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Jul 27, 2016 6:30 PM ET

Corrigan and Aburn Sportswear is a diverse apparel manufacturing company that also offers creative marketing services for ad specialty products and branded merchandise

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 27, 2016

Corrigan and Aburn Sportswear Logo

Corrigan and Aburn Sportswear

Baltimore, MD 21205, US
Consumer Products

C&A Sportswear is a diverse apparel manufacturing company that also offers creative marketing services for ad specialty products and branded merchandise. We sell branded and non-branded products with a customers logos either screen printed or embroidered.

Diversity in selling multiple channels of distribution during the past several years has provided the company with new growth opportunities and goals.

Our mission is to sell our customers quality products with unique creative designs that can be worn or used to proudly represent our customers brands, logos or employees. We also embrace our Animal Planet license by selling creative products through our retail channels to promote a brand that cares about the preservation of wildlife.

Products / Services

Corporate Apparel Embroidery

Our company provides multiple products for businesses used to either promote a brand or as a uniform. Our diversity in apparel, ad specialty and distribution of brand named products is an attractive catalyst in building corporate relationships.

Animal Planet

We are the licensee for the Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet brand for all zoo’s. aquariums, national and state parks, resorts, online retailers and outdoor retailers.

We are also licensed to sell all products including apparel, apparel accessories, hard-goods, gifts, toys and food such as Animal Planet Cookies.

Our product is exclusive to our company since all designs printed or sold on our products are developed, marketed and produced by our company.

Animal Planet Accessories

Animal Planet accessories include head wear, bags, jewelry, hard-goods (glassware & mugs), magnets, key chains, Animal Planet Cookies

Corporate Ad Specialty

Corporate Ad Specialty is a high margin product accessory business that promotes corporate awareness and brand identity. Most of this product is outsourced through suppliers located throughout the USA.

Animal Planet Retail Web Sales

This category is dedicated to selling Animal Planet products through our direct to consumer retail web store.

Corporate Apparel Screen Print

Screen printed apparel for businesses is an important product category that supplies uniforms and promotional apparel product needs.

Blank Apparel Sales

This product category is for customers who order apparel that is not screen printed or embroidered.



President Executive Officer
Brian Corrigan

Brian Corrigan graduated Washington College in 1984. Afterwards, Mr.Corrigan spent time coaching Lacrosse at Washington Lee University for two years before moving on as a regional sales director for a sports equipment company. In 1994, Mr. Corrigan along with his partner Basil Aburn founded Corrigan & Aburn Sportswear, better known as C&A Sportswear in the industry.

Mr.Corrigan’s experience in coaching and management proved to be valuable in building an organization for manufacturing and resale of apparel and promotional products to multiple-channel industries.

Executive Vice President Sales
Basil Aburn

Basil Aburn graduated from University of North Carolina in 1988 with a degree in Business & Mass-Communications. Mr. Aburn then worked in broadcasting for two years in Richmond, VA. before moving on to Pitney Bowes as a regional sales manager.

In 1994, Mr. Aburn along with his associate Mr.Corrigan, founded C&A Sportswear. Mr. Aburn’s responsibilities have been focused on direct sales and management of corporate accounts.

Vice President Manufacturing/Production
Jeffrey Fiorucci

Jeffrey Fiorucci has been involved in screen printing for the past nineteen years. Mr.Fiorucci founded his own company in 1995 and was directly involved in both the manufacturing and sales departments of his company.

In 2002, C&A Sportswear brought Mr.Fiorucci into C&A Sportswear as a Production Manager to oversee manufacturing and to help in the retooling of their factory.

Several years later, Mr.Firoucci became a partner in C&A Sportswear and continues to help oversee manufacturing, art and some direct sales.

Chief Executive Officer
Preston Dortch

Preston Dortch joined C&A Sportswear as a VP of Sales and Marketing in 2008. Mr. Dortch has been in the screen printing industry for thirty two years working for several national companies and starting his own company in 1987.

Mr Dortch has extensive experience in sales, manufacturing, marketing and product licensing. Within C&A Sportswear, Mr.Dortch is directly responsible for managing retail sales which includes the Animal Planet license. He is also responsible for managing the companies web stores and web sites which are also directly relates to sales and marketing of the companies brands and products.


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Company AgeEmployeesSub-Industry
22 years, 5 months55Textile – Apparel Clothing


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Preston Dortch

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