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Jul 28, 2016 11:34 AM ET

Archived: Cadavers 1: Doppelgänger – A team of Supernatural anti-heroes murder their way through a world that Fears and Hates them. From the creators of Madhouse.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 28, 2016

Cadavers 1: Doppelgänger

A team of Supernatural anti-heroes murder their way through a world that Fears and Hates them. From the creators of Madhouse.

About this project

Cadavers follows the denizens of an otherworldly paranormal dimension, fleeing war and death, they find themselves trapped on our Earth. 

And they like to drink our beer.

Are YOU going to refuse to serve them?
Are YOU going to refuse to serve them?

Our first issue Cadavers: Doppelgänger concentrates on the attempt by one of the Cadavers to hunt down and confront Marckus North – the head of the media empire that exploits the public’s fear of the Cadavers for profit and power.

Think Smokin’ Aces meets X-Men and you’d be on the right track.

Planned to run as a 5-part series – this opening 28-page issue features the entire Cadavers team but works as it’s own self-contained story. 

Issue 1 is told from Doppelgänger’s point of view as he infiltrates North’s mansion whilst grappling with concerns about his motives.

Through Doppelgänger’s eyes we learn about the world the Cadavers inhabit and examine the revelations that lie at the heart of North Media. 

So who are the Cadavers?

Branded as an invading ‘underclass’ they find themselves persecuted by those in power, manipulated by the media, shut out of normal society and ghettoised. Their powers mean the only jobs available to them are as assassins, mercenaries or muscle for organised crime.

The media calls them ‘Spectrals’. To the rest of the world they are rotting corpses, best left to die. 

So they call themselves ‘Cadavers’.

There are five main Cadavers in our story: – 





Cadavers is designed to combine high-octane action set-pieces – the Cadavers utilising their unique powers in inventive ways to reach North – contrasted with an undertone of persecution and media trickery.

We wanted to tap into that feeling of society being against you – of being hated and hounded – discriminated against because you are different or simply come from a faraway place. 

Every issue we also share a drink with our cast in a local Spectral-bar. Who doesn’t like seeing supernatural monsters get drunk and talk trash to each other?

All 5 issues take place in the same time-frame – with each Cadaver taking their own route to confront North – often crossing over/interfering with each others attempts in the process. 

Each issue ends with North’s death in different ways – but how can that be? 

One story told five ways. But which version is the truth in a world controlled by the media? Obviously it’s a trap – but who is setting it and why?

Below is a preview of the provisional opening pages of Cadavers issue 1: Doppelgänger: – 









So who is creating all these very pretty pictures…and who is covering the lovely art up with text? 

Mad Robot Comics: We produce and print our own comics and graphic novels. In Feb/March of this year we ran a successful Kickstarter for the Madhouse Graphic Novel – delivering the rewards in full – and only a week over our promised time-frame (which apparently is vastly early in Kickstarter terms).

But whereas Madhouse was a labour or love – a bunch of ideas we felt we wanted to explore – Cadavers is our magnum opus. Our big polished, wide-screen character driven project. From a creators point of view – it’s MUCH scarier……

Matt Hardy

Co-founder and head-writer of MRC – Matt’s credits include Blood Running Red, Last Exit to Brighton, Madhouse and the upcoming Murder Most Mundane and Night Terrors. Matt is a lifelong comics fan and a student of Andy Schmidt’s NYC Comic Experience course. 

It's amazing what you can get on Ebay these days.
It’s amazing what you can get on Ebay these days.

Edward Bentley

Edward Bentley is a founding partner of MRC but following the success of Madhouse has recently gone freelance: – 


Modern medical science means that some day Edward’s head will be able to look both ways.
Modern medical science means that some day Edward’s head will be able to look both ways.

Edward brings his background as a student of animation and design to his MRC projects – delivering a cinematic, widescreen style perspective to his art and storytelling. His credits include Last Exit to Brighton, The Gulls, Madhouse and his upcoming solo project Skate or Die

Well that’s the pitch.

We hope you like it? 

Anything else… we don’t think so? 

What’s that? You want Rewards? Really? 

Oh well – if you must. 




As you may have noticed all rewards include Cadavers trading cards: – 

This is a mini-game staring the cast of Cadavers – we will be giving cards or sets of cards away with all 5 issues. Cool huh? 

Please check out the pledges in full in the side-bar for the full list of goodies available. 

So that’s a wrap. Please support the Cadavers Kickstarter. 

Or if you don’t then maybe the next time you look into a mirror – if might not be you looking back……..

 Oh yes and then there is this…….

 project video thumbnail


Risks and challenges

We successfully launched and honoured the Kickstarter for the Madhouse Graphic Novel in just 4 months.

As Madhouse was a 120 page book – and Cadavers:Doppelgänger is a 28 page comic (already half drawn) – we are very confident that we will be able to deliver Cadavers on time and to a beautifully high standard.

So plenty of time to make a rocking and cool comic.

Contact Information:

Mad Robot Comics

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