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Jul 26, 2016 3:05 PM ET

Stormweapon Defense Systems, LLC – the elimination of a detected Killer-Hurricane in the early stages of development, thus preserving property and saving innocent lives

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 26, 2016

Stormweapon Defense Systems, LLC Logo

Stormweapon Defense Systems, LLC

Harlingen, TX 78550, US

My project involves the elimination of a detected Killer-Hurricane in the early stages of development, thus preserving property and saving innocent lives. The project is one of a kind and very expensive to build. I need a lot of money to continue into the next phase. This project is one of the world’s most advanced systems engineered to save human life anywhere on the planet. It is designed to take out only the killers, such as the Sandy’s and Katrina’s of the world. The project has been financed by myself over the past 12 years of research, but now needs to begin construction in several phases at a cost in the hundred’s of million’s. Total cost for Control Center and four Remote Launch Sites estimated between 350-400 Million. However just one killer hurricane can account for damages in the Billions and the life lost is unrecoverable. All money is not needed immediately because the project is designed to be built by stages. if money was no object, we could have a prototype built in 3 years or less. Due to the sensitivity of certain aspects of this project, some of its material cannot be presented to an open public forem. However, the web site has a good explanation of the project. All that remains is the Animation Video showing how the process works, but I am out of personal finances for the project and the video alone is about $6,500. This project is not designed for the common Venture Capitalist, as it is not structured for a “profit platform.” However, if there was an Angel Investor, or Group that was interested in a mechanism whereby we could one day never again be concerned with killer-hurricanes in our lives, I am sure there would be plenty of compensation in many ways back to the investors. All I want to do is to begin the process now of creating my life-long dream to end the savage loss of all life at the hands of these killer hurricanes. Additionally, the coast lines and beach properties would be saved from the assault, as well as all the inland flooding.

Products / Services

Humanitarian Life-Saving Weapon System

Project designed to identify, track, intercept, and destroy a detected killer-hurricane in the infant stages of its formation and development. Project S.I.A.D., (Storm Interception And Destruction). is designed to eliminate the threat of Homeland destruction and prevent the loss of innocent lives. Many other real world benefits created by this project. See: www.stormweapon.com. I also have an Indiegogo Campaign at the present time. It is: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/stormweapon-defense-systems-llc-part-two.



President Research & Development
Dr. Robert E. Champion

I have over 50 years experience in several fields of engineering, including High Energy Pulse Laser Systems, Particle Beam Weapons, and years of dedicated research in how to achieve a system that would eliminate the threat imposed by the killer-hurricanes of our past. Mother Nature actually allows just a few short moments in the formation and growth cycles of a killer-storm, whereby the energy currents in the build-up could be disrupted. However, the destruction can only take place while the storm is weak and under 65 miles per hour. Nothing can achieve a process of energy-disruption once the storm gains too much strength. So the “Identification Characteristics” of an early storm in the process of formation is vitally important to determine whether the storm is expected to become a killer and head for any populated land-masses or not. Unfortunately I have not had much luck in getting any real money to start on this project. I need a new Center of Operations and more project capital.


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9 years, 2 months3Other Defense


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Contact Information:

Dr. Robert E. Champion

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