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Jul 26, 2016 10:17 AM ET

Archived: Lyons Motor Car LLC: We have developed a paradigm in the ultra luxury segment with our historically significant LM2 Streamliner. Our hand built carbon masterpiece is made to order from the most exotic materials known to man.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 26, 2016

Lyons Motor Car LLC

New York, NY 10031, US

Lyons Motor Car LLC Logo

Lyons Motor Car, we have developed a paradigm in the ultra luxury segment with our historically significant LM2 Streamliner. Our hand built carbon masterpiece is made to order from the most exotic materials known to man.

Lyons Motor Car has proven sales interest with media, clients and fans conjoining to create an explosive combination of support, now poised to paradigm shift the ultra luxury segment. A bespoke U.S. car manufacturer of the highest level.

We are a US based car company focused on creating a luxury hyper/super sports car ” to compete with European super sports car companies, like Bugatti, Pagani, W Motors, Zenvo. Lyons Motor Car was established in 2011 and is based in New York City. Our cars are hand built and completely customized/ personalized for each individual client. We create value for our clients by offering a unique artistic expression far from the status quo.

We design cars as art, then engineer it into kinetic art creating a tool of beauty, with each and every part serving as it’s own unique artistic presentation. We combine the ultra details of a Detroit Autorama show winner, with ultra advanced technological conveniences that no other manufacturer has offered. A car you could admire for hours before you attempt to drive it, a car that comes with its own pair of Lyons Motor Car luxury speed chairs for your viewing pleasure. LM2 Streamliner is the first car in history 100% completely programable from your mobile device your imagination is your limit.

With 1700 horsepower LM2 Streamliner is part hot rod and part, time attack killer, part luxury transporter. We get our inspiration from the custom fabrication world as well as the long history of the best and the ridiculous of classic and modern American automobile design and technology. From the custom tailored fit for each client to the 2 second 0 to 60 times and and full carbon fiber construction, we’ve created a tour de force that serves as the pinnacle of value, performance and comfort.

Named Streamliner for the pure simplicity of it’s design, layout, and the streamlining and simplification of the advanced and proprietary technologies. 



Products / Services

Lyons Motor Car LM2 Streamliner, Lyons Motor Car Club, A entry level luxury super car

Lyons Motor Car, LM2 Streamliner is seen as the counter to likes of Pagani, Koenigsegg, Shelby Super Cars, and to the lesser Lamborghini, and Ferrari. The Lyons Motor Car team debuted the LM2 Streamliner concept to the international press and public at the 2015 New York International Auto Show. This Debut sparked publicity and frenzy of sales interest from around the world which continues today. Our engine builder Nelson Racing Engines has built a special powerplant so Lyons Motor Car can offer the highest horsepower production car to compete against Koenigsegg and bugatti . The most innovative electronic /electrical system ever conceived reducing the amount of wiring by 99%. This enables absolute compete control of every system from your mobile device.



Chief Executive Officer
Kevin W Lyons

Kevin W LyonsLyons Motor Car founder, Kevin Lyons a Graphic Designer, and Graduate of School of Visual Arts, began artistic education at the age of 4 and studied the great renaissance, cubism and modern art masters throughout his life which covers the full breath of human physiology medical and artistic anatomy and bio- mechanics. His passion for art is conveyed in his 30 years as an accomplished car builder, fine artist and designer from corporate design experience to custom car building and fabrication. Mr. Lyons artistry is seen in several prominent works such as co-leading the J.Crew design team to reinvent the company’s logo in the ’80’s to solely redesigning the Prestigious Hotaling Group Insurance Company logotype design and corporate identity, Smith Barney, Cosmopolitan Magazine, many more. Additionally, as a 30 year custom car design and engineering veteran , Mr. Lyons has built several bespoke show winning cars from scratch; the most notable project was the 2001 Lamborghini Diablo 6.0.

Chief Operating Officer
Bryan K Lyons

Bryan K  LyonsLyons Motor Car, Chief Operating Officer. Bryan Lyons. One of the worlds most valuable automobiles needs a individual who can sweat the minute details guaranteeing perfection. Master of the end result of our flagship automobile. The ultimate automobile enthusiast a master composites and a ISO certified specialist in carbon fiber. Graduate of BOCES HVAC with certificates in heating ventilation and air conditioning special applications..

Chief Financial Officer
Suzette Rivera

Suzette RiveraLyons Motor Car Chief Financial Officer, Suzette Rivera, is a Finance Executive and Wealth Consultant, who provides extensive Financial Expertise, Corporate Strategic planning, Project Management along with Creative Wealth consulting services. Suzette is a Visionary Strategist with demonstrated ability to effectively deliver corporate objectives and holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a focus in Management. Suzette is a proven team builder who deliver effective C.E.O. support and serves as a catalyst creating new business opportunities, establishing strategic partnerships and overcoming barriers. Suzette offers extensive experience in financial leadership, financial analysis, business management and operations. She is recognized as a trusted executive team member, consultant and business partner who is committed to adding value and consistently exceeds expectations through creative idea generation, collaborative problem solving, intuitive business judgement, and

Director Design
Luis E Perez

Luis E PerezMr Perez a BFA Graduate of The School of Visual Arts. 3D Animator, and Designer, head of Lyons Motor Car of Design Department and Co Designer for the one of the most graceful modern automobile designs
ever, the LM2 Streamliner. The Streamliner computer model originated in Auto Desk Maya, giving way to more artistic freedom and creativity. “Organic shapes” is the buzz word at the drawing board. Mr Perez is master of the skill required to work cross platform Maya and Photoshop to CGI and special effects and engineering blueprints. He has single handedly and completely directed multi Million dollar design jobs for TV print and the web, set design and more. Creative Director for OUTMUSIC Awards Show is his claim to fame.

Director Sales & Marketing
Aaron Allen

Aaron AllenAaron Allen has always has been connection with our celebrity
contacts and important sales leads. He is credited for our great relationship with
celebrity contract Attorney Tom Swift, who is the contract and business attorney for Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy and many other celebrities, and of course Lyons Motor Car. Mr Allen in a word, integrity, professionalism, kindness, the consummate professional Aaron Allen has initiated most celebrity meetings for Lyons Motor Car, boxing champ Floyd Mayweather, and Mr. Ervin Johnson to name a few.

Managing Director Public Relations
Kesha Marie Butler

Kesha Marie ButlerMs Butler is the genius that links the public relations and marketing departments. In April 2015 we decided to bring our PR in house to increase the focus of our message, and gain more control of the public view of company milestones. As a communications graduate she manages the way the world sees and interacts with the company, from speech writing to media handling Kesha Marie Butler is a super multi-task administrator who can do it all.

Director Public Relations
Lithera S Forbes MBA

Lithera S Forbes MBALithera Forbes is the voice and the foundation of the company public persona and the one person who controls the public relationship and all duties and requirements of running a PR department which overlaps into true business management. Ms Forbes holds a Masters of Business Administration.


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Contact Information:

Kevin Lyons Suzette Rivera

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