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Jul 26, 2016 8:03 PM ET

Archived: Magdalena – Josepenos Mexican Restaurant: We are an authentic Mexican restaurant that focuses on dishes from across Mexico, from our home made flan to our succulent Carnitas.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 26, 2016


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Magdalena’s story

I was born in the country of Mexico and lived in the northern regions of Mexico. I came to the United States in the early 90’s and have worked ever since to better my life and those of my family. I have worked almost the entire time in the restaurant industry and dreamed to be able to work for myself and provide a stable foundation for my family. I worked through the ranks starting from a busser and eventually managed many different styles of restaurant. I have made it through hardships and lows to make it to where I am today and have finally succeeded in making my dream a reality. Every day I learn new things and better ways to run my business and strive to better it ever yet. With the help of my husband and my two sons we come to work every day and give our very best to ensure the success of out family restaurant. 

This loan is special because:

It supports a community-based family restaurant that provides authentic Mexican cuisine.

Kiva staff

More about this loan

Business Description

We are an authentic Mexican restaurant that focuses on dishes from across Mexico. With great service and classic and inventive drinks we offer our clients a flavor that is not common to the Midwest. From our home made flan to our succulent Carnitas. We make everything the same way that we have made it at home for our own family and share it with our community. We opened out door the December 12 of 2015 and have had wonderful support from the community and businesses around us. Being our first business we went through a bit of a run of trial and error to find the best way for us to run and manage our business but have preserved and have come out as one of the higher Mexican restaurant in our are. We would like to grow our business and be able to really give the full experience to the people that walk through our doors.

What is the purpose of this loan?

With this POS system, we will be better able to serve our clients and better handle all of the inventory as well as all of the book keeping that is required. We will also be able to. Right now all of our orders are made with paper tickets and it is very inefficient and does not allow me the time to really interact with my customers. With the time I don’t spend in the office I can better manage my team and really ingrain my restaurant in the city we reside.

About Josepenos Mexican Restaurant

Industry: Food
Years in operation: 6 months – 1 year
Website: josepenos.com

A loan of $5,000 helps buy a POS system to better manage my book keeping.

Contact Information:


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