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Jul 26, 2016 10:41 AM ET

Archived: Kashiff – VideoMe: A loan helps launch a new mobile dating application that will help people nationwide find compatible matches in an honest and fun way.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 26, 2016


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Kashiff’s story

On April 24, 2015, I knew my life would change forever. That was the day that I decided to stop wishing for a better life and work hard to create one.

My name is Kashiff and I grew up in the inner-city of Pittsburgh, PA. Raised by my secretary mother, and police officer father, I always knew that I was different. I graduated from high school with college credits already earned, and earned a language proficiency in Japanese. I always dreamt of being someone who could put a smile on anyone’s face, no matter what they were experiencing. I loved the feeling of knowing that I could make someone happy.

In 2nd grade, I wanted a new 10-speed Huffy bicycle. I repeatedly asked my father for the bike, but he said that it was too expensive. After being told no constantly, I decided to make a deal with my father. He would pay half the cost if I could come up with the rest. To raise the money, I used my lunch money to buy bulk candy and sold it to my classmates. In a few months, I had raised half of the money! My classmates were happy because they had candy, my dad was happy because he only paid half price for the bike, and I was happy because I earned something and made others happy.

By realizing that I could identify a common problem and create a simple solution, I was confident in my hopes of helping people. On April 24, 2015, I decided to create a mobile dating application focused on videos, to address the problem of dishonesty in online dating. With your help, I know that I can create an honest, compatible match for anyone, and help people be truly happy. 

This loan is special because:

It promotes technological advancement in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Kiva staff

More about this loan

Business Description

VideoMe is based on the idea that video can be brought to dating, to make the first date less awkward. Three young men who felt that honesty should be the main thing that connects people created VideoMe on April 24, 2015.

VideoMe is an online dating application, which matches people simply through profile videos. Users create a profile with a video describing themselves and what they hope for in a match. VideoMe is for everyone, young or old, male or female.

The biggest challenges have been securing funding for web server space, routine updates, and workspace. Our goals are to have our application in the App store and a website by October 1, 2016, acquire 10,000 users by January 1, 2017, and to earn $25,000 by April 1, 2017.

We understand how difficult it is to be successful in any business, but the thing that makes us most proud is the joy we share knowing we are following our dreams. Everyday, we constantly remind ourselves how lucky we are to live in a world where an idea can start in your mind, and end up reaching millions of people. We are confident that VideoMe will bring honesty to online dating, and make the first date less awkward in a fun and simple way.

What is the purpose of this loan?

The Kiva loan is a monumental step towards achieving our goal of creating a successful mobile dating application. Our application will launch in the iTunes App Store by October 1, 2016. and will help people nationwide find compatible matches, in an honest and fun way.

The $5,000 loan will approximately be divided in the following way: $2,500 – final application and website development $1,000 – web server space and maintenance $500 – routine application and website updates $500 – branded marketing and advertising materials (phone cases and chargers, headphones, t-shirts, pens, stickers, keychains, sunglasses, chapstic, etc) $250 – mobile equipment for marketing events (iPads, tables, tents, banners, etc.) $250 – marketing event space rental

This Kiva loan will not only support the growth of our business moving forward, but will also support the families of each individual. The Kiva loan will allow our product to make an immediate, positive impression on users, and it will support all of the user needs without interruption.

About VideoMe

Industry: Services
Years in operation: 6 months – 1 year

A loan of $5,000 helps launch a new mobile dating application that will help people nationwide find compatible matches in an honest and fun way.

Contact Information:


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