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Jul 26, 2016 11:03 AM ET

Archived: The Future of Wireless Charging: With their sleek, modern design, Pond chargers invite you to keep them out on display, instead of having to stash them away, while simultaneously eliminating the clutter of cords that detracts from the decor of your home or office.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 26, 2016


The Future of Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging is at the tipping point of becoming mainstream, yet most of the solutions on the market are cheap feeling and not very appealing, especially to buyers of beautiful high end Android phones and iPhones.  Pond products redefine the whole charging experience.

Now you can have a charger that makes your desk or table look sharp instead of cluttered.  You can free yourself of the visual cacophony of all those cords and cables, and never have to fiddle with a tiny connector or try to talk on a phone that’s tethered to an inconveniently placed outlet ever again.

Pond makes chargers you want to have center stage.

With their sleek, modern design, Pond chargers invite you to keep them out on display, instead of having to stash them away, while simultaneously eliminating the clutter of cords that detracts from the decor of your home or office.

Charging your phone wirelessly is as easy as the simple natural action of setting down your phone. This is already a huge step up in convenience, but with most wireless chargers on the market still plugging into the wall with an unsightly cord, Pond thought wireless charging should be even more.  They made Pond and Ripple cordless as well as wireless, so you can charge, literally, anywhere.

They are stunningly beautiful hand-finished design showpieces that can reside cord-free anywhere you like, and since they can sit right next to you, you can be charging every time you set your phone down.


With Pond’s portable chargers, it’s just as easy and effortless to stay charged up wherever you happen to be without interrupting the flow of your day.

When you are on the go, you never have to search for a place to plug in if you have the Pond Ripple Portable Wireless Charger.  Charge anywhere you are and even on the way there with the included on-the-go snug band that holds your phone and your Ripple snugly together in your bag so your phone can be charging while you’re on the go.

These chargers become a part of your life, and your day, instead of something you stash away and then scramble to dig out when your phone is about to die.

The Pond line makes it a pleasure to change the way you charge. These chargers are so slim and light to bring along and so beautiful to have next to you, it is easy to stay charged up all day.  Instead of the anxiety of running out of battery, and having to relegate your phone to a long time-out, you can keep your phone charged, by letting it power snack whenever you set it down, and when you need to charge, but you also need to go, tuck your Ripple in your bag with your phone and charge on the go.

Being able to charge this way is one of the great advantages of wireless charging, and is proven to improve the life of your battery, and be the best for your phone.

Freedom from wires also means you can freely pick up and use your phone while charging and then return it to charging just by setting it back down.  You no longer have the nuisance of choosing between plugging and unplugging or having a cord tugging on you and being stuck clinging to wherever there is an outlet.

The heavy lifting is already done. Our infrastructure is in place. Production, packaging, and operations are squared away. Now we’re ready to scale. All we need is a little push to accelerate our marketing and sales efforts in order to elevate Pond to the next level.  

Ready to cut the cord and join Pond in forever changing the way the world charges?


Our product offering ranges from 3 types of chargers to choose from to accommodate every charging need: at home, work, in the car, and on-the-go. And it all starts with our flagship product, the Pond.

Cordless, wireless, and the ultimate sleek, clean, clutter-free solution, the Pond valet boasts 12,000 mAh of long-lasting battery power with streamlined contemporary Scandinavian design. Pond delivers power to all of your Qi-enabled phones and devices for up to two weeks wherever it is convenient for you — without relying on a cord or outlet. Set down your wallet, keys, and phone, and the valet ensures your phone will be ready to go when you are.

The Pond is popular with interior designers and hotels. It is a home decor item as much as it is functional technology.

Nobody likes the clutter of cords most people have wherever they do their charging. You try to stash it away out of sight, or put it in another room, but then you have to relinquish your phone.  

Addressing the universal dread of cord clutter with something so elegant means more attractive environments wherever the Pond is placed.

Pond Duo
With 24,000 mAh of battery power, the Pond Duo lets you charge 2 phones at once or other Qi-enabled devices, so your iPhone — using our Stream case — can charge alongside your spouse’s Samsung, OR you can charge your Ripple portable charger wirelessly alongside your phone.


The Ripple is the polished, professional portable power source for when you’re on the go and a completely new genre of wireless charger.

Broad Market Appeal
The Ripple appeals to a broad range of consumer sensibilities, everyone from tech-savvy consumers who value best-in-class functionality, to non-techies who value convenience and high-end design, to business travelers who want to maintain professional appearances wherever they go, and more. The Ripple offers something for everyone.  

