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Jul 26, 2016 7:16 PM ET

Archived: A CHARITABLE FUNDRAISER BY WORLD PARROT TRUST USA INC: Protect Macaw Chicks from Poachers!

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 26, 2016

Protect Macaw Chicks from Poachers!










Help save wild parrot chicks from poachers and give them the chance to fly free in the wild.

Scarlet Macaw chick Rose hatched in rural Costa Rica deep inside a dead palm tree nest. Her captive bred parents were released by The Ara Project, and Rose was their first chick. Unfortunately  she didn’t get to fledge – she was taken by poachers.

Each year, Scarlet and Great Green Macaw pairs have their chicks stolen from them.

This is a critical time for them because over the coming weeks poachers will begin trying to take them again, illegally.

These parrots need your support to keep their chicks safe!

Your support will help The Ara Project Team to:

     • Recruit local people as nest guardians and informers
     • Use the latest camera technology for covert surveillance, sending photos of any suspicious activity directly to our phones
     • Put team members in the field to monitor breeding activity, ensuring all nests are protected
     • Increase understanding of the macaws’ plight through education
     • Work with government agencies to ensure the macaws’ protected status is enforced

The Ara team have put up nest boxes with the hope that more released macaw pairs will nest. Ensuring wild pairs have the opportunity to raise precious offspring like Rose is critical for the future of these endangered macaws.

You can help make it possible for this year’s chicks to fledge into the wild like they should. Please donate now so we can get ahead of the poachers and save these incredible parrots.

Please donate today and help us save this year’s chicks!

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