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Jul 27, 2016 9:39 AM ET

Archived: Topstone Investment, LLC focuses on providing affordable housing in many different cities throughout the Midwestern United States. Our goal is to provide clean, safe and inexpensive homes to both government subsidized tenants and market renters.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 27, 2016

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Topstone Investment LLC

Las Vegas, NV 89147, US
Real Estate

Topstone Investment, LLC focuses on providing affordable housing in many different cities throughout the Midwestern United States. Our goal is to provide clean, safe and inexpensive homes to both government subsidized tenants and market renters.

Join us in building large portfolios of rental property that generate above average returns in emerging markets throughout the Midwestern United States! We have literally “cracked the code” to operate in this space efficiently and profitably where most others fail.

Topstone Investment, LLC (Topstone) is raising funds to purchase hundreds of homes in each of several already identified Midwest large metropolitan markets. The homes are professionally remodeled and will predominantly be leased out to Section 8 voucher holders for stable income. The homes will be held as rentals and refinanced out in blanket mortgages or sold to institutional and/or private funds for long term for cash flow.

The Principals of Topstone each have more than 15 years experience operating on a large scale in this space, at various times owning and managing hundreds of single family homes in a scattered sites around economically developing cities. Cities are chosen often because they are at the tipping point of the redevelopment cycle, which although not guaranteed will often result in value increase to properties in the portfolio in additional to higher than average returns generated from the cash flow from rent collections.

Investor’s funds are estimated to be held for 2-3 years. Alternatively investors may continue to retain their position for upwards of 5 years or more. The homes will be found and purchased through current Multiple Listing Service listings, approaching off-market owners, banks, private lenders, wholesalers, brokers and utilizing social media & digital marketing campaigns.

Extensive research has been done to identify markets where the demand for subsidized housing in relation to the population of that city is particularly high. These markets are ripe for investment as affordable housing tenants are unable to find landlords who are willing to supply homes to program voucher holders. Topstone bridges the gap to provide quality housing to these low income familie

Products / Services

Affordable Housing Units

Topstone Investment, LLC (Topstone) provides affordable housing units in cities throughout the Midwest. Topstone targets market areas that not only provide opportunities for high rental income, but through research filters out markets that are farther along in the redevelopment cycle so that the opprotunity for value increase is higher as well.

Topstone operates in cities where the demand for subsidized housing (often but not limited to Sectio 8) is higher than the available supply. There are a limited number of companies that operate in this space on a large scale. However it is due to the scale that allows us to spread out the risk of turnovers and other problems generally associated with low income and affordable housing units.

Strong property management services and close relationships with tenants provide us with a better than average length of tenancy and the conversion of market rate rentals to subsidized housing as tenants turn over minimizes risk of non performing tenant



Managing/Manager Business Development
Kent Mak

Kent MakKent Mak has been investing in and managed portfolios of affordable housing for nearly 20 years in markets throughout the United States. Through thorough research and unique proprietary methods, Kent has been able to identify and invest successfully in multiple real estate markets prior to explosive value increase.

Over time Kent and his management teams have “cracked the code” to large scale scattered site redevelopment in blighted areas, providing affordable housing and recycling properties in neighborhoods that were cast aside. Through experience with scalability and developing best practices, Kent and his teams have been able to generate higher than average returns in investment portfolios generally avoided by investors with less operational expertise.

In addition to spending many years working with affordable housing and student housing, Kent has developed supply chains to directly import construction finish materials directly from China.

Chief Strategic Planning
Andrew Chiu

Andrew ChiuAndrew Chiu has a successful track record with new business ventures and has successfully brought a number of emerging technologies and companies through commercialization, ranging from industries in enterprise software, banking, wealth management, real estate, renewable energy and green technology.  

Andrew applies innovative, technology-driven ideas and approaches to think outside the box, and transform age-old industries into brand new market opportunities. He is highly regarded for his ability to link technology companies with investment banking and venture capital firms. Through 20+ years of experiences, Andrew’s business development has extended to markets in US, Central and South America, Europe, China, Philippines and Southeast Asia.

When he’s not pursuing his lifetime passion and mission to innovate and disrupt the world upside down, Andrew enjoys spending time educating the next generation of innovative entrepreneurs in San Francisco Bay Area.

Managing/Manager Operations
Jason Simonin

Jason SimoninJason Simonin has over 17 years experience in single family and multi-family low income housing. Over this time period, Jason has developed extensive knowledge in acquisitions, property rehabilitation, rental management, and governmental rental assistance policies and procedures. Jason has successfully owned and operated several hundred government assisted rental homes, and developed not only solid portfolios, but great management teams as well. Whether it be engaging and managing rehabilitation contractors, code compliance, or working with tenants, Jason’s approach with his teams and their day to day processes has a proven track record of success.
Jason has compiled many construction related certifications, including OSHA, Water & Fire Restoration, Mold Remediation, and more. He combines these and other construction related training, as well as his experience in rental management, and his holding of his MO real estate license for acquisitions.


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