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Jul 26, 2016 10:10 AM ET

Clinton – Trump Double Sided Silver Coin: No matter which side ends up on top, You Lose!

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 26, 2016

Clinton – Trump Double Sided Silver Coin

No matter which side ends up on top, You Lose!

Everyone knows heads always wins, but not this time. This is the worlds only double-sided coin where you lose no matter which head ends up on top. Just like this election!


Trump – Clinton either way we lose. So to commemorate this historic 2016 Presidential Election we are making these double sides coins. One side will feature Hillary Clinton pointing and mocking you and the other side will feature Donald Trump just being Donald Trump. The great thing is these coins will be just like this election no matter which one comes out on top, you lose. But unlike this election you’ll at least have one troy ounce of 999 silver.

What We Need & What You Get

We need money to pay the mint to produce these coins, plain and simple.

What you get in return is an awesome coin that will commemorate this historically awful election year!

What Will It Look Like?

One side of the coin will feature Hillary Clinton relentlessly mocking you. She also taunts you with the words YOU LOSE on either side.

Here you can see a render of the coin. The real coin will obviously look much more realistic.

The other side of the coin will feature Donald Trump just being…well…Donald Trump. relentlessly mocking you. Trump stands in his classic doofus pose shamelessly proclaiming that you’re the one who loses this election year.

And here is a render of the Trump side of the coin. Again the real coin will look much more detailed and realistic. Can Trump or Hillary even look realistic?

The Impact

We all know this election is horrible. It’s like a sick joke that our two major party choices are Hillary and Trump. This coin will commemorate this historic(in a bad way) election. Just like this election, no matter which side wins, you lose. However, unlike this election with this you get 1 troy ounce of .999 silver. That way at least, after either Hillary or Trump have destroyed America, you have 1 troy ounce of silver that is sure to be very valuable in post-apocalyptic America.


For helping make this project a reality we want to give you some perks. All of these include shipping for items shipped within the US.

$1 – Thanks for contributing – We wish you luck in the coming years.

$10 – Way to Go! – Get emailed a Hillary or Trump printable dartboard picture. You choose which one.

$20 – You Didn’t Lose! – Get BOTH Hillary and Trump printable dartboard pictures.

$38  – Early bird  – Only 100 Available – This is the lowest price you’ll be able to get this awesome coin individually; So get in early!

$39 – Regular – Get this awesome coin

$40 – Deluxe Edition Early Bird – Only 100 Available – This low pricing includes an Air-tite case to keep your coin in pristine condition. Get in early to get it this low.

$41 –  Deluxe Edition Regular – Get this awesome coin in an air-tite case to keep it safe.

$45 – Coin With Gift Box – You’ll get this awesome coin in an air-tite case presented to you in a beautiful velvet gift box.

$76 –  Double Coin Set  – Now you can display both sides at the same time with two coins, both nicely protected in air-tite cases.

$188 – Five Coin Bulk Pack – Great for reselling or gifting to friends. These coins come in air-tite cases ready for you to distribute to the world.

$375 – Ten Coin Bulk Pack – Like the five coin pack but twice as many! Get ten of these awesome coin each protected in their own air-tite cases.

$749 – Twenty Coin Ultra Mega Edition – Man, if you can spend this much on coins you must be awesome. That’s why the first one to claim this reward not only gets their twenty coins in air-tite cases; but they also get the original sketch sheet used to design these coins, signed by the designer himself!

$750 – Twenty Coin Kinda Mega Edition – It’s still awesome you can afford this many coins so you still get your twenty coins in air-tite cases. But you were to slow and missed out on the original sketch sheet used to design these coins.

When Will You Get It?

This design will require one die for each side to be created. Both Hillary and Trump will need to be carved(I fell sorry for the person who has to do that). In talking with the mint this will take an estimated five to six weeks. The creation of the dies will take another week. After that the minting of the coins will take one to two weeks. Once the coins are minted and received we’ll be able to send them to you. Based on this estimate we’ll be able to get them to you before the election!

Contact Information:

Michael Ellis

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