 2016

FTW Revolution App – Help Prevent Suicide

by   FTW Revolution



FTW Revolution Pty Ltd


Did you know that an estimated ONE MILLION people take their own life every year with up to 20 MILLION attempted suicides in that time! That far surpasses lives lost to war, murder and forces of nature combined. Are those numbers big enough? Time for change perhaps, what do you think?

FTW. It’s not just clothing, it’s a way of life. We are affliated with Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA). Through apparel, parties and regular fund raising events, we have raised $343,500 to date and countless more behind the scenes.

We send our war cry to the government asking why more is not being done when one Australian is taking their own life EVERY 4 HOURS and in that 4 hours, up to 30 more will make an attempt.

These 3 powerful letters can stand for whatever you like whether it’s Forever Two Wheels, F#@k The World, For The Win, or Find The Way, we represent the underdogs in the trenches, the battlers and we fly the flag for those we’ve lost.

Officially associated with Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA), FTW fights everyday to raise money to reduce deaths due to suicide. We have been running events and have clothing, streetware/uniform too – but we’re looking to do things a little smarter, a little more 21st Century, a little more proactive- because kids aren’t picking up the phone and using the big known support lines!

So, we’re building a revolutionary app; an info pack come community network come –and most significantly- mass data analytics app.

It will be the bridge between the troubled adolescent and the support he or she needs.

We’re a movement, a family of Big Slab Chasers, FMX nut bags, skinny jean skaters, sneaker freak ladies or the girl busting airs at the local skate park. Podium finishes or not they’re the fiercest and most fearless, even if your gold medal is leaving the house for fresh milk from the corner shop. FTW is for everyone striving to live their own personal goals, for those willing to climb up from the downs, dust off, have a laugh and go big again.


Thus far we have officially raised $343,500 for SPA through years of blood, sweat and tears and our movement has evolved into a united family providing a sense of belonging and love not seen or felt before in the SUICIDE PREVENTION and MENTAL HEALTH sector.

Family members such as Marti Para, Jughead, Nicola Atherton, Bones, Lukey D, Koby Abb, Jess Polock, Reef Doig, Tyson Cherry, Josh Dugan, Braith, Sutto, Kid Mac, Richie Vas, Danny Green, Peter Garret, Dingo Morrison, Dumpster, Bobby MC and thousands more…

We have positioned ourselves with these extreme sports athletes as part of our strategy of engagement to the troubled adolescent with their stories of strength through their adversity.

The App

We are developing an app of engagement for mental health and suicide prevention. The app precedes and aims to avoid the crisis situation, unlike a phone call which is during crisis and often too late. It’s simple, fun, informative and proactive. It’s an app that welcomes and connects you to the family and beyond. We truly believe it’ll be the biggest thing to enter the mental health sector.

There are 3 awesome sections to the App:

Entertainment: with FTW TV, Photo of The Day, new articles on sports, music, arts etc. and upcoming events and news. This will be the ‘daily news feed’ part of the app where users will visit frequently to keep up to date and check out a constant flow of entertainment provided by ourselves and many other magazines and companies that are lucky enough to jump on board early.

The mental health toolkit: this will be an informative and interactive platform centred around social services both domestic and global; essentially, all services, everywhere in one interactive space. The user- be it him or her, or the family/friends concerned for him or her- will effortlessly roam the clear interface and directly tap into multiple options of help. Contained within is high end information on every possible service available in Australia – The Go To for how and where to get help beyond just a phone call to Lifeline. So in case of emergency or if concerned for a loved one you will have a complete toolkit right there in the palm of your hand!

The Game Changer: the app will have the ability to collect live and mass data- and not too long after launch, will have gathered more than the Australian government has done since 2007! FTW will undoubtedly be at the forefront of mental health and suicide prevention. This data is key! From this space, major parties, social services, mental health boards, the government, will have live access to those in need and be able take immediate, educated and specific action! This is our game changer.

A ‘Mood Tracker’ type function will allow people to input their feelings, triggers, problems, progress etc. on a daily basis. We also look to incentivise the user in this space to accelerate the input of data. This mood tracker system fits seamlessly with the entertainment and toolkit sections- the aim being- the user is excited by entertainment, is educated by the toolkit and subsequently feeds intel to the app for the big players to draw from and make informed actions of prevention. This app is a place where one can privately help themselves whilst also helping everyone else by contributing their ‘moods’.

The more money we can raise the bigger and better we can build this app!

Your money will go smack bang directly into the apps development:
– The design
– The wireframes
– The backend traffic passage
– Data storage for Mental Health Live Data

…and forward from this

-the machine we are building beyond the app to save more lives;
-the apps upgrade,
-future events,
-workshop support
-the many other mediums we look to build as we tackle that horrific statistic; 1 person every 4 hours.

Please help, please grab 1 of the amazing rewards (AWESOME XMAS PRESENTS!)


Check out the GENEROUS REWARDS you can grab:

NRL Superstar Josh Dugan is offering up a footy skills session for you and a bunch of your mates!

MotorX Lesson for 4 with Tyson Cherry

Fishing Trip for 4 Mates with Australia’s version of Bear Grylls, Tyson Anderson

Your name as part of an artwork on Bondi Beach

Surf Camp Weekend for 2

And that’s just a start, not to mention some great clothing apparel and more rewards coming!


Tell mates at parties! Share the link from the top of this page (above the video) or after you’ve grabbed a reward on the ‘thank you’ page through social media; your facebook, twitter, linkedin, email or instagram….and the top sharers will be rewarded!

Potential Challenges

If we raise the money for this project the next challenge will be keeping everything to deadline and we understand that it is a lot more work but we have the resources from Boost Mobile and Alcatel One Touch to make sure that the project is still making progress and still has the projections that we are intending on.

Jonathan Dee

Help prevent suicide. Our rapidly growing family has saved hundreds of lives and with your help we can get that figure up into the tens of thousands in the not to distant future. Our family does not discriminate and our doors are always open. Join us on the frontline, lets change the game and make history as a united voice. Time for change!

Full respect, Much love,
FTW family

Contact Information:

Jonathan Dee

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