Complete Freedom and Independence
With the Ripple, there’s nothing to plug in, fumble with, or attach, and you no longer need to search for an outlet or be tethered to a wall. With a Ripple in your bag, you can keep right on charging while you go about your business. It ships with our snug band which holds your phone and Ripple together in your bag, allowing you to continue to charge on the go. No more being stopped in your tracks because you need to charge your device and no more battery anxiety.  

Slim, Compact, and Lightweight
At only 2.4 ounces and one-half inch thick, it gives you pocketable power and the freedom to charge wherever you are, even in your bag on the way there. Take it into a meeting in the conference room, go sit outside and take a coffee break with it, or slip it in your bag and continue charging while you go about your day!

The Synergy of Convenience
The beauty of our portable chargers is that they’re multi-purpose and also work together. You can flip the Ripple over on the Pond valet and recharge it wirelessly alongside your phone as well as on the Drop, our economical “everywhere charger.”


The Drop is our ultra versatile USB-powered wireless charger for the car, computer, home, or work, and for the iPhone.

The Drop is slim, light, and easy to use anywhere you want. The grippy non-slip dual silicone surface holds it and your phone in place, even on an airplane tray table with your laptop or resting on the center compartment in your car and other situations where other chargers would be far too large and slippery.  

These little guys work beautifully as a car charger, either flat or mounted, as well as making the perfect traveling companion for your laptop.  They also ship with a tilt stand so they can be used on your desk, a kitchen counter or anywhere else you need a minimalistic spot to rest your phone that just happens to charge it every time you set it down!


When looking for wireless charging options to use with their iPhones, iPhone users have long been relegated to inferior quality cases without Apple MFi certification, or to awkward adapter cards that block the lighting port.

Stream allows iPhone users to add wireless charging to their phones without compromising on the quality of case they would want. Stream cases are ultra light and slim and made in top quality leathers and suedes to offer an incredibly luxurious experience. Their grippier materials are functional as well providing essential traction on wireless charging pads to help maintain an efficient charge.

With Apple approved connectivity, all of Pond’s cases charge at a full 1 amp, the fastest possible — just the same as an Apple wired wall charger.

The Stream is also the perfect accessory to compliment the built-in Qi charging pads in the new car models from Lexus, Audi, and BMW, and more!


Qi has solidified its position as the dominant standard, as evidenced by the automotive industry, where the vast majority of carmakers incorporating wireless charging into their new models are using Qi Technology. Toyota, Lexus, Jeep, Audi and Mercedes-Benz and GM all all have in-car Qi wireless device charging, and many more such as BMW have Qi car charging in next year’s models. In order to use wireless charging with an iPhone, it needs an enabled case. Our Stream cases are the only sophisticated iPhone solution for owners of all of these cars.

You can find Qi-powered charging pads integrated in newer models of numerous major car makers. And because iPhone users can’t use the wireless charging pads in these cars without an enabling case, this creates a great demand for the Stream case in car manufacturers including but not limited to:


Qi wireless charging capability is also already built in or in development in more than 85 phone models whose users stand to benefit from Pond’s wireless chargers:


In the hospitality industry, hotels are starting to add wireless charging in common spaces, and as value-added in-room amenities, and Pond has already secured a deal with one new hotel to provide them with our products to upgrade the quality of their guests’ stay.


From Kickstarter to Fundable, from eCommerce to retail, the Pond team has been busy over the last few years bringing our innovative line of wireless charging products to the masses. Here’s a look at what we’ve accomplished since our last raise in 2015.

Consumer Backed, Investor Backed
We completed a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in 2014, raising over $30,000 from backers. We followed that up with a funding round on Fundable and closed $1,000,000. This is a product that people believe in and want.

Growth and More Growth
We’ve been on the market for less than 6 months, and we are 20/30 per month with 38% growth this past May.

New Partnership Deals
We are a direct vendor to Amazon, and we recently partnered with a custom furniture company to integrate our wireless charging in their products.

We have secured a deal with a new hotel to service their customers. In the B2B space, Pond will lease and sell equipment and also license software and maintenance agreements.

We are currently in the process of hashing out a deal with a chain of airport retail shops to make our products available to travelers. We are also currently working with a distributor in the Middle East.

We opened up a brand new 5,500 square foot facility and have brought on a production line and staff. All our chargers are now capable of being manufactured in the US. Much of the fabrication work has been transferred to the US, with all domestic and imported parts now assembled in America, allowing us to ensure premium quality, fit and finish.

