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Jul 27, 2016 4:06 EST

ANTIPOLIS, LLC : Turn an existing bio-farm, land, developed hotel and recreation infrastructures into a financially successful reference bio/organic field

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 27, 2016




Turn an existing bio-farm, land, developed hotel and recreation infrastructures into a financially successful reference bio/organic field.



  • Antipolis will operate the biggest developed organic farm in Greece.
  • Antipolis brand is well recognized both locally and internationally.
  • Antipolis EA will house the R&D labs and the production lines of IPAP.


Antipolis can easily expand its farming to nearby fields offered for short or long term leasing by their owners. Antipolis farm location is an excellent point to run a agri -logistics hub.



Executive Summary:

1.1 Objectives:

The objective of this document is to highlight the business plan and the business opportunity to invest into a new company of Greece unde


This document is structured according to the demands of the Funding Organization and provides all necessary information that an investor usually requires to under-stand the business and the business opportunity behind this plan.

1.2 Mission:

The Mission of Antipolis LLC/EA is to: “Turn an existing bio-farm, land, the developed hotel and recreation infrastructures into a financially successful reference bio/organic field in Greece that will produce, process and distribute high quality bio/organic products and technologies under the brand name Antipolis, utilizing modern production methods and technologies in farming,
energy production and other combined services.”


The business of Antipolis EA will focus to:

• Farming in existing and future (leased) open fields (olive trees, hazel trees, quinoa, aromatic crops).

• Hydroponic farming within a new modern greenhouse (fresh vegetables , fruits and tropical flowers).

• Processing/value adding of its products as well as third party organic/bio products that will cover the increasing needs of nearby big local markets (mainly Athens) and other foreign markets (EU, Arabic/Iran, China, Russia etc).

• Produce all water and energy needed through new technologies (PV, windmills, biomass) and sell its surplus to the public grids for a profit.

• Develop a logistics hub, specially designed for bio/organic products, in cooperation with a dedicated logistics company.


• House the R&D of the IPAP institute that will service both Antipolis EA’s needs on scientific support and bio-technologies as well as third party bio-producers needs.

• Distribute under the Antipolis brand name innovative IPAP’s bio-technologies (bio-fertilizers, land useful microorganisms for land and water protection and development such as Lactic Acid Bacteria, Yeast, Phototrophic Bacteria, etc.) excluding any pathogenic and genetically modified microorganisms that are harmful to humans, animals and plants.

• Provide educational and hotel/recreation services to the community and schools as part of its promotion program for its products and services.




1.3 Keys to Success:

In order to succeed, Antipolis LLC/EA management has identified the following factors as main keys:

1. Antipolis EA will operate the biggest developed organic farm in Greece (aprox. 164ha within 550ha private land) certified over the past 33years by DIO, the most prestigious bio-agriculture quality inspection and Bio-registration company.


2. Antipolis brand is well recognized both locally and internationally. Antipolis SA past record and history successfully promoted the land as the unique place, close to
Athens, to promote both bio-agriculture, social activities and recreation.

3. Antipolis will house the R&D labs and the production lines of IPAP, which is the major bio-R&D non-government institution of Greece, offering certain fields for demo or experimental farming. In return, all end high-tech bio-products produced by IPAP will be traded by Antipolis under its brand name.

4. Antipolis will offer to the major consuming fresh bio-fruit and bio-vegetables market of Greece, Athens, a line of new bio-products all over the year, produced in its new 3,34ha greenhouse facilities (to be developed) using the hydroponic method.

5. Antipolis will continue to farm and will start processing its excellent quality organic table olives and oil.

6. Antipolis will plant and produce hazel in specific suitable fields within its property,taking advantage of the global production hazel crisis created by the catastrophe ofthe Californian hazel farms due to wild fires and the El Ninio climate changes in the area.

7. Antipolis can easily expand its farming to nearby fields offered for short or long term leasing by their owners.

8. Antipolis will be the first company in Europe to offer baby-super foods based on Quinoa, which is the only known non-meat food with all nutrition values of meat. Experimental farming in Greece proved that this product can be farmed successfully in the Greek micro-environment with excellent performance (4000kgr/ha, current market price to producer: 10€/kgr) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quinoa).


9. Antipolis’s farm location is an excellent point to run a agri-logistics hub, specially designed and dedicated to the needs of distribution and packaging/processing both of its own products as well as of all cooperate bio-farmers all around Greece that wish to offer to the local and international markets their goods under the brand name Antipolis. The agri-logistics services will be offered in cooperation with the dedicated agri-logistics company Metron SA (http://www.metronlogistics.eu/) , one of the major logistic companies in Greece, that wishes to cooperate Antipolis developing Fringes and Storage (to be developed) as a hub of its national network.

10. Antipolis is self-sufficient on present and future water supplies (total capacity of the two licensed water drills of 120m3/h).

11. Antipolis will invest in modern farming methods as well as in energy production technologies such as PV, direct axe wind mills and from produced biomass burning technologies utilizing the 2009 license of the Greek Energy Regulatory Authority for a Antipolis LLC Business Plan- total of 7,7MW power installation (annual production of aprox. 14.000.000ΚWhe).

Such energy harvesting installations will be combined with modern hydrogen
production for energy storage through water electrolysis. Such power provides
Antipolis both with excellent revenue, as far as most of the power produced and not self-consumed will be sold to the National Energy Distribution company, but also the best strategy to defend its business due to any energy cost rise in the future. Such energy strategy is the most important factor towards the competition both in farming/hydroponic as well as in food processing costing.


12. Antipolis will continue to offer free educational services to bio-farmers and to elementary school students of Athens and the nearby cities as part of its marketing and promotion strategy of its brand and products. All existing hotel, sporting and recreation facilities will be mainly used for this purpose, out of their mission to offer paid services to visitors.

13. Antipolis management team is well experienced running similar sized projects in Greece and abroad. Through these skills, as well as utilizing new scientific crew and farmers, Antipolis EA is expecting to benefit the most from all available subsidies both of the CAP aid and ESPA programs till 2020. Even though, only a limited fraction of such state funding has been calculated as a potential profit in the present business plan.

14. Antipolis is well protected from any possible natural disaster through a developed water fire network, which will be modernized and re-build following all recent guidelines and technologies.

15. Antipolis will be the first major farm in Greece to take advantage from all available precise/intelligent farming technologies and methods such as sensors, drones and IT technologies.

The sufficient utilization of company’s requested capital will allow the team of experts and workers, that will undertake the tasks on executing the present plan, to fulfill Company’s mission successfully. Company’s strong management team and alliances are the other critical success key factors.






Ioannis Chatzichristos

Ioannis Chatzichristos

President and CEO

University of Patras, Mathematics Department Diploma Mathematician, Post graduate Studies in Non-Linear systems on Reliability Theory.Business and Systems Analyst, with vast skills and experience in Project Management, mainly in the area of Banking, Transportation IT, Agricultural and Health systems. Always interested in new technology and innovation projects.


Team Member Name

Stavros Athanasiadis

Member and Secretary

Team Member Name

Theodore Skamagos

Member and Treasurer

Team Member Name

Polydoros Xenikakis


Contact Information:

Ioannis Chatzichristos

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