We are in the process of identifying and onboarding additional operations management in anticipation of new customers and production demand.  

What’s On The Horizon For Pond?
In the product pipeline, we’re releasing special edition “Rock’n’Roll” Pond valets inspired by the unique original designs of the guitars of great music legends.

They’re handmade in the US, with our hand-crafted woods taken through a multi-step prepping and finishing process to impart a deep luminescence that enhances the grain. The satin, hand-rubbed finish gives it a subtle glow from within, catching the light to reveal new patterns.

Please request access to the business plan tab of our profile and find out how you can get involved in the future of Pond!  


Soren Nielsen grew up in Denmark watching his father
and uncles (one of whom is a renowned Avant Garde Danish Modern office furniture designer and inspires the next generation of Danish furniture designers at the University) work and create in their workshops in Copenhagen. Educated in engineering and with an MBA in Global Technology Management, he went off to work for Nokia and headed teams responsible for ensuring Nokia’s successful integration of the most innovative new technologies.

When he realized the coming revolutionary shift to wireless charging was upon us, he wanted to create an innovative product that would fully utilize it’s potential to transform the entire charging interaction.

Nina Nielsen meanwhile was studying design  at the Art Center in Vevey, Switzerland and absorbing a myriad of design influences from around Europe and around the world through her extensive travels.  She worked in Milan, Italy as an Art Director at Vogue Italia and also for the Italian branch of the Advertising Giant, McCann-Erickson on global accounts including L’oreal, P&G and Patek Phillipe.

Collaborating to meld clean contemporary design with cutting edge technology, while prioritizing the user experience to ensure an effortlessly elegant interaction, they set out to design chargers like the world had never seen before. The goal was to create an experience that would transform charging from a nuisance to a pleasure, so that it was inviting to integrate into your day.

The inherent convenience of wireless charging naturally lends itself to shorter, more frequent charging sessions, so it is important that your charger be something you don’t want to stash away, but are happy to display and keep near you, in view. Only then can the ease and enjoyment of wireless charging be fully realized. To this end, they also wanted to make the aesthetics of the products more harmonious with the environments in which people spend their time so charging can be brought center stage.  

Joe Low is a VP level sales & marketing executive
for RIM & Nokia US, that has worked on multinational accounts exceeding $1 Billion, over the past two decades. Joe is also an author & expert on Brazilian technology, business strategy. Mr. Low is a sales superstar with excellent connections in the mobile space. He represent Pond’s distinguished brand naturally.

Dan Kellner is the full package when it comes to production and operations management. Dan has taken startup manufacturing from ground level to 9 digit exit, and has led teams in tier-one multinational consumer electronics companies. Dan understands the technical and process oriented details. He represents the best in being an ambassador and advocate for every employee to have a meaningful role and voice in the performance of operations.


Susan Schedel – With experience from start-ups to billion dollar companies. She is a decisive leader and mentor focused on brand development; go to market execution; and bottom line profit enhancements. Susan was formerly VP of Sales at Mophie.

Kathleen Walker – Kathleen is a dynamic leader in Intellectual Property Rights acquisition and enforcement. She has over 20 years of legal experience including practice at the top rated litigation firm in the country and as General Counsel to Mophie. Kathleen’s passion is brand protection.

Raage Bullaleh – Raage is a business development leader with a keen eye for innovative brands and a passion for developing partnerships that result in increased revenue.  Raage introduces channels to new brands and brands to new channels. Raage spent years with Lifeproof, developing Apple and other retail relationships.

Vincent Dorrian – Exceptional leader of R&D and Operations.  Experience growing mobile and complex commercial technology companies from conception to billion dollar business and exits.  

Dan Guitierrez – Dan has focused on early stage companies, specifically startups, supporting around $850M worth of financings, worked with over 150 startups, as well as around 30 M/A exits for about $4B in aggregate. A former senior associate at Cooley, LLP.  Dan is greatly involved in San Diego’s startup community as a mentor and senior advisor.

Steve Adler – Mobile Industry Visionary and Technology/Seasoned Business Development Executive with broad experience creating solutions in the mobile device, mobile media SOA services, mobile streaming video and app ecosystems. Worked with OEM’s, ODM’s, CM’s and retailers to deploy a platform delivering applications, media, games, services and other digital content to a variety of connected device – e.g., tablets, handsets, TVs (OTT delivery), game consoles and set top boxes.

Contact Information:

Soren Nielsen